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“All right.”

“Since it is time for the appointment, then send a signal.”

Twelve Terran Kings, looking at each other, have a death record.

Normally, there should be fourteen Terran kings here and now, but due to the subtle changes in the source space, communication between the people cannot be maintained. Even if Tian Zun is waking up for this action, he will temporarily become a method of invalidation. After being dispersed, there is no way to meet.

It is not easy to get together twelve people today.

“Who is still worse?”

“As of now, there are two people missing. We have not received any response from these two people for the time being.” Dalwu, who originated from the ancient temple, said: “One is the dust of our ancient faction, the celestial practitioners. The other is It is the holy shrine of the Temple of the Holy Scriptures. The talent of the source is agile, and it is best at escape.”

There are two people missing, and it is not hurting.

The people were silent for a while, only listening to Dalwu and saying: “The communication signal has no response. It may be that the signal source that a person alone emits is weak, and the wave that wears the channel is fluctuating. Of course, the worst possibility is not ruled out. Passed away.”

This morning’s list, this time, the strange method created by Terran Tianzun for them is equivalent to adjusting the body and mind and casting a signal tower. Everyone is a signal source.

and so.

Twelve people stand together, as if the twelve signal towers are superimposed on each other. The signal generated is definitely more than just a simple addition. The range of signal strength and signal dispersion is optimized innumerable times: The key to those two people is whether the Allies and Han Dong can receive the signal.”

Between the sounds, twelve people showed the position of the pyramid form, and the body and mind resonate.

‘Hey! ”Hey! ”Hey! ‘

A crisp sound like a movement, like a wind, like a rain, spreads around.

Unnamed voice!

The fluctuation of the strange rhythm!

Just like a signal tower at the same time, it is called to the distant and dark side of the sky! Just like a signal source bursting out, it is filled with ripples, like a wave of slap on the reef, along the gap between the waves, the endless stretch, the signal resonates.

“Snoring, snoring.” Darwu gasped a few breaths, a little tired, this method is indeed very laborious.

Rao is the king of the universe and the peak of the ancient king is also a bit unstoppable, after the exhibition, must be cultivated for a while. The rest of the people, etc., have breathed, and the power of the mind has also been greatly consumed.

“This is the second rhythm explosion.”

“According to the original plan, we have to send out three signal rhythms in total.” The twelve people rested to ease the fatigue of the soul while discussing the plan.

At this moment.

Darwu shook his head: “No, the original plan has changed. The current situation is very serious. If there is no Allied force, or Han Dong does not receive the coordinate position, this action will completely fail. We are dead, but mainly layout. If the defeat is over, the Terran will be defeated, the cost will be too serious, and it will be sent out ten times, which is more secure.”

The voice was completed.

The audience was silent.

Ten out of ten signal rhythms are likely to cause heart failure. Once they fail, I am afraid they will not end up in the morning list.

“So…” Dalhou whispered: “Please state your position, vote by hand?”

Someone said: “Yes.”

Someone nodded and said: “No problem.”

In the blink of an eye, all agreed, and no one was hesitant.

Dalwu took a deep breath: “Signal ripples should cover every direction as much as possible. Don’t miss out. In addition, always pay attention to the movements of the Destiny King. I suspect that they change their hiding position every once in a while until they become eternal. Will officially appear.”


He looked at the soles of his feet.

According to the investigation of the people, the forty-nine gods of destiny are just below. They are hidden here, and they are ready to attack the eternal life.

“Nothing will happen.”

“Don’t worry, we are far away from them. As long as they don’t do it, they don’t come close, they don’t notice us.” The twelve people were all breathless, thrilling, and they were in a good state of mind, and they were placed on the heads of many gods. tension?

What they do, and their courage, is no less than a mortal to eat in the tiger’s mouth, and the tooth in the dragon’s mouth is extremely dangerous.

If it is discovered, everyone is facing a situation that is probably a life of nine deaths.

“You are.”

Darwu whispered: “All we have to do is signal, wait for the Allies to arrive, and wait for Han Dong to arrive. During this period, if the forty-nine gods of destiny have any movement, they must intercept and drag them.”

After listening to this statement, everyone responded in turn.


“Roger that.”

“The time left for us is not much. Let them hide and re-find, it will inevitably waste time. Maybe they will be directly promoted to eternal life. At that time, forty-nine permanent eternal eternal life, and still destiny Wang, that will be our nightmare, the tragedy of the Terran.”

at the same time.

The third signal rhythm, completely broke out!

‘Hey! ”Hey! ‘

Unspeakable frequency, like music, like a sly to the surrounding, like a stone to stir up thousands of waves, produced a ripple effect, gradually scattered half of the original source space.

Somewhere in the source space.

The two breaths are advancing at a rapid speed. Wherever they pass by, the roads are fluctuating, such as clouds and fog, like boiled boiling water, which is the dust of the Terran, and the Vess who was born in the third-party Muzu.

“over there!”

The dusty eyes lit up and they were bright and scary. He mobilized all the senses and did not dare to be distracted, for fear that he would miss the coordinate position contained in the signal rhythm.

again and again.

Until the eighth signal rhythm broke out, the dust and the Weiss officially arrived!

“Very, you wait!” The dust slammed the body of Weiss’s body: “You don’t swing any more, be quiet, don’t make a noise.”


Wiss said it was a bit embarrassing.

Somehow, it has a snack, it seems to have a bad feeling: “dust, dust, who are we to deal with?”


In the far direction, another place in the source space.


The stalwart of the stalwart opened the scorpion and suddenly got up and went empty: “The king’s extinction plan began.”

The fierce wind, blowing in the face, blowing the sparkling white hair, boasting the blue war, revealing the indifferent face, is the human family Han Dong.

He has been preparing for many days.

Just for this moment.

“Hey! Hey! Let’s kill the gods!” Han Dong’s body space, the knives circling around, making a high-pitched knife, very penetrating.


Dim, dull, like a world of secluded abyss suddenly trembled.

“The beginning signal of the Terran.”


A pair of Mori cold pupils, slowly open. . m.

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