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As the signal stretches, the amplitude of the rhythm is almost close to covering half of the original source space.

In fact, it is not big here, that is, the interval of a normal star system. It’s just that the density is extremely high, it’s hard to tear the space, and it’s difficult to accelerate. A speedometer is here, I’m afraid it won’t move.

Fortunately, some people have respected the gods and created the law carefully: the ripples of the signals sent by the twelve Terran kings, like the ripple effect, became clearer and more obvious, and finally alerted the pair of secluded pupils: “All of you, listen to me.”

“From now on, until the death of the king of fate is over half, we will be the temporary allies of the Terran.”

This voice passed very far, as if it was silent.


This statement is like a sky crash, awakening a pair of secluded pupils.

Suddenly, doubts, incredible emotions, uncountable emotions, brewing between the hearts, obviously this order is too abrupt, too outrageous, too absurd.

Even the leader’s order is still open to question.

They dare not accept this order easily.

They are talking about it.

“No way.”

“What a joke.”

“You are crazy? You are crazy. On strength, we are stronger than the human race. Why do they have alliances? Are they also worthy?” They are all questioning, and the scene becomes fierce and unspeakable, as if an internal conflict is about to take place.

The first Uber Uk, who opened the pupil, did not argue at all, but was silent.

a long time.

When the scene was in a strange silence, it snorted coldly, squinting, staring at all directions, and taking out a black weapon from the body space: “The supreme prison is here, not the one, killing innocent!”

The black weapon suddenly emits a glimmer of light, as if to open up a new world.

“The world of high prisons…”

“This thing is like the highest one…”

“Your will, your order, is our mission.”

A pair of double pupils slid round, followed by a lot of streamer, and went away.

The source space, where the gods are hiding, twelve people are closely monitoring.

“Nine times.”

The ancient temple hall Dalwu gasped: “We have a total of nine outbreaks of signals, almost to sweep the entire source space.”

As for the outbreak of the signal, will it cause the vigilance of the god of destiny, and everyone has no worries. Tianzun’s own method of self-control, exquisite and exquisite, avoiding the warning of the king and avoiding the perception of the alien kings is only a small matter.

Other than that.

With the method created by Tianzun, everyone can shield themselves for a short time: “The signal must be broken, and the gas of the source talent should be shielded. It is exhausted and hard-working. We insist on most of the day.”

“Don’t be lax, the source talent is equivalent to the bright star. Once it is close, there must be induction, it is difficult to hide. And the method given by Tianzun, although there is time limit, but there is no loophole during the casting, at least no problem. ”

They stood above the forty-nine destiny king.

To say no fear, it is a fake, and there is a little panic in my heart. During the time, the twelve people changed slightly, and they stretched to the extreme, and they saw the dim margin. The two black shadows were close at high speed, and everyone was unaware!


Dahl’s face changed.

“Who is that?”

One by one looked at the past, the power flowed, and prepared for a shock.

“It’s me, it’s me!” Dust said: “This is a Weiss beside me. It is extremely powerful and can be trusted.”


Dalwu exclaimed excitedly and greeted the past. He thought that the dust had died. At this time, he met and was overjoyed.

“Other life?”

Everyone stared at the dust, confirmed their identity, and blinked the eye.

They have no habit of trusting aliens.

Of course, there is a strong boost in the play.


Wiss swings his body, quite anthropomorphic coughing twice: “The king of the people, the first time I met, I will not say anything about the words, just want to ask, such a careful layout, you… well, we Who are you going to kill?”

It is not a fool.

Seeing the dust of the law, and seeing everyone’s dignified look, Ves will understand. However, it has always been unreasonable. The Terran Heavenly King is fifteen, and there is more and more invincible Han Dong. Who is it worthy of being treated so carefully?

After seeing the eyes of Dalwu and getting the acquiescence of the people, he said: “What we want to kill is the god of destiny.”

Wiss: “…”

God king?

A total of forty-nine fate gods?

“This, this.” Vess was a little speechless and swearing: “So what, can you quit now, I seem to regret it.”

The dust stared at it: “How much will you pay for it?”

Daruo also whispered: “According to the contribution of this war, I can be the master, and afterwards, the resources will be divided into parts and given to the Muzu.”

“The separation outside the agreement?” Weston was excited. Anyway, it was already on the ship. Now it is disembarked, it will only lose the trust of the Terran, and the Shenluo can not let it go, be a wall. Grass, not pleased on both sides, is not a wise move.

not to mention.

Since the opening of the morning list, Vess has entered the war and has already prepared for death. For the mother, for the home, Vess does not hesitate.

“How much can you divide?”

“It depends on how much you contribute.”

After the moment, Vess had a decision and asked: “The last question, where is Han Dong, is he also involved?”

“Han Dong should be coming soon.” Dust said.

Vess no longer hesitates to unfold the branches, just like a peacock opening: “I am willing to join, and swear, do my best.”


The corners of the dust outline a smile.


Everyone has a different look. Some people suspect that someone is watching Weiss, but it is not the same thing that shows goodwill.

On this occasion, at the crucial moment, it is better to have more power, although in addition to the dust, everyone does not think how strong a third-rate creature is. The origin and the foundation have determined the strength of the ancient king.

“My source talent is”

Wiss is planning to introduce himself, and he can have more tacit understandings when he starts the war. However, he did not wait for it to finish, and he heard the abnormal noise coming from the bottom, and the condensed noise, a god of destiny and death.

They watched around and whispered, and they had to shift their positions, change their hiding places, and be cautious to this extent. Even if Vess was self-satisfied, he felt trembled: “Don’t God of fate count our layout?”

The dust smashed the eye Ves, no sound.


Dalhou was breathing heavily, and the war was fretting, covering the whole body: “Hold them! Wait for the Allies!”


The position of the king of destiny has changed, and the previous signal rhythm has lost its usefulness. In this vast and infinite source space, no one can tell the direction.

In other words, when the king of God leaves, I am afraid to find them again. It is not the peak of the universe, but the eternal universe! That would be the catastrophe of the Terran King, but also the disaster of the stars and the stars. The Visus also understood it. He looked at it and waved the branches: “Wait for the Allies? Who is the Allies?”

“We don’t know.”

Darwu, the dust, and everyone shook their heads, and the Weiss was stunned. No one knows what the Allies are, how to fight.

“Take the battle to death, in any case, you must drag them!” Dalwu overlooks the movement of the king of God. When he sees the king of the king is about to leave, his face changes dramatically, his face is dignified to the extreme, and step by step is the bloody sea. Falling down.


Blood red ocean manifestation, rolling waves, shrouded the forty-nine destiny king.

“Starry people.”

A destiny king opened his throat and stared at Darhou coldly. He seemed to be laughing at him: “On the basis of a few of you, this force, dare to set up a game for us?”

“Great courage!”

The god king stares, the gods are infinite, the endless vigorously smashes the bloody ocean, and directly hits everyone, only the Vess barely competes, stays in place, and does not move.

“Hey?” The gods have fun watching Ves: “The third-rate family can also be born such a powerful ancient king? It’s fun, interesting, but unfortunately, it’s a shame to rely on the Terran. If not, it’s not bad.”

Fourteen kings of the universe, against the destiny of the king of the forty-nine, is indeed a scorpion banyan tree, quite a bit self-effacing, but at this time, in the distant direction, dim margin, a pair of cold eyes look over, a group of ghosts The world is sweeping.

It looks like a mighty galaxy, traversing the sky.

It resembles the abyss mire and replaces the sky.

For the first time, Zheng Nai’s Heavenly King and Yu Bo’s whispered a low voice: “To help the people today, kill the King!”


The vibration of the Weiss mind is unimaginable, and the Terran Allied Forces are actually the Nine.

“The Ghost!”

Everyone was also taken aback, not dare to relax, surrounded the king of the gods.


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