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Until the arrival of Pluto, all the people knew the identity of the mysterious allies. Prior to this, the Nguyen King did not know, only the Pluto leader, Uber Uk received the high secret order, waiting for the human race signal.

The less the leak, the higher the success rate.

Otherwise, the Shenlu people control the fate, and if they find traces of them, they plan to die and lose all.

And now.

Thirteen people meet, but as for the Nether, there are twenty-one, plus Vevis, the total number of kings reaches thirty-five! It is not necessarily difficult to just wrestle with the forty-nine destiny kings and drag them.

“Star robbery!”

The secluded Uk swayed the illusory corpse and evolved into a desperate situation. The sorcerer was like a sacred prisoner, covering the bottom of the king of the gods. The rest of the genius of the genius were all means, and the ghosts were crying and the hell was boundless.

Many gods are also moved.

They expected that the Terran would have a conspiracy, but it was never expected, and the Nether would join.

“The Ghosts! We have always been undisturbed between the two communities. You are against the principle of peaceful coexistence. Isn’t it afraid that after the end of this war, the sin of the Stars?” A destiny god, rounded the sacred Pupils, like the gods of the stars and gods.

“Ha ha.”

Uber Uck is just a sneer, too lazy to respond to a half sentence.

This is the end of the matter, let alone their genius, even if the Terran wants to quit, it can not retreat, and to retreat, it is a deep abyss, a dead end. Moreover, it is only the executor of this order, and has no right to retreat. The decision makers are the highest in the Nguyen.

“You are the king of the king, please feel free to go on the road.” Youbo uk faintly said that although it can not kill the king of God, but this does not prevent it from issuing a death declaration, to know that their genius is at best a stone.

The starry sky is the real desperate!

Either Cheng or die, Yubo Uke does not believe these people, including the famous Han Dong, but it believes in the human race, so strong, strong, there will be no omissions.

“Okay, good!” The kings of the thunder were furious and holy, spreading around: “Youbo Uk, it seems that before the opening of the morning list, you will receive the full authority of the Nguyen. No wonder you have never been in this place. To the figure of your gang.”


Uber Uk sneaked into the darkness, and the corpse was unfolding.

It is the peak of the world, and it is about to understand the Tao. At this moment, it breaks out and makes the world of the Nether.

“Under the earth!”

“Cold Hall!”

The rest of the Pluto are all contributing, the sky is falling, the roads are different, the neighbors are infiltrated, and the time and space are blocked.

“We also shot!”

On the side of the Terran, the thirteen people are in conflict with each other, and they have an inexplicable pattern, such as the sun and the moon, the mountains and seas, the flowers and trees, the wind and fire, and the time is turned into a scroll-like picture of Vientiane.

Sacrifice this wonderful thing!

Thirteen people broke out completely!

It seems to contain the shadows of the heavens and the earth, covering the sky, and no amount of black clouds. Many god kings felt heavy oppression and fell into a quagmire. A pair of pupils became gloomy. I don’t know what to think: “It seems not enough.”

“The Terran, who wants to kill us, is still a little worse.”

In terms of quantity, the king of the gods has a total of forty-nine, and has the advantage of crushing.

They looked at each other and the god of destiny named Shenque rushed. It resembled a kaleidoscope, and it was like a thundering eye. It shot out of the air and tried to test the power of the odd object.

Peng! Peng! Three beams of light are shot, and the scrolls are still moving. The gods look at the world of the Nether, resembling a miniature sub-space, superimposed together to seal their retreat.

Up and down, left and right, in all directions, there is no gap.

But that’s it.


Forty-nine gods and kings move together, such as the sea of ​​the beautiful power can suddenly rise infinitely, and instantly broke through the scrolls.

It seems to be long, but it is extremely fast, and the kings of the gods kill everyone.

Faced with this scene, Vess scared his body and swayed to the left. The crowd was also crumbling, and the strength was tight, and it seemed to be about to collapse.

“You don’t want to leave!” Yubok sipped a cold drink.

Bang! !

Immediately below the Netherland, the forest rose, and the barrier stretched to the side of the king of God. Then he raised a black shadow like an arm like a tentacles, entangled the kings of the gods and squatted down.

As if to drag all the gods of destiny into the bottom of the abyss!

“The alliance between our two communities is unprecedented.”

Uber Uk coldly said: “Today is the death of your god king!”

Between the words, the gloom is like a wave of ups and downs, containing a great danger, to devour everything.

The supreme genius, they are born soul cultivators, and to the peak of the universe, the seemingly imaginary soul mimicry, enough to materialize and become a real world. Once imprisoned in the Netherworld, even the king of destiny, dare not say that he will escape.

“Oh! Ignorance!”

God glanced at the secluded Buick, and raised the noble pupil, staring at the body of the people. It motivated the original talent of the observation type, and saw the exhausted facts of the hearts of the people in the blink of an eye.

Insight into the autumn, watching the world, the gods screamed in the sky: “The weak man and the body, dare to stop us?”


It ordered many gods: “You, we murder first, then deal with the gens!”



A destiny god, bursting with power, as if the gods are standing, the strongs break open the heavens, the incomparable sacred meaning will cover all the people, including Ves!

Hey! Hey! Hey! After 30,000 collisions, everyone flew out and spit blood.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Weiss waved hard branches and leaves, and evolved the boundless phantom. The hard talent is really terrible. There are too many gods. Just one hit, Wiss is seriously injured on the spot, the leaves fall, and the branches are dying.


The Hmong tries to contain it, but it is useless. The gods seem to be merging together, regardless of each other, and the power is gathered!

“You can’t stop!!”

When the gods shook a little, they broke away from the gloom of the gens and once again succumbed to the crowd.

“To fight for the Terran, to die for the Terran, may the Terran be immortal!!!” Thirteen Terran Kings also put aside all concerns, or burn life, or force the body and mind, the momentum is skyrocketing, this is the flesh and blood Confrontation with the gods.

One moment, three people were seriously injured.

Two moments, eight people were seriously injured.

Three moments, the dust of the ancient faction, and the celestial practitioners, detonated the celestial bodies and persisted for a while.


God’s eyes are cold.

Just at this time

Bang! ! ! ! !

Crystal clear fists, volley, simple punches, unpretentious punches, quiet and far-reaching punches, no fireworks, no murderous evil thoughts, but fell to the surface of the gods, but like It was the comet that struck the planet, picked up a massive wave, broke the sky, broke through the earth, and penetrated the god of the gods: “God, meet again.”

The green brilliance shines, the white hair floats, and Han Dong step by step.


God just wanted to speak.


The body of the universe is broken, the soul is exploding, and it is almost degraded!

Han Dong strode forward, set off the scorching sun, and rounded up a blazing trajectory: “The Han Dongte came here to send you to die.”


A light wheel slams down! Hundreds of millions of souls roared!

“He, he is.”

The gods of the gods are eclipsed: “Destiny Rebel!?”


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