The latest chapter of the Starry Sky, the first thousand and eighty-eight chapters cut off the Yongsheng Road, floating astronomy

The Terran and the Nguyen are fighting fiercely with the goddess of destiny. On this occasion, Han Dong broke through the air, and the punch was unparalleled. The punch was like a punch, and that punch almost killed the god! !

You must know that this is an upright god of destiny, and the king of the world is in a state of truth, and there is no falsehood.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The sound of smashing, one after another, the god of the gods, there is nothing in perfect, it looks miserable, a lot of cracks appear on the surface, like a porcelain doll on the verge of collapse: “Yes, yes, yes. of!”

The gods trembled, and the body and mind shuddered. They were both excited and excited, and there was even a trace of fear. Even the forty-eighth god of destiny, who was next to him, was also moved to change. A few gods and keen senses recognized the identity of Han Dong.


Just a little bit worse.

If it is not the same family behind it, I am afraid that it has fallen under the fist of Han Dong, but it is no problem. It is worth paying the price of the big one. The gods thoroughly see through the true identity of Han Dong: “The ancient king, fate The rebel, the fourth phase of the soul and mind.”

“He, Han Dong, this Terran King is the fate of resistance!!”

The fortune god of the forty-nine, Qi Qifa, and the surprise and frenzy of emotional fluctuations, like a blazing volcano, is about to erupt.

In an instant.

The road is like a month-long review, focusing on where Han Dong is.


“The destiny rebel must die.”


“Oh my God.”

Ves, who unfolds the canopy and succumbs to the crowd, makes an unconscious astonishment: “Is the murderer becoming stronger again?”

It quietly aimed at the fateful god of the eye, the god of the gods, and faintly heard the screaming of the gods, and instantly understood it. Han Dong’s combat power is extremely powerful, probably because of the fate of the rebel.


With the knowledge of Vess, it is still confused and does not know the meaning.

“So, what is the fate of the rebel, so that the king of the king is moving?” It stabilizes the body while breeding curiosity.


Directly below.

A Pluto who was in the world of the Netherland was even more shocked. The pupils were tightened and inexplicably horrified: “Who is that, who is really the starry man of flesh and blood?”

“It’s no wonder that the human race regards Han Dong as the core force.”

“Wait.” Umberk’s corpse trembled a little: “Have you heard it, the destiny of the kings of the gods, what is that?”

Many of the Pluto, face each other, only one or two of the Nguyen Kings heard about the ancient legends of the destiny rebel.

In contrast, everyone is so happy, not so surprised, so stunned, after all, they have already guessed that the same family, Han Dong, is likely to have the power to restrain the god of destiny.


The three halls of the Terran do not place all hope on one person. The eyes of the ancient faction Dalwu are almost tearing, and there are bloodstains on the spot: “The layout has been completed, and the human race is at this moment. The same robes are sacrificed here, and we must fully assist Han Dong to kill the king!”

“I am duty-bound!”

“Dare to die!”

“It should be like this!” One of the debilitated Terran kings broke out again, as if the river was on fire and burned half the sky. Their mission was to assist Han Dong and encircle the gods.


The crowd and Han Dong dispersed, until now, finally converged, because the ancient palace fears that these destiny gods may be aware of the abnormalities of Han Dong, which caused an accident.

Simply put, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket.

Now, the time has come, the Terran Nity has restrained these gods and gave Han Dong sufficient time to prepare. He took a step, and the light is as bright as the Xinghai, embracing every corner of the universe: “grey airflow”

“Burning! Burning! Burning!”

Suddenly, a slamming sound, the spark of fire seems to be.

Just as there was no sound, there was a thunder, and there was no violent turmoil. When the sound of the big sound was heard, the wonderful gray flame of the dream of illusion was entangled in Han Dong’s whole body, and there was no end to it, against which he was wearing a green scorpion and white hair fluttering. Standing in the center of the gray fire sea.

Indifferent and violent, he raised his palm as if to lift the whole world: “To kill the king today, please feel free to die.”

Heaven and earth add strength!

This fist breaks the cage like it! !

Boom! Boom! Boom! In the twinkling of an eye, three times of confrontation, wave rises, Hongbo surges, and Han Dong, with his own power, confronts the eleven fate gods.


The Terran is out, the Nine are moving together, and the melee is on, and it is fierce and insane.


The Darhouwu of the ancient faction was blown away by the eyes of the destiny god, and his mouth was flowing with blood.

“Well?” It was Han Dong who turned around, volleyed his feet, kicked the sky, and the fierce and overbearing infinite force directly infiltrated the body of the god king, watching the pupils blast open, seeing the breath weak, the gods could not help but roar.

They total forty-nine.

Han Dong is too lazy to ask their names or titles in turn, and in the end, all will die.


It is rampant and arrogant, and he almost wants to kill the unpredictable formation of many gods.

“You are too arrogant!”

“Han Dong, too arrogant, no use.” The gods are hidden in the middle of the same family, staring at Han Dong, seems to observe, seems to gaze, I do not know what to plan.

Of course, Han Dong could not separate the kings of the hands as he wished, and the center of heaven and earth took it, and the sun and the moon were caught, and the giant palm with a gray flame came to the front of the gods.

The palms are closed, the five fingers are imprisoned, and he wants to pinch the gods. The source of the observation type is extremely unfavorable to the war situation. It is indeed wise to kill first.


At this moment, the gods did not move, the noble pupils began to flicker, feathered to the immortal, and at the end of the sublimation, it was at this moment, actually to open the door of eternal life, to form the universe eternal: “poor people, ignorant People, death is doomed, resistance is futile, you think this is the morning list, why the Chinese sent all the ancient kings.”


“In this era, the two most likely and most suspected targets are here!” The first task of the forty-nine destiny king is not the dawn token, but the discovery of the creatures of two suspected destiny rebels. Be sure to kill here, and stay in the original source space.

And Han Dong, the Terran King Han Dong, is the most suspect.

The shrine sneered: “Very good, very good. Now that we have confirmed the true identity of Han Dong, we will not play again. After all, it is really tired to deliberately cooperate with your performance.”

“Maintaining the status quo!”

“I have been struggling to suppress myself from knocking on the door of eternal life, even at the expense of self-destruction. It is for this moment, in your face, to advance to the eternal life, and then to end it all!”


Its noble pupils are tightly closed and they understand the fate.

The destiny of the destiny of the gods is crazy, and guards the gods to promote the eternal life. In addition, there are two gods of destiny who do not know the title. They have been extremely sublimated, in all directions, tribute to praise, and the door to eternal life gradually It seems to be obvious: “Han Dong, you didn’t think about it, we are waiting for you!”

“You are looking for us, and we are looking for you!”

“Human and human races have to die!” Many gods shouted: “The genus, immediately recede, we can not pursue.”



From the chaos and the killing, to the whole scene, the body and mind are almost solidified, and only half of the moment is used. The minds of the Nguyen Kings and the Uber Uk’s heart tremble slightly, and hesitant and unwilling to say: “At this point, How come back.”


“I don’t believe it, even if the starry sky in the original space is more intuitive, but it takes some time to get to know it. Why do we all stay at the peak of the universe, but you God Luo people lead the kingdom of all ethnic groups, First promoted to eternal life?”

Umberk refused the proposal of the king of God, and the terrible body was shaking, but he could not move many gods.

It is like a sacred stone.

Rao is a high-spirited mind, and it is also panic-stricken. He can’t help but look at his family. The decisive confidence of the ones of the genius of the genius is slightly shaken: “At this time, all of them are the ancient kings of the universe, and the same realm is cultivated.”

“But if the eternal life is born.”

“Not too much, just one or two, you can easily slaughter!” The Pluto suddenly felt heavy pressure: “It is too easy for them to kill all the lives present.”

The ancient king of the peak of the universe and the ancient king of the eternal life of the eternal life, the gap is large, difficult to describe, a gaze can kill them.

“How to do?”

The Plutoes face each other and use all their strength to break the king.

“What do you do, you ask me, I ask who else to go…” Youbo Uke is speechless, and he wants to stop. It is the leader of the Nguyen. It has already been ordered, but it does not expect the grim situation at the moment.

It blinked for a while and guessed the truth:

The three destiny kings who are about to be promoted to the eternal realm of the universe must be mad. If you do not polish your mind and body, you will forcefully push open the door of eternal life, and you will certainly pay a painful price, such as the equivalent mana that should be derived. Mana, this sacrifice, this determination is really terrifying.

We must know that even if it is the ancient king, if you want to open the Asian mana and recast the same mana, the success rate will not be too high.

In other words.

If you are not lucky, these three destiny gods will always be trapped in the realm of the immortal eternal life.


Not only is Uber Uk, but many people and Wiss also see this.


“These gods, they have already prepared themselves to sacrifice themselves?” Dalhou’s face was blue and green, and it was ugly to see the extreme: “But we are flesh and blood, even if we are willing to sacrifice, we can’t follow suit, forcibly impact eternal life.” At that moment, the flesh and blood genes will be completely disintegrated.”


The fierce battle is still going on and it is getting worse. But no matter how hard the people are, there is still no way to break through the strict defenses of many gods. They can only watch the three gods headed by the gods and are being promoted to the eternal life.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Three beams of rainbow light, falling from the sky, seem to originate from all directions, in any direction, there is a mysterious rainbow of light.

The fate of the road, in turn respond to them three.

“It’s here.”

The gods screamed in the sky, noble and boundless, and glared at Han Dong and many Terran Kings: “Everything is over, and death is your ultimate destination.”

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The boundless destiny of the vastness penetrates the source space, fills the body of the gods, transforms the state of life, rewrites the essence of mind and body, derives a trace of mana, and even outlines a huge door, pushing the door open. It is the eternal life.


Dahl’s face has changed completely.

“How can this be?”

Everyone is also embarrassed. They are so hard-working that they want to intercept these gods and prevent them from having a chance to attack eternal life. They never imagined that they could succeed in the battle.

Wiss is even more illusory, it has always been lucky, is this the wrong camp?

As for the Nguyen, Youbok thought for a moment, the cold and cold pupils suddenly shone, and the power of the eruption, but also the impact of eternal life: “All the same people, things have been here, regret has no meaning! We are allied with the Terran, these gods are not It may be easy to spare us. If the Terran is dead, we can’t go anywhere, don’t think about running away, and fight with the King of God!”

“I am leading, I am willing to sacrifice, and who is willing to join me for forcing the eternal life!”

While talking and looking at the same family, Yubo Uke is very clear that there will be willingness of the same family.

But now there are only two missing, it has to choose, who has a higher success rate, who is the type of natural talent, more suitable for the eternal life after the war is beneficial, these thoughts, swayed, and the singer Uke looked at everyone : “After this incident, your Terran must come up with compensation and give us the corresponding compensation!!”

“This is natural…”

The people were waiting for a response, but they heard a knife.


The knife is hovering in the body space, and the knife sounds through the space barrier, which is like the source space!

“No need.”

One crystal clear white hair, no wind automatically, Han Dong no expression: “In the face of my Han Dong, they have to be promoted to eternal life, has this been approved by me?”

far away.

In the middle of many gods, the smile of God is full of joy: “How, if you hit the eternal life, you have to ask if you agree?”

“Yeah, did I promise?” Han Dong also smiled a little, and suddenly pulled out the knife, igniting the response of the fate, directly robbing the control of the fate, and depriving the god of eternal qualification.

It’s complicated to say.

It looks very simple.


Just pulling the knife, just raising the hand, when the sword is unveiled, the beautiful knife shines brightly, ignoring the power of the gods, and smashing the eternal door that is about to be formed, smashing the irrigation The fate of the king into the king of God, cut off the eternal path of the gods.

The knife was broken and the surrounding area was dim.

Unscrupulous, crushed the pride of the king.

This knife smashed out, as if it were an infinite brush, when it fell on the scroll, it separated the other side of the Milky Way, creating a new era, dividing the universe into two!


Even in the rear of Han Dong, Vess has chilling horror, branches and trembles, and the leaves are trembling. It finally sees the murderousness of Han Dong’s knife, and it’s nothing more than nothing!

It is simply a point of the Galaxy, breaking the time and space.

“What knife is that?”

All the people, the public Pluto, including the heart of the dead, the Uber Uk all stunned.

The inexplicable knives are reflected in the mind and body of all the kings, just like the moonlighting lake, like the hot sun boiling the heavens, as if a mirror, the people have been photographed.

Pure and flawless!

Hegemony and quiet!

A knife cuts off the road of eternal life! !

follow closely.

When Han Dong was in a move, he slammed forward, as if the black hole celestial body started at full speed had dragged a long trace. By the sharpness of the knife, he almost smashed into the defensive formation of the gods: “Before me, promote eternal life. You think too much!”


He was wearing a green scorpion, and he was ascending, like a stalwart day, tearing the night, breaking the horizon and overwhelming the sea level!

Han Dong jumped out of nowhere, jumped to infinity, and volleyed out.


Yongsheng Road is broken!

The two knives are both out, the two eternal life roads of the destiny gods are cut off, and now, only the third, its noble pupils finally show the color of sadness. Yongshengmen is in front of him and stops here. It is really sad.

“It’s here.”

Han Dong was indifferent, his face was cold, and the third knife broke out.

The whole scene is terrible!

God King screams! . m.

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