The latest chapter of the Starry Sky, the first thousand and eighty-one chapters of fate! Long river! Floating astronomy


The third door of eternal life collapsed!

The eternal life of the only surviving god who is about to become the eternal realm of the universe is smashed by Han Dong. It is screaming and screaming, and the wave of screaming and weeping sounds spreads around.

“I don’t know how long it will take next time.”

Its noble pupils are flashing wildly, brewing a deep bitterness: “No, no, how can there be such a thing.”

Obstructing spiritual practice is a great feud of life and death, not to mention interrupting the path of eternal life, not to mention that Han Dong is still a desperate rebel, and the hatred of the gods and kings can not be washed out by the stars.

They just can’t figure it out.

Normally, the destiny rebels certainly restrained their Shenlu, but interrupted promotion in the air, unprecedented, unheard of, is ridiculous, their historical documents of the Shenlu have no relevant records at all!

Break the path of eternal life!

Deprive the control of the fate of the Tao!

If it is not rational, they will almost doubt the realm of Han Dong, whether it is an eternal eternal man.

“Weird, weird.” Especially the gods who are good at observing, knowing everything, but can’t understand how Han Dong did it: “Since ancient times, the full power of the destiny rebel has been investigated by the Chinese people. There is no such capability within the information.”


Han Dong looked at it and secretly said: “The burning of gray air can’t compare the longevity of summoning the fate, but the latter consumes a lot. Even the gray air that the ancient temple has prepared for me is huge, but my body and soul are even soulful. There is a limit to the load.”

In the event of a lack of success, its impact is unimaginable.

The burning of the gray air is actually a crazy state a long time ago, but the level is higher. As for summoning the fate of the river, it has already involved the mysterious ability of the hegemonic level, not simply strengthening.

“Forget it.”

“I will first try the burning of the gray air, where is the limit state.”

Thinking like this, Han Dong’s mind was fretting, his face became pale, his hair was gray, and the whole person was swaying with gray flames!

next moment.

When the gods moved their eyes, they saw that the two scorpions of Han Dong had a gray flame. It just happens to be the ruthless light of the gray, seemingly across the starry sky, looking at each other, only a timid into the deepest part of the soul, the surrounding scenery after the wave away from it, the heavens and the earth are far away from it, the same king Far away from it, everything has lost its original meaning.

Time solidifies, the space is still, and the gods realize the loneliness that has never been seen before! !

“This, this is.”

In an instant, it was born, this is the instinct of death.

Even though the surrounding people are surrounded by many people, the chill is unfathomable and indelible. Even freezing the soul and locking the body and mind is like the ultimate aim of the Asian space twisting gun. No matter where you escape, you can’t escape the death disaster.

The universe is bigger…

There are more gods of destiny…

God still does not have a little sense of security!

“no, I can not.”

The god looked at him: “So many goddess of destiny is here, how can he kill me?”

The thought has just risen.

The pupil has just fallen.


The knives of the sorghum, the resounding of the sky, the chaos in the heavens and the earth, the light and the colorless, the silent and the nothing, the peerless murderer holding the quaint blade, opened the joint guard of the gods.

Another knife, swept dim, sweeping away the king of the gods.

Han Dong pointed to the god: “You will be the first fallen god of destiny.”

The knife is shining, the wind is sweeping, and the clear and turbid air is separated!

When the sword is light, the king of God retreats, and the unconscious retreat comes from the fear of life instinct, even if it is the king of destiny, it cannot be easily eliminated.


Jin Ge Tie Ma buried the hills, he fell through a knife, through a large number of gods, the knife power fell to the center of the pupil of the gods, ice and snow encountered magma, the planet hit a black hole, the destruction of the destruction of the catastrophe came!

It is the roar of the soul, it is the roar of the traces of fate, it is the roar of the mortal beings who have been dominated by the long years of the play, merged into a macro stream, gathers the will, and between the gods, the gods see the punishment of the fate. .

The senses, the vision, the front, the gray and the two colors, slowly flowing.

The time flow rate has slowed down countless times, and it falls into the boundless hell.

In addition to the ineffectiveness of the gods, the fierce battlefield of the outside world has become bleak and silent. The place where Han Dong is located, the purely majestic tip, contains the unique power of the universe, and contains constant power.

This knife, smashed out, runs through the long days!

The whole world, grayish white, ruined!

Seeing the presence of this knife, the ancient kings are all motionless, like a diamond dust, a humble and small bystander, fierce, hegemonic, chilling, uncountable hearts sweeping this time and space.

The nearby roads are undulating, quiet, like a retreat.

And as the knife light advances, it stretches for a long time, like a silent mime.

“That is……”

Everyone is moving, this knife is fast, unimaginable.

“that person……”

The Pluto who had previously despised Han Dong were even more stunned.

Big sounds!

The elephant is invisible!

God’s heart finally gave birth to fear.

But it can’t move.

It feels the silence of the source space, it feels the praise of the fate of the Tao, it feels that the human hair Han Dong’s white hair and green eyes reflect each other, and then, it feels that the microscopic particles of the body and mind, began to wither and begin to shatter, one Time falls apart!

“Do not!”

The god screamed fiercely, it was not afraid of death, but it did not mean that it wanted to die.

After a moment.

Unparalleled knives, through the universe, through the gods and minds.

The ice and snow melted like it, and the sky was clear and clear, and the dimness of the surrounding area gradually faded away, becoming shiny and becoming weird. Only the gods turned the pupil a little bit, and looked at the past, staring at Han Dong in the air.

And many of the gods next to them, recovering from waking, showing grief.


“There has not been a call to the fate of the river.” The gods said with some emotions, whispered: “To this day, I finally know the true mission of your destiny.”

Its body, inch inch crushed, tone is surprisingly calm, no more hatred, no killing.

A bang.

Han Dong did not take care of it at all. He pulled out his sword and then smashed the gods and kings. He cooperated with the Terran and the Nether, and instantly broke up the formation of the Destiny King, and each spread and killed each other.


“At this time, I heard that there is no regret for death.” The pupil of the gods fell into silence: “But my family is doing it right, and it will be done for you.”

The language is complete.

Its sacred body, dense cracks, smashing smashing, endless waves, alarmed the entire battlefield.

“You” gods glared at Han Dong’s palms, and instantly realized that it looked at the forty-eight gods of the same family: “Escape, flee, try to escape!”

However, it has not finished yet.

The loud noise of the sky collapsed, deafening, the gods and minds cracked, countless wounds, countless traces of knives and light, so that it entered the countdown of destruction, and Han Dong approached, punched out, and flew out!

This is the end.

Since the beginning of the war.

The first god of destiny officially died!


Han Dong overslept and looked at the audience. He stared at a destiny king who was besieged by the mage, seriously injured, and attempted to escape: “It’s you!”


Long standing up, straight into the heights, like the Canghua Huagai turned into a giant palm, and Han Dong directly grabbed it, the two palms closed and separated, tearing the gods, the gods blood is rain!

“Get out!”

It wants to struggle.

Peng! Peng! Han Dong’s two fists fell, and his mind collapsed on the spot, and the body of the gods could not hold it.

“I am not dead!!”

It growled and was still struggling. Obviously, the type of natural talent is extremely special and difficult to kill.


Han Dong spit out his voice: “Don’t wait!”

He no longer spares his strength, opens his arms and opens his chest.



Hey, hey, hey, the heavy sound like an avalanche like a waterfall echoes in the original space, the mighty long river, breaking through the dark edge, rushing to Han Dong, haunting him alone! . m.

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