The latest chapter of the Starry Sky, the first thousand and eighty-two chapters of the gods! Sad song! Floating astronomy

When Han Dong began to summon the fate of the river, the kings of the gods were already horrified, realizing that they were about to fall into a desperate situation, and they all retired. Most of the destiny kings wanted to temporarily retreat and flee.

A very small number of destiny gods, still calm, murderous, the destiny rebels are here, they are going to die.

“Can’t escape.”

“How can we escape… Killing the destiny rebel is our mission, the fate that must be accomplished!”

And now.

The fate of the river is coming.

The gods and gods are almost desperate, and they become fearful, and the mind is also chilling. If Han Dong does not summon the fate of the river, he will be able to kill the gods. Now there is a long river of destiny, like a nebula with stars, a star with a star, and before Compared to it, it is no longer a level.

The power is skyrocketing!

Not only the increase in quantity, but this is a qualitative leap.


“Just avoid the war and temporarily avoid his edge.”

“The gods are right. We shouldn’t fight hard, it doesn’t make sense. It will only be sacrificed in vain, or escape. The farther the escape, the better.” The gods looked into the distance, and the rumbling reverberation echoed as if The rolling of the historical wheel, like the sigh of time, they saw the fate of the river! !

The endless, vast and magnificent mystical river emerges from the dark edge, born out of thin air, traversing the sky, exudes a mysterious meaning, filled with philosophy of reason.

“The fate of my family is long.” The god of destiny, the weaker heart, almost shed tears: “According to the normal trajectory, the hegemonic level is eligible to be summoned! Even if the lord controls the destiny, at least the eternal eternal life, Can you try to summon.”

“Han Dong, he is something.”

“Only the fourth stage of the universe.”

This river seems to expel the darkness of the original space, interpreting the boundaries of the universe’s starry sky, defining the mystery of the realm of cultivation, all-encompassing, and ordinary life can’t be understood.

It’s so vast that I don’t know where the end is, and I don’t know where the long river originates.

The imperial emperor has nothing to look at, but it is neat and tidy but has great mystery.


The fate of the river is added, and Han Dongyang raises his hand. It is like the heavens and the earth chasing his palm. With the fall of Han Dong, the heavens and the earth are also falling down, and a slap in the face completely kills the destiny god of vitality.

The second king of God fell, then the third.

“Go on the road.”

Han Dong raised his right foot and hung the dome. It was like a violent war axe that pierced the opening of the era. Everything in this moment, listening to the will of Han Dong, all gathered on this foot. It was like a painting. Toast, it still wants to leave a last word.


Han Dongyu can give it this opportunity, smashing the body of the gods, kicking the left palm, holding the knife, it is a cold heart, annihilating it in the blink of an eye.

‘Roar! ”Roar! ‘

It is clearly a handle knife, and the knife must be exhaled. In fact, it doesn’t like the knife.

“Don’t call, kill the gods quickly!” Han Dong picked up the knife, and broke into the middle of the gods, killing the four sides, killing the ring, killing two or three knives, and cooperating with the world of destiny. It became a knife and a knife.


The Knife River flows, the sea of ​​knives rises, and the gods of destiny are submerged.

And they are trapped in the knife and the sea of ​​the sea, as if the mortal drowning, struggling in the quagmire. To know the power of the gods, it is to tamper with the fate, lose the power of talent, and the first time in this life to encounter the suppression of fate, how can not be shocked, how can not panic.


That is the king of God is roaring.

“I am a god Luo, born to control the fate, the heavens and the earth can not hurt me.” The god of destiny greeted Han Dong with a punch, wanted to verify, but was killed by a knife, lived into dust, slowly dissipated.

It’s not even too late to make a scream.

“We have joined forces!”

“The knife in the hand of Han Dong is definitely a rare thing that matches the high combat power. It may be related to the fate, so he can interrupt the eternal path of the god. As long as the knife is captured, we still have opportunity!”

Between the sounds, thirty gods merged and killed together to Han Dong.


The Kaishou knife lit up again, and the time was fixed at this moment. Han Dong picked up the thirteen fate gods!

In one breath, it accommodates the sun and the moon, and it is a violent scream, drinking back the nine fate gods!

Obviously, the king of the king is not effective against Han Dong. The fate of the river has been vigorously added, and it has the resilience talent. What he is most afraid of is the multi-party encirclement.


Han Dong will also be tired, but also when there is fatigue.

“Snoring, snoring.” He breathed the power of the glory of the day, the soul moved to the limit state of incredible thinking, like the sci-fi machinery with high load overload, the consumption of summoning the fate of the river is too great, not to mention the force blessing, right Han Dong is also a huge test.

With a little carelessness, the genes will collapse.

As he broke out vigorously, he realized that his mind flashed through the light. Han Dong vaguely understands the gifts and blessings of all destiny, and has already marked the price.

“so what.”

Han Dong does not want to consider so much.

This time I am willing to fight for the Terran!

For the prosperity of the human race, for the tranquility of the territory, for the incomparable compatriots of the stellar system… the knife fell and the face was expressionless. He killed from there and killed him. The green smog shone with the golden mans, dyed The blood of the gods.

“Oh! Oh!”

The Kaisheng knife draws a straight trajectory and runs through the gods.

Han Dong is indifferent, he thinks very thoroughly, anyway, the morning smashing list ends, he must be chased by the gods, the universe-wide bounty wanted, avoiding inevitable, hiding can not hide, of course, squatting now, kill A good time, killing the fierce name, lest other life people see the gods of the reward, they will be blind.


The Terran and the Gods are always enemies, and there is nothing to say.

The king of God begged for mercy, the song of the king of God, all useless!

“You can rest on the road.”

Han Dong’s indifferent voice, swaying the waves, seems to be a death sentence, a fate trial, and a god dusk.


He punched out and set up a bridge of sacredness. Everything turned into a powder, including the king of destiny.


His nephew froze, shining around the darkness, insight into the autumn, and revealing the hidden king of God. In front of Han Dong, the gods could not hide.


He believes in the dance of the knives, the phantom of the knife and flowers, enveloped in all directions, isolated inside and outside, divided into Qiang Kun, forming a knife jail, the gods can no longer escape.


There was no suspense of slaughter. In just three minutes, Han Dong killed nineteen gods. He wanted to know that the Terran and the Terrans had to spend a long time, killing them for so long, and one did not kill.


Daru swallowed and gradually stopped the ineffective offensive.

“Oh my God.”

The dusty eyes are straight, kneeling in the same place, the ancient king, the audience, looking at the Han Dong massacre: “This, this does not need us at all.”

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