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After Han Dong realized that the light kings were approaching at a high speed, the Pluto had a subtle induction and looked at the past.

One of the four great to the high family, the genus is known as the oldest living family, natural natural soul cultivator, their soul sense, its sensitivity, its scope of perception, far better than the people of the same realm.

“Who is that?”

“In addition to our two ethnic groups, there is another ancient king who is close to the ancient kings?” The leader of the genius of the genius, Uber Uk, said: “The Terran, you pay attention, there are a large number of alien kings…”

“Don’t guess, it’s a light family.” Han Dong interrupted the anxiety of Youbo.


Uber Uk smashed, stunned, almost stunned.

To know.

It does not care about the life of the alien kings, anyway, the victory has been set, no one can interfere. What surprised the most fascinating Uber Uk is that Han Dong led them and learned the identity of the alien king in advance.

Absolutely leading!

It is not reconciled!

The combat power is inferior, so forget it. How can they even be the best and proud of the senses of the Hmong, but also Han Dong?

“You, you…” Youbo wants to ask Han Dong personally, is it a human being, or a flesh-and-blood body, but it dare not ask, it should be the magnificent figure that is reflected in its pupil, contaminated with God. The blood of Luo, the blade of destiny, seems to be the great man of the sky, to open up the heavens and the earth, to re-establish the times.

It’s more than a secluded Uk.

The rest of Pluto also had the same feeling, and the eyes that were amazed and alert were focused on Han Dong’s face. Up to now, the forty-nine fate of the gods, there are few left, roughly calculated, there are seven survivors.

It looks like a big win.


Han Dong alone slaughtered a total of forty gods of destiny, and the Terran and the Nether joined forces to kill two. The ancient kings are all equal, and the same realm does not win or lose, not to mention life and death, not to talk about it, but Han Dong is an exception.

“Well, you are right.”

During the shackles, the pupils of Umburk flashed a hint of light, and also sensed the obvious features of the King of Light.


“Is it a light family?”

Everyone looked at each other and intercepted the desperate goddess of destiny, while waiting for Han Dong to open his orders.

Daerwu’s face is tangled, but it is also a matter of words. Obviously, after this battle, everyone headed by Han Dong: “Han Dong, do you have any suggestions?”


Han Dong twisted his neck and smiled and said: “The dead light family is a good light.”

In time, everyone is moving, and Vess is a trepidation of the soul. It seems to be pulled by the giant palm. This is the first time since he met Han Dong that he saw Han Dong revealing the murder.

This time, the peerless murderer, worthy of the name!


The Weiss crown was shaken, and it was even harder. With the help of everyone, we killed two destiny gods again.

the other side.

The Nguyen all retreated.


Han Dong looked at the past.

“Starry people, let’s stop, we will not help you again!” Uber Uk yelled: “Assisting the Terran to kill the King of God is our mission, but the Light King is not in the scope of this mission.”

“Alright.” Han Dong nodded: “The Nether can look around, don’t intervene, don’t mess.”

The king of the gods forty-nine, relying solely on the human race, does not work.

The King of Light only has eleven statues. He does not need the help of the Nguyen. He feels that the light is close, and he feels dim reduction. Han Dong’s heart is brewing with infinite killing.


Yubo uk whispered in the air: “The killing family, we don’t agree.”

Han Dong breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the knife, and looked like no expression.

It also said: “The human race is Han Dong, are you afraid of killing crazy? God Luo has died, we have won, but you still want to slaughter those light kings, after the light family, it is the turn of our family.” ?”

When questioning.

It led many Pluto, stepped back, and separated a safe distance from everyone. Other people, it does not matter, the key is that the strength of Han Dong is too horrible, and in the event of a violent killing of the Ming, they have nowhere to escape.


Han Dong snorted, his face was cold, and his eyes narrowed. He tried to converge on the killings hidden in the eyes, flicking his fingertips, and slowing down: “I have some personal grievances with the Guangzu, you know about it.”

Uber Uk was silent for a while: “Festival.”

After Han Dong wiped out the knife, he seemed to be sinking and said softly: “Since you don’t worry, let’s do it… Take out the morning order, give it to me, then leave.”

“Leaving? Who left?” The whisper of Uber Uk is getting colder and colder, and the bird does not understand the truth.

“Of course, you are leaving.” Han Dong stood in front of everyone, and with a knife, he killed a god: “Don’t worry, I will leave the source space when I get the morning order.”

The voice was completed.

The Ghosts are amazed: “What do you mean by Han Dong, will you take the initiative to abstain?”

The next moment, Yubo Uke understood, and suddenly realized: “You just arrived at the fourth concord of the universe, so this time the king of the eternal stage, you simply did not want to participate!”

Only in the first half of the morning list, Han Dong is invincible.


“I agree with your terms.” Youbouk did not hesitate, they can’t wait for Han Dong to leave the source space soon: “I have been waiting for the human race signal, I haven’t snatched the token, we only have seven.”


Han Dong smiled slightly, he had eight, and the Terran had a lucky one, plus seven morning orders from the Ning, a total of sixteen.

Just at this time.

A bundle of light is coming, shining around, and the power is absolutely extinct.

“I am Han Dong…”

“Welcome everyone to come…”

The blue trembling, the white hair fluttering, the calm figure standing on the corpse of the gods of the gods turned around, and smiled slightly, it was Han Dong.

“Are we late?”

The eleven kings of light are in the void.

They saw the sorrow of the goddess of destiny. They saw the alliance of the Terran people. They saw the figure in the center of the bloody sea of ​​the corpse and suddenly stood up, step by step, and a knife and a knife! !

Somewhere in the source space.


“All of them are dead, and they die.” Like a noble pupil who is open and closed, he becomes unruly, becomes incoherent, becomes physically and mentally broken, and wanders around in this dimly lit space.

It also encountered an alien king, but only recognized the identity of the gods from a distance, and all avoided it.

After a long time.

In front of it, there is a ugly head with great impact, huge and incredible: “Prestige God of Destiny, please be fair to our star demon.”

The dark moon turtle snorted, but never imagined that just the word Han Dong, the god king seems to be a soul collapse, hysterical, after a while, returned to normal, sighed: “I also want Help you, but unfortunately, I am left alone.”


The dark moon turtle licked the green eyes. . m.

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