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The latest chapter of the Starry Sky, the first thousand and eighty-five chapters of the text abstaining, floating astronomy

“Dead? Who is dead?”

The Darkmoon Turtle is staring at the seemingly desolate god of destiny that is suspended in front of it. It has two problems, the left and right can not figure out, the first family of the universe, the strongest batch of the same world, the ancient king of the king, how the gods will fall, and what the gods said.


All dead?

At present, the only surviving god of destiny looked at the monster of the dark moon turtle, Shen Sheng said: “The king of the gods forty-nine, now only me. Most of the gods of fate are killed by the human race Han Dong. He is not only a Terran king, but also a destiny rebel.”

“Han Dong??”

The dark green eye of the dark moon turtle is about to pop up.


Who will believe!

Anyway, it does not believe, swinging the head: “What is the meaning of the fate rebel, I have not heard of it, is there anything special?”


“Your star demon is just a second-rate creature. Do you think you are qualified to know?”

Another place in the source space.

The Terran and the Nether are counting the casualties of this war. The king of destiny has fallen forty-eight, and correspondingly, there are also no small damages in the human and the two races. Even if Han Dong’s charge is in front, the overall situation cannot be reversed.

Many of the Hmong kings are silent.

As a leader, Uber Uk thought for a moment and said: “On our side, thirteen people were seriously injured and two of them died.”

“We…” Dalou of the ancient faction squinted at Han Dong’s face, whispering: “The celestial practitioners and dust from the ancient temples were unfortunately killed. The rest were seriously injured and could not be treated on their own. I can’t recover in a short time.”

Fighting with the king of God, whitening and killing, is only second.

The key lies in the initial signal burst of this layout, which is more than half of the original source space. It is really not something that Darwin can do. Despite the fact that Tianzun is awarded to Famen, there is a price to pay.

“Actually.” Han Dong sighed: “I can follow you, there is no need to separate, it is too wasteful.”

He believes that the signal is outbreaking and meaningless. Dalwu said: “According to the second priority plan of the ancient hall, if we are killed, the Allies will assist you. The core of this action is you, the core is not a problem, the Allies can find it again, but if The core is gone, there are more allies, and what is the use.”

Han Dong stunned and said nothing. He also understands that the Terran attaches great importance to this morning list, so it is necessary to separate actions and then confluence, so as not to cause the Shenlu people to be alert.

“Han Dong, don’t think too much.” Dalhou took away the body of the dust and whispered: “In any case, at least the plan has been completed. The king of the gods only escaped one. In addition, the star demon died two, light. The family died nine, the morning list officially ended, the source space was opened, it is the name of your Han Dong, when the universe is sensational.”

“With your own strength.”

“You almost killed the battle of this morning.”

Everyone has also made a lot of remarks, revealing joy, or envy, or wishing, after all, it is a miracle to kill the grand deeds of ‘definitely famous universe.’ Even in the history of the Terran, it is necessary to increase the pen and ink, and record it in detail.

Famous biography!

Flowing through the ages!

This battle is immortal and establishes a golden body. Han Dong’s contribution to the Terran is comparable to that of the ancient kingdom. No one dares to target it. No one dares to smash it.

of course.

Heaven and Supreme are not counted in it. Han Dong took a deep breath: “I also have selfishness. I am a deadly enemy with the King of God. Again, you have seen it, and the destiny rebels completely restrain the Shenlu.”

It is like flames and ice and snow, which are incompatible with each other.

The most important thing is that after this time, Han Dong finally understands the true attitude of the Shenlu people to the destiny rebels: there is only a trace of possibility, only a little bit of doubt, they will send all the gods, not afraid of sacrifice, and do not care about the price! !

Han Dong has reason to speculate: “In order to kill a destiny who was born in the Terran, they are even willing to take the life of a supreme force in exchange.”

in short.

Other destiny rebels are not so serious, because they belong to other life groups, the foundations are shallow, and Han Dong is completely different. The people behind him are starry people.

Moreover, the people and the gods are still hostile to the war.


Darwu shook his head and the rest of the people frowned.

It is conceivable that the morning list ended, and it is impossible to see that they will never see Han Dong again in this life. Only the fierce name is rumored forever, shocking the family: “I heard that it is for the invisible war, otherwise, the three halls will not let you expose so fast.”

“Don’t be discouraged, there are opportunities, there are hopes.”

“My clan, my ancestors is the supreme hall of eternal palace. Before the war, she concealed me, Han Dong, you are still the Tianzun candidate appointed by the ancient palace.”

One by one, the comfort of Han Dong.

Everything here is the ancient king of the three halls, the news is well-informed, the status is deep, far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

After listening to it quietly, Han Dong grinned: “Thank you for your assistance. I will leave when the war is over.”


He looked at the genus, deep glare, and stared at the secluded Uk: “The two most powerful teams in the source space, only the Terran and the Nether. If I am now, my family will be safe. “”

Youbokke coldly said: “The morning tokens are all given to you, how about?”

“I still don’t trust.” Han Dongmo said with a crystal-clear chin, slowly said.

“The deity of the Terran, the destiny of the destiny, will actually go back.” The tone of the Uber Uk became gloomy and indulged for a moment, adding: “What benefits does the Hakka have against the Terran? After going out, it is targeted by the three tribes. ?”

Han Dongwen nodded: “I am relieved.”


Uber Uk retreated, indicating that the remaining Pluto also evacuated.


The king of the lord left and disappeared on the dark edge. And Han Dong smashed the knife twice, flicking the blade, and finally did not shoot.

After a moment,

He looked at the crowd and arched his hand: “There will be a period later.”


“Come on, go out and leave the territory as soon as possible. The gods will die, they must be mad.” The people watched Han Dong’s blue trenches, white hair, and gradually faded, as if the illusion did not exist, followed by ten Six morning dawn tokens shine, opening up the source space, carrying Han Dong, and going away.

The outer starry sky, the edge of the human race.


The ancestors of the dragons screamed at the big dragons, and they could not conceal the surprise. The dragons were waving: “Someone abstained, leaving the source space in advance? How can he smash enough fifteen morning orders?”

While thinking about it, while looking at it, its eyes solidified: “The blood mark, killing my son is Han Dong!!”

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