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The latest chapter of the Starry Sky, the first chapter of the text, the first thousand and eighty-six chapters are gone, floating astronomy

This morning’s list is hosted by the Stars and the Terrans. Of course, the location of the morning squad is just at the edge of the human race.

Here is the dark vacuum, you can’t see the stars, only the extremely distant stars are exuding the faint light, shining the eternal darkness, setting off the blue and boundless battlefield of the Xinghai battlefield.

The sea of ​​stars began to waver, the battle of the beginning, still continues.

In the vicinity of the Xinghai battlefield, the leaders of the major living groups are watching. These leaders, at least the terrible existence of the Terran ancient emperor, control the laws of the universe, and at first glance, insight into the entire battlefield is just a small matter.

As for the four great to the high

The Shenlu people did not show up. They were high in the stars and overlooked everything. The Ming people sent five to the highest; the Guangzu also sent three to the highest. As the host of the human race, Tianzun sat in the temple, looking high. On the morning list, the three ancient emperors represent the three halls and entertain the stars and stars.

But at this moment.

The attention of the leaders of all ethnic groups was removed from the battlefield of Xinghai and moved to the center of the circular platform: as if the twisted giant door stood there, it showed a slowly opening passage, and a blue figure left from the original space.

“Who, who is that?”

“One person is the starry sky and the Handong of the ancient temple.” The leaders of the various ethnic groups have been talking about it, and they are slightly astonished.

You must know how to get a year in accordance with normal conditions. The struggle of the kings of all ethnic groups is a very long war. And now, just a few stars have passed.

This is too fast.

They are also amazed and curious. How did Han Dong know how to make 15 morning orders?


“In such a short period of time, even if all the members of the Supreme People’s Action, they get seven or eight morning dawn tokens at best, this is quite a bad thing, not to mention the fifteen morning tokens. Usually the morning list is coming to an end. There will be ancient kings, in order to be safe, choose to abstain and leave early.”

“More than fifteen, it is sixteen, how did he do it.”

The leader of each of the living families is transmitting each other.

They suspect that the Terran is cheating, otherwise how can it be so fast: “It shouldn’t be, the cost of blatant cheating is too serious. What’s more, their Terran is the rule maker, jumping out of the rules circle, for them, the disadvantages More than good, no reason.”

They are confused, indulged, and secretly observing the look of the ancient emperor. According to the relevant rules of the morning list, get fifteen tokens, you can open the space-time tunnel, those tokens are the highest creations after all, with miraculous effects.


“It’s Han Dong, he got sixteen morning orders.”

The three ancient emperors turned around and turned their heads, their faces overflowed with joy, and they smiled at each other without any disguise.

When they saw Han Dong, they understood that the plan was successful. In addition to the three ancient emperors, many of the heavenly statues and the supreme high in the temple also showed a smile, sitting in the center of the ancient hall of the knife marks Tianzun, slightly raised his head, plain eyes looked at the stars.


The other side of the circular platform.

The pair of dragons are full of bloodthirsty madness, it is the ancestor of the dragon, the control of the existence of the law!

“Killing my son, you are!”

“Han Dong!”

The ancient faction was born, the contemporary Terran king, one by one shining label seems to be the sword hanging, the sun and the moon, filled with great shock, so that the first ancestor of the dragon did not dare to act rashly.


It is not a lone walker, single-minded, and helpless.

It belongs to the core layer of the star demon, behind it, there is even the supreme genie! The first ancestors of the dragon rushed to the voice of the five nobles, and reported: “I feel the mark of the dragon’s blood, I am afraid that my son has already fallen, the murderer is the human race Han Dong.”

It does not want the genius to guess that the blood of the starry sky can penetrate the blockade of the source space.

and so.

The ancestors of Xiaolong pretend to know now, and have to say that they are very similar, almost close to hysteria, and are not willing to face this cruel fact: “The supreme is on, Han Dong is definitely the murderer, the blood mark is very clear!!”

After a moment.

The Nguyen side of the high side, the Nether is boundless, gently said: “What murderer, mess, it must be wrong.”

“No.” The first ancestor of the dragon was not reconciled: “The blood of the star demon will never go wrong.”

“I was wrong, it was wrong.” The four sects ignored it, only one of the highest, like a severe warning, like a careless voice: “You should not be blinded by illusions, sly, don’t make trouble.”

The first ancestor of Xiaolong was speechless: “Yes, but my son is dead.”

“If you die, you will die. It doesn’t matter if you have a king in the morning list. It’s not a rare thing. You still want to retaliate against the Terran, so bold.” The Nguyen stunned the dragon’s first ancestor, understatement, revealing After that, I looked at Han Dong again and stared deeply. I didn’t know what I was thinking.


The other four are also high, and they open their pupils and look at Han Dong from the air.

“This human race is coming out.”

“It seems that the plan is successful… Do we have to follow the agreement and hand over the dragon to the Terran… Wait a second, the morning list is completely over, and then decide whether to hand it over.”


I left the source space, and the shadow of Han Dong’s eyes is the absolute silence, which seems to be completely solidified.

He knew in his heart that this is the oppression of life, standing in all directions, up and down, standing with a great creature. Even if it is not directed at him, there is infinite pressure on the air-only breath, as if the mortal face the gods, the sky is catastrophic.

A few want to suffocate!

Physical and mental stiffness!

Han Dong only felt that he could not breathe.

“Han Dong.”

A call, passed to the ear, so that Han Dong temporarily escaped from absolute oppression, shook his head and regained control of the body and mind.

Standing at the center of the circular platform, he looked around and felt terrified, but he couldn’t see the source of fear. The light was moving, and Han Dong glanced at the star battlefield: “That was the battlefield at the beginning, it has not yet ended. I don’t know how the three thousand people of our human race are now.”

follow closely.

The bloody robes swayed, and the ancient dynasty 寰 壹 壹 壹 壹 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古

Subsequent processes are naturally handled by others.

It is imperative to escort Han Dong to leave the territory of the human race. Gu Huangqin Wen Wen said: “The ancient hall has been dispatched three highs, the whole process is escorted… You have any questions, or you want to do something, I can send you home to see Look and start again.”

Han Dong shook his head: “Xie Guhuang is kind, it is not necessary.”

“Direct departure?”

“it is good.”

The streamer picked up and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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