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At the end of July, the imperial city was in midsummer, and the temperature remained almost above 35 degrees.


But these days, this is not a Stronghold for the summer resort, but it has poured into the 100,000 people.


These people are not tourists, but members of the dynasty from various divisions.


The 100,000 people of the dynasty gathered in the Imperial City of the 1st District, and this change naturally caused the follow closely of the major forces. There have been many discussions in major forums.


“What did the dynasty do recently? How suddenly did so many people return to the Imperial Dynasty 1st District headquarters?”


“Yeah, the people of the Imperial City have been full of various large and small hotels in the past few days. Many people have booked the August 1st.”


“The dynasty has not made such a big move for hundreds of years. What do you want to do this time?”


“Isn’t it going to fight a certain force?”


There are also a few people who have heard some winds.


“It is said that it seems that the emperor was born.”


But this news, most people think it is a fake, and even some people directly carried out a well-founded rebuttal.


“The royal trial opens one time every 100 years, and the opening period is one month. According to the opening time of May 5th, the June 5th trial of the dynasty has ended. The dynasty is the most optimistic. The first emperor was imperial, and he was eliminated early in early May and returned to the headquarters of the dynasty. This matter is not a secret to many big forces.”


“Also, even if other emperors passed the trial, as early as the end of the trial in June, the dynasty should have been widely promoted. With the high-profile of the dynasty, if it is really determined, how could it be nearly two months? It’s not sounding, it’s only now that the emperor is born?”


This piece of real breaking news and similar pieces of breaking news, under a rebuttal, was quickly drowned in various fake news.


Just in the noisy on the Internet, time flickered and finally arrived on August 1.


This day was just dawning in the morning, and the big square outside the headquarters of the dynasty was already crowded with people.


Everyone has great curiosity about the new emperor, because Huang Tianyi did not disclose any information about Lin Huang’s to the following.


In addition to the headquarters of the dynasty, a few people know Lin Huang’s identity information, and others do not even know that the new emperor is a man or a woman.


Of course, in addition to being curious about the new emperor, the purpose of many people is actually more practical. They want to know what kind of welfare the new emperor will bring to the emperor.


The Imperial Dynasty executives basically know that the emperor must be a member of the royal family. The arrival of the new emperor will inevitably reactivate some of the benefits from the royal family.


After the first emperor’s fall, the royal family has been receiving the minimum amount of benefits for hundreds of years in the royal family, which is almost equivalent to the minimum living allowance on Earth. With the new emperor, this situation will certainly be greatly improved, and the most unsatisfactory should be equivalent to the standard of normal social security.


The throne ceremony began at 10 am, but it was less than 9 am, and almost all the members of the dynasty had arrived.


In the square, the Imperial Dynasty gathered in groups of three and five, and patiently waited for the opening of the ceremony.


At 9:30 in the morning, a spaceship was lifted from the headquarters of the dynasty, causing a group of people to exclaim.


Twelve Half-God Grade ships, each of which is more than 10,000 meters in length, lie on the sky above the sky.


This scene was immediately filmed by many media.


After the rise of the twelve spaceships, a larger lacquered black spacecraft slowly lifted off. As soon as the spacecraft appeared, countless people underneath were stunned.


This spacecraft, at least 50,000 meters in length, is almost comparable to a large city on Earth.


Most people in the dynasty have heard of this spaceship, but almost everyone is the first time to see the real thing.


“It’s the starry sky in Legendary!”


“On the entire continent, the starry Titan of one of the three God Grade ships! I didn’t expect to see the real thing today!”


“This spaceship is considered to be the best treasure in the world. It is said that the main gun and even False God can kill!”


Countless people have been attracted by this huge ship, the star of the Titan – the top treasure of the dynasty pressure box bottom.


The same class of spacecraft, there are only three ships across the continent.


After the sky Titan slowly lifted off, it was suspended above the twelve Half-God warships. Thousands of muzzles protruded out and entered the state of preparation.


Even countless media are thrilled. This is the starry sky for hundreds of years, the first time publicly appeared in front of the public.


Numerous onlookers outside the square saw the emergence of the starry sky, and realized that this dynasty really had a big move.


After the starry Titans took off, in the twelve Half-God ships, four night goddesses quickly pieced together into a huge circular platform with a diameter of more than 24 kilometers.


The other eight ships retreated to the night goddess several kilometers away, surrounded the platform in eight different directions, and then extended thousands of muzzles, like the starry Titan, entered the state of readiness.


After the spacecraft was ready, a voice suddenly came from the starry sky: “All the members of the dynasty began to land on the platform! Non-Exceeding Mortal members, standing in the center of the square, receiving the spacecraft. Friends of the media should not enter the stadium first, wait for the members of the dynasty to log in. The lineup ends and the spacecraft platform.”


As soon as the voice fell, tens of thousands of Exceeding Mortal took off and landed on the spacecraft platform.


The remaining 100,000 ordinary members are also standing in the central area of ​​the square, waiting patiently for transmission.


After a while, the starry Titan lowered an aperture and enveloped everyone in the central area of ​​the square. Then, a beam of light shone like a searchlight to cover everyone in the aperture, and the figure was quickly lifted under the envelope of the light beam.


In less than five seconds, everyone in the square was sucked in by the starry titan.


After a while, the starry Titan lowered an aperture and illumined the spacecraft platform built by the four night godships. Then another beam of light was shot, and the figure was lowered and landed in the center of the spacecraft platform.


After many people landed on the spacecraft platform, they were all excited.


“I actually sat in the starry sky!”


“The first time in my life, I’m sitting on the God Grade spaceship and I’m so excited!”


“It should be exciting. After all, it is very likely that it is the only one time in this life.”


“One second of life’s most Peak, it is estimated that there is no chance to surpass it…”




“The princes of each division manage each division, and each division member is lined up according to the safe district number and the division number.”


After the new instructions were issued on the Star Titan, everyone on the platform began to look for their own team, and soon began to assemble into a square under the arrangement of the Princes.


When the platform began to be busy, the four Half-God Grade palaces were slowly lifted up and lined up between the Titan and the twelve Half-God ships. The center was also vacant for up to three kilometers. a distance.


After the four Half-God Grade palaces were in place, the more splendid people’s palace was slowly lifted off and landed in the middle of the four Half-God palaces.


Seeing the majestic people’s palace suspended in the air, countless members of the dynasty were in a state of turmoil, more excited than before seeing the starry Titan.


The major media have finally finally decided that this one time, the emperor is really going to be born!


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