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At the end of the projection screen, the whole empty room was in a silence.


In addition to seeing the whole process of Zhuge’s extraordinary “moving” and finally stepping into the portal to leave, knowing the reasons for his defection and the exact time of the defection, there seems to be no more information.


“Is there any clue?” Lin Huang turned to look at Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.


Guan Zhong shook his head helplessly. “There is not too much clue. But he finally took out the portal, did not adjust the positioning coordinates, and directly stepped over it, indicating that it is the default coordinate position, it should be his common coordinates. We can go to him often. Go back and check the screen to see if you can find more clues.”


“Does your Alliance Government not be able to call the data of the portal? Is it OK to directly locate his last transmission coordinate position?” Huangfufu whispered as he licked the cake.


“The portal big data system was only available thirty-six years ago. After the data system was produced, we only have data for the record. Before the portal, there was no data for filing. What? Can’t find it.” Qian Rui shook his head and explained, “This portal of Zhuge’s extraordinary has been used more than 100 years ago. The data in the big database cannot be found at all.”


“But before the big data system, the major portal companies should have a record of data storage? Can’t you find them?” Lin Huang remembers that he had seen relevant information in the library because it was related to the portal. He was a little interested and glanced at it.


Guan Zhong glanced at Lin Huang. He didn’t expect Lin Huang to know anything about this kind of thing. He added to what Qian Rui just said. “Looking at the previous portal company, you can actually transfer the portal. Data. But he is a model more than a hundred years ago, we are not sure which company is producing. There are hundreds of companies that have made portals a hundred years ago, but now there are only three large-scale companies in the entire continent. Most of them have closed down. Luck is better annexed, and there may be data left. The data with bad luck is long gone.”


“Even if we are lucky, we are fortunate enough to find the data of this door, and trace the transmission coordinates, it is unlikely to be the final hiding place of Zhuge. With his timidity, this portal will definitely not be Use second time.” Qian Rui added.


“However, no matter how many portals he has in his hand, we can only dig deeper along this clue if there are no other clues at the moment.”


“Do you want to see the mirror again here? Or go directly to the next place?” Lin Huang did not express his opinion and asked directly to the two.


After all, the EA agency pulls out a person and is more professional in tracking, and he really has no idea to mention.


“Look again.” Qian Rui did not hesitate to open his mouth. “The front part does not need to be read. It depends on the news from the housekeeper until he leaves.”


Lin Huang nodded and backed up the image again. The time of this one time was back from 4 pm, and Zhuge was sent to the portal after a few minutes.


“Here, I will take a photo of this portal.” Qian Rui quickly shouted.


Lin Huang fixed the picture, Qian Rui stepped forward, carefully carefully photographed the front and back sides of the portal and the side details, for fear of missing something.


It took a few minutes to finish shooting, and then nodded to Lin Huang. “Yes, it’s troublesome.”


“Nothing.” Lin Huang waved his hand and took the book of Umbrella into the body.


Qian Rui sent the photo out, and then dialed a number to let the man investigate the information of the portal.


The group was all busy, and Huangfufu just finished the last piece of cake.


“Now go to the next place?” Lin Huang asked at the Guanzhong.


Guan Zhong nodded and summoned the portal, and the pedestrian stepped over it.


What Lin Huang doesn’t know is that in less than two hours, the social software has been crazy about his eating cake.


The topic of “The Emperor’s New Emperor”, which had just gone on, was once again exploding, and the title became “The Emperor Eats Cake Expression Pack.”


The heat even surpassed the “Wei Family Missing Missing” ranked first in the early morning heat and the second “Blessing Group Explosion”.


Even with two other hot topics, many comments are related to pies.


“Wei Family has a strange event? It’s terrible, I’m eating a cake and being shocked!”


“I heard that the Tianyou Group has been blown up? It’s terrible, I’m eating a cake and being shocked!”


“Upstairs, you stand here and don’t move, I will buy you a cake.”


“Upstairs, come buy my fish head cake. 18 big fish heads, a large amount of full. The price is affordable, as long as 998! 998, can’t buy a loss, can’t buy it, you have a will!”


Even Lin Xin, who was far away from the Emperor’s City, brushed a picture of Lin Huang’s eating cake. When I saw the expression pack, I just laughed and squirted and quickly downloaded it.


The Imperial Dynasty, everyone, naturally saw it, and did not hesitate to download the expression pack.


In some groups, even the beginning of the use of emperor expressions, and have fun.


Lin Huang just passed through the portal of Guanzhong, and the Emperor Heart Ring suddenly vibrated.


He clicked on the communication page and saw that Lin Xin sent a message and thought that there was something in Lin Xin, and he quickly opened the message.


As a result, Lin Xin sent a cartoon picture, which was like a cake. It was accompanied by a line of words. “I am eating a cake and pressing it!”


Seeing this expression pack, Lin Huang was not feeling well. He already guessed what happened.


Pointing on Emperor Heart Net, the number one search in the day is “People’s Emoticon Pack”, and the number of searches has exceeded 300 million.


Lin Huang opened the search option in some silent places, and soon saw his own cake expression pack, which has been made in more than 30 different versions. One of the versions has been downloaded over 100 million, and there is more than 80 million.


Guan Zhong, they saw Lin Huang open the communication page, they turned their eyes to the side, there is no idea of ​​snooping.


Huang Fufu sneaked over Lin Huang’s shoulder and saw the contents of the projection page. He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Lin Huang’s expression pack.


Lin Huang turned her head and looked at the emperor with a blank expression. “You laugh, you have it.”


Lin Huang said, he also adjusted the emoticon’s expression pack, and his expression pack was even richer than Lin Huang. After all, he ate more cakes. However, because the name is not as big as Lin Huang, the download volume is much smaller. But the most downloaded version of the emoticon package, the number of downloads also exceeded 10 million.


Seeing his own expression pack, Huang Fufu suddenly became eccentric. “Isn’t it just a cake? How can this group of people do this?!”


Turning off Emperor Heart Net, Lin Huang didn’t think too much. This kind of thing used to be seen on Earth. This expression pack is fire again, and it will be a few days of heat. When the heat is over, everyone naturally forgets that there is no need to concerned too much.


See Lin Huang’s page to turn off the Emperor Heart Net. Guan Zhong pointed to a small villa road that had been burned into a blackened area at the front ten meters. “This house is one of Zhuge’s extraordinary in the first city. The property is also one of his usual places of residence.”


“Let’s go in and see.” Lin Huang nodded and walked straight toward the house that had been completely destroyed by the fire.


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