Bloody advance a step is complete, just the right time for Lin Huang.

After only one night, Lin Huang discussed with Bloody the cooperation strategy with Alliance Government.

Lin Huang also sent the plan prepared by Bloody to Huang Tianyi, let him see the old rivers and lakes to see if there is any need to add or modify.

It was a bit strange when Emperor Huang received the proposal from Lin Huang. He originally planned to call Lin Huang out of the Emperor’s Hall these days and discuss it with him. As a result, Lin Huang sent the complete cooperation plan directly.

After reading it carefully, Huang Tianqi was a little surprised, because the thing that Lin Huang gave was already comprehensive. Almost everything that I thought of was included, and even something that I didn’t think of was not missed.

After reading the entire information, it is already more than three in the morning.

Huang Tian glanced at the time and picked up the information again. He wanted to find out if there was any place and he could supplement it.

At six o’clock in the morning, Huang Tianyi finally finished reading the second time. On the contrary, he felt that Lin Huang’s plan was invulnerable.

Early in the morning, I received a message from Huang Tianqi. Lin Huang smiled at the glance. “It seems that I can cultivate this two days.”

The news that Huang Tianqi sent is that there is no problem with the plan, and there is no need to modify it. It can be done directly according to the plan.

Time flies, two days have passed, and the agreed December 10th.

Lin Huang washed it at six in the morning, and finished breakfast less than seven o’clock.

After a little preparation, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Lin Huang, Lin Xin, Huang Tianqi and Huang Baiyu crossed the portal directly and arrived at the first city where the Alliance Government Headquarters was located.

Lin Huang took a few people to find a coffee shop near the Alliance Government Headquarters. Just less than three minutes after the coffee was ordered, the current director of the EA agency, Guan Zhong, appeared with a team of people.

Seeing the acquaintance, Lin Huang smiled and said hello.

“The head of the tube, come over for coffee?”

“The Emperor is laughing and laughing.” Guan Zhong moved toward Lin Huang and greeted him. “After all, I have seen the Emperor several times. I sent me over here to adjust the atmosphere and avoid embarrassment.”

“I will introduce you, the two next to me, Mr. Zhao Lingming, the Speaker of the Alliance Government Headquarters Committee, and Ms. Yan Ning, the Vice-President.” Guan Zhong gave up One Step to the side and introduced Lin Huang to the side.

Standing on the left is a tall, dark-skinned man who looks a little unsmiling. Lin Huang can see at a glance that this person should come out of the military, and the temperament of the other party’s standing can’t be concealed.

Next to the woman, with a pair of glasses, it looks like the age of two 17-18 years old, as for the actual age, Lin Huang can not judge. The woman’s appearance should be very beautiful. The black-rimmed glasses on her nose are deliberately worn. Even the makeup is deliberately flattering, making her whole person look ugly and even easily overlooked.

But Lin Huang looked at her more, because there was a message from Bloody’s Parasitic Seed that the woman was most likely to have Exceed Wisdom.

Since there was no way to bring a summoned beast to this conversation, Lin Huang asked Bloody to have a Parasitic Seed in his own body to remotely observe the conversation and give advice in a timely manner.

At this time, Bloody had parasitized a handsome man with a parasitic ability in a hotel less than three hundred meters from the coffee shop, and took his hand to check in. In the hotel room, the parasitic man was already asleep, and Bloody watched everything remotely through the Parasitic Seed.

Obviously, the Alliance Government deliberately postponed the cooperation meeting to 12 days later, in order to do adequate equipment, and it seems that they should do a good job in preparation.

“The two speakers are good.” Lin Huang smiled and greeted the two.

Huang Tianyi also immediately took the message and introduced to the Alliance Government. “This is our emperor. Next to us is our Imperial Dynasty little princess. It is also the younger sister of the Emperor. I am around this. Bit, the king of the royal dynasty, Huang Baiyu. As for the monks, the emperor Huang Tian.”

When he heard the Prince of White Feather, the eyes of Guan Zhong’s people stayed on him for a while.

Ordinary members of the power may not know, but Guanzhong, the Alliance Government executives, know that there are only two princes in the dynasty, one is Huang Baiyu and the other is Huang Fuyang, both of whom are False God realm strong. By. They also know that Huang Baiyu, the prince of the legendary Yu, is a strong third of the False God realm, and is one of the top leaders in this grit world.

On the second second of the silence, Suining smiled and opened her eyes. Lin Yin fell back to Lin Xin, who was next to Lin Huang. “It turned out to be Imperial Dynasty little princess. I have always heard of the Emperor.” There is a younger sister, I didn’t expect it to be a little beauty that looks so good.”

Lin Huang is secretly guilty in his heart. “If you don’t know Lin Xin’s looks, you will see the ghost.”

Lin Xin didn’t think of it. She was praised as a woman, and her heart was suddenly elated.

“I heard that younger sister. You used to teach firearms in the Hunting Wu Institute in the 7th District. I have a gun in my storage ring that I just got a few days ago. I will give it to the younger sister.” An Original Treasure Tool firearm, which is a black ladies pistol with a lot of purple decorative stripes, a strange beauty.

Lin Xin looked at her eyes and brightened. “This is the purple charm 001 that Sand Hawk just released some time ago. It is said that this is the first of the new series of purple charms. There are only 100 commemorative editions in the world!”

Lin Xin also closely followed the gun some time ago, although it was just an Original Treasure Tool, but the actual price was not under the Half-God.

“Yeah, I met with the owner of Sand Hawk Company and saw that the gun Half-God Gong Wei also participated in the design, so I specially asked him to ask for a hand, thinking about staying a good commemorative. ”

“Do you like what Wang Wei designed?” Lin Xin felt like she had met a confidant.

“Yeah, I think the things she designed are very beautiful. I have almost every collection of household items that she designed. Sometimes the market channels can’t be bought, I will also ask for help to find out…”

The two women chatted about the topic of Miyagi and completely left Lin Huang entire group.

Miyagi is one of the few women in the world, Half-God. Her practical ability is not strong, but she is beautiful, she is very tasteful in dress and matching, and attending various meetings every one time is the focus of the media. . Over time, it has become the first person in this grit world fashion industry, and is also the idol of many women.

What she is involved in, no matter what the product, almost every time it will become a burst, because there are countless female powder to buy.

Lin Huang also heard the name, but she did not feel this woman.

The reason he remembers the name of Miyagi is that Miyagi designed a ladies backpack for the first two years. As a result, some people bought it and found that the capacity of the bag was very small. They posted on the Internet complaining that this package is not much.

After knowing this, Miyazawa posted a message directly on the Internet saying, “The bag is going out for good looks. What do you want to do with things? You have to pack things, take a plastic bag and can’t load anything?”

This remark made a hot discussion on the Internet. There are a lot of things that spray her design are not practical, and there are a lot of fans to protect her, I think her comments make sense.

The impression of Gong Wei, the Half-God and Lin Huang’s, is nothing more than that. He doesn’t even know that Lin Xin is also a fan of Gong Wei.

The two women discussed the chirp chirp twitter twitter for a while, and Suining handed over the gun moved towards Lin Xin. “This gun is the meeting that I gave to the younger sister.”

“I can’t do this!” Lin Xin quickly waved her hand. Although she likes it, she doesn’t want to win the game. After all, the other party is hard to get.

“It doesn’t matter, I am not Firearms Master. This gun is in my hands and can only be put up as a precious object. In the hands of younger sister, it will shine.”

“But…” Lin Xin still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Lin Huang.

“We can’t take things for free, or change things with things.” Lin Huang smiled and looked at Suining. “I just asked the governor, he said Miss You are a sword cultivator. Then I use a Half. -God has a sword, change the gun. It is also a kind of friendship to exchange gifts at the same price, and the gifts given each other are very practical for both parties.”

Lin Huang said, taking out a Half-God sword from the storage space.

This sword is specially selected by him. The whole body is purple, and the shape and pattern are extremely beautiful.

Even Suining couldn’t help but look at it.

“This is the purple phoenix, it is a gift from Xin’er and Miss Yan.” Lin Huang said, handing the sword to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin glanced glanced at Lin Huang and then turned the sword.

Suining was speechless. She originally thought of sending Lin Xin a gift to let her remember her own feelings. Unexpectedly, under the temptation of Lin Huang’s, it became a gift for each other.

Although she does not want this Half-God with a sword, but this is the case, and can only accept this result.

The two women quickly exchanged gifts under the witness of a group of people.

Lin Huang saw Lin Xin’s love for the new purple charm 001, and saw that Suining directly retracted the sword from the storage space and couldn’t help but slightly raise the lip.

“Let’s go to the Headquarters conference room, drink tea over there, and talk slowly.”

Guan Zhong saw that the two women had stopped, and this time they re-raised the topic and led Lin Huang to move toward the Alliance Government Headquarters office building.

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