Monster Paradise Chapter


Chapter 1450 Coming back to number one city

On the day when everyone in the Abyss of Boundaries returned to their respective forces, the news of the victory of the war quickly spread throughout the cultivation world.

There are a few False Gods who secretly recorded their videos on Emperor Heart Net. Although they were deleted by Emperor Heart, some cultivators still saw them. A small number of people quickly took the picture and spread it on different social platforms. When Emperor Heart cleaned up all the screenshots on all platforms, almost half of the cultivators who followed closely saw at least some of the screenshots.

In less than half a day, there are hundreds of versions of stories fabricated based on screenshots. But the first protagonist of almost all versions is the Human Sovereign, who returned to Dynasty half a year ago.

Because most of the videos posted on the Internet are Lin Huang and some True God battlefields.

This also led to screenshots that were later intercepted, many of which have Lin Huang’s shots.

One of the clearest screenshots is the scene where Lin Huang cut off Teng’s snake head and hung his head in front of him to read the memory.

This scene has also been interpreted by several versions of the story as Lin Huang’s action to declare his victory after slaughtering his opponent.

Fortunately, although there are many stories in various versions, and most of the details cannot withstand scrutiny, but in general, they are basically not far from the facts-everyone in the gravel world, under the leadership of Human Sovereign, defeated The intruder was removed and the crisis was lifted.

Many people who have no liking for Dynasty and Lin Huang immediately criticized these stories as untrue. It is said that these stories were compiled by the people of the Imperial Dynasty, or by the fans of the Imperial Dynasty, in order to promote the Dynasty and Lin Huang. Some people even deliberately took the rhythm, trying to provoke the conflict between the Dynasty and the Alliance Government, inciting everyone to attack the Dynasty and Lin Huang.

The Imperial Dynasty fans fought back fiercely, attacking those fans.

Suddenly, the online war of saliva raged, and in less than a day, it swept almost all social platforms commonly used by cultivators.

Even the Alliance Government and the internal forums of the Hunter Association were wiped out by mutual attacks from both sides.

But things have been fermenting all day, except for Emperor Xin’s continuous deletion of posts, the official accounts of all participating forces did not express their opinions.

The Alliance Government has not come forward to clarify for a whole day, which makes everyone begin to vaguely guess whether the rumors are true.

It is not the Alliance Government or the Hunter Association that dominates the entire battle, but the Dynasty? !

Just when winds and waves were set off on the Internet, Lin Huang took a few high-level officials of the Dynasty to the 1st District, 1A1 Stronghold – number one city in a low-key manner.

This is the headquarters of the Alliance Government.

In the Conference Hall, Lin Huang, Mr. Fu, Lin Xuan, Huang Tianfu, and Huang Tufu are all listed. Lin Huang was sitting behind the seat against the wall by two servants of knives, knives 101 and 102. The battle strength of the two has been resealed, and the battle strength of the Nine Turns False God realm is still displayed.

In the whole room, no one dares to look down upon them.

On the Alliance Government side, Alliance Government Chairman Jiang Shan, Deputy Chairman Dongfang Bai, EA Agency Director Guan Zhong, Alliance Government Committee Chairperson Zhao Lingming, Vice Chairperson Ran Ning and Qiu Xu, and Press Spokesperson Han Yao, almost all of them are at the highest level Column.

In addition to Alliance Government and Dynasty, the Hunter Association also led by Vice-President Wuxing and brought three Elders.

Lin Huang was not surprised by the appearance of the Hunter Association.

A group of people exchanged simple greetings, and Jiang Shan went straight to the topic.

“Lin Human Sovereign, everyone is here now, so let’s say what you can share first.”

Lin Huang nodded, “Let me think about where I should start…”

After a while, Lin Huang spoke again.

“The Thousand Snake Sect is a Four Stars force of Great World Divine Realm. The so-called Four Stars force is a force guarded by Peak True God, and the number of True Gods is not less than one hundred, and the number of False Gods is more than 10,000. Snake Sect, it is considered relatively strong in the Four Stars power.”

“On the gravel world, if my abnormal situation is excluded, the highest is the Two Stars force. The Thousand Snake Sect can easily slaughter thousands of Two Stars forces under normal conditions.”

“But behind such a powerful Thousand Snake Sect, there is an extremely powerful backstage. This backstage, called the Hall of the Clan, is one of the six-star forces of Divine Realm Peak.”

Hearing this, almost everyone on the scene changed their expressions drastically. They didn’t even know what the six-star power concept was, and they realized that this is a huge monster that is unmatched in the gravel world.

“Lin Human Sovereign, with your current strength, what is your chance of winning against the Shangwanzu Hall?” Dongfang Bai couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Huang glanced at Dongfang Bai, shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Don’t talk about me now, even if I am a year later, there is no chance of winning under a head-on collision.”

“The Five Stars forces above the Four Stars forces must be guarded by Heavenly God. As for the six-star forces above the Five Stars, they are guarded by Peak Heavenly God. Guardians are almost all God realm powerhouses of the Ninth Order. And the number of Heavenly God is over one hundred.”

“Temple of All Races, as Divine Realm’s top six-star power, its overall strength is almost second only to the five seven-star powers guarded by the Lord God. Divine Realm has rumors that their Palace Lord and Vice Palace Lord are both half-step Lord Gods Exceed Grade powerhouse has thousands of Heavenly God under its command, and True God countless…”

Hearing this, Jiang Shan and the others present, including Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan, looked increasingly ugly. They finally understood why Lin Huang said that even after a year, his strength would not be enough to fight the Hall of the Ten Thousand Races.

After listening to Lin Huang’s description of the power of Wanzu Hall, Jiang Shan finally couldn’t help but speak again.

“The contradiction between the Thousand Snake Sect and us, will the aloof and remote giants like Wanzu Hall interfere?”

Lin Huang looked helpless, and continued, “This is what I want to say next.”

“The reason why the Thousand Snake Sect attacked our gravel world is the order issued by His Highness Wanzu!”

As soon as Lin Huang’s words came out, the atmosphere in the entire Conference Hall dropped to a freezing point.

“Why? We are just a gravel world with incomplete rules. Why are we being targeted by Divine Realm’s six-star top power?” Mr. Fu asked this time.

“I don’t know the specific reason, and there is no specific reason in Teng Ren’s memory.” Lin Huang shook his head, “However, from Teng Ren’s memory, I understood our gravel world, every one time of cultivation era The destruction was done by the Temple of Ten Thousand Snakes from behind.”

“In other words, from at first, the contradiction between us and the Thousand Snake Sect is essentially the contradiction between us and the Wanzu Hall!”

In the Conference Hall, everyone’s hearts gradually sink to the bottom.

“Then the Thousand Snake Sect’s invasion has failed, that is to say, the Wanzu Temple will send someone to visit?” Lin Xuan turned his head and asked Lin Huang.

“Yes.” Lin Huang reluctantly nodded, “Every time the Thousand Snake Sect clears and suppresses the affiliated little world, it takes about a year, and it will not exceed a year and three months at most. Now it is already past Teng Fen’s departure. It has been two months, that is to say, one year and one month later, the Wanzu Hall will receive the news that Teng Yu and his invasion failed.”

When Lin Huang said these words, almost everyone present fell into despair.

Unlike the previous invasion of the Thousand Snake Sect, if it is really the Temple of Ten Thousand Races, even Lin Huang cannot pull strongly against a crazy tide. The fate of the gravel world can be imagined.

“Lin Huang, is there no other way?” Mr. Fu even forgot the nickname Lin Huang used to call Lin Huang as his “good disciple” and asked by his name.

“The only way I can think of is to destroy the 33 space channels in the abyss. I am not talking about sealing, but completely destroying. And it must be destroyed all of them! Although this is not A fundamental solution to the problem, but at least it can help us delay some time.”

“But the premise of this delay is that there is no specific space coordinates for our gravel world on the Wanzu Hall. In this way, it will be extremely difficult for them to re-establish the space channel.”

“But if they have our space coordinates, it doesn’t make much sense to destroy the space channel. It is estimated that it can delay a few months at most, and they will soon be able to re-establish the space channel.”

“Whether they have our space coordinates, let’s not say for the time being. The space channel that has existed for several epochs, the internal Space Rule has long been stabilized. If it could be destroyed, the predecessors would have destroyed it long ago.” Jiang Shan He let out a long sigh.

“Can you do it?” Mr. Fu asked Lin Huang with a glimmer of hope.

“I tried it, but it didn’t work.” Lin Huang shook his head, “If I could do it, I would have destroyed all these passages a long time ago, and directly cut off the path of the thousand snakes invasion.”

“I have a meeting with you this time, just to discuss whether there is any way to solve the crisis of the Hall of Races. Whether it is to destroy the space channel or some other way. Everyone brainstorms and thinks of what you think. If there is a little bit of probability, tell them all!”

In the Conference Hall, everyone fell silent and seemed to be thinking about other ways.

Suddenly, Jiang Shan’s Emperor Heart Ring shook.

He looked down a little surprised, he clearly remembered that he had turned off the communication signal before the meeting started.

But when he saw the communication number that popped up on the communication page, his face suddenly changed.

“Sorry, I have something to deal with.”

The voice fell, Jiang Shan got up and left the Conference Hall.

Closed the door of the Conference Hall and blocked the whole body with the prohibition, he clicked on the message just sent on the communication page.

After reading it, his expression became even more weird.

Turning off the communication page, Jiang Shan stood on the spot for a moment in deep thought, then turned around and reopened the door of the Conference Hall.

His gaze crossed the crowd and fell directly on Lin Huang.

“Lin Human Sovereign, there is something on my side that needs you to come with me.”

Seeing two servants of swordsmen getting ready to get up, Jiang Shan immediately added, “Others are doing a little bit in the Conference Hall. We should be back soon.”

Lin Huang pointed at the two sword servants nodded, let them sit down at ease, and then moved towards Mr. Fu nodded in his own view, and then got up and moved towards Jiang Shan alone.

(End of this chapter)

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