Monster Paradise Chapter 1322


Chapter 1322 The rules have changed!

After Blade Intent breakthrough to True Martial Realm, Lin Huang ’s hunting speed to the sword servant is much faster.

In the past five days, he averaged over an hour to complete a battle, but now it averages about two games an hour. It’s not that it can’t be faster, but it takes him about half an hour to get the opponent to take full shots in each battle so that he can better learn useful things from the opponent.

After all, the strength of all the blades set in this assessment has been greatly restricted, and even Blade Intent has been suppressed under the true meaning of Dao of the Blade. Lin Huang would really use the Blade Intent, which is now True Martial Realm, to collide with them, almost all of them are insta-kill, which can’t achieve the effect of practical exercises and learning.

Even in the state of suppressing the strength of its own Blade Intent, because the Blade Intent no longer needs to be driven by will, Lin Huang’s strength has improved a lot.

Sword servants with serial numbers other than 100 can basically settle the battle for up to twenty minutes. For serial numbers between 30 and 100, it basically only takes half an hour. As for the sword servants whose serial numbers are less than 30, basically every battle, Lin Huang needs more than an hour to end the battle.

After two days, Lin Huang encountered the strongest knife servant, the serial number is 13. The sword servant, known as the sword thirteen, only took Lin Huang’s Dao of the Blade in less than half an hour. And after Lin Huang used Dao of the Blade sincerely, he also played against Lin Huang for almost an hour with the Sixth Stage extreme Blade Intent and finally lost.

In addition to Blade XIII, Blade 18 also forced Lin Huang to use Dao of the Blade.

After playing against these two, Lin Huang also has a clear understanding of his Dao of the Blade strength.

“Without the true meaning of Dao of the Blade, my Dao of the Blade ranks about 20th in the ranks of swordsmen. It seems that there is still a lot of room for improvement …”

Lin Huang’s evaluation of himself, the previous sentence is more accurate, but the latter sentence is a bit arrogant.

This comparison is actually a bit harsh on himself.

To know, Haotian’s more than 300 knife servants are all God realm powerhouse, the true Dao of the Blade level is already the level of Dao of the Blade. Even if the Blade Intent is suppressed under the true meaning, the understanding of the knife and the experience of using the knife are not ordinary False God realm blade cultivator can reach.

Lin Huang is able to rank 20th in the same Blade Intent intensity among God Realm blade cultivator, which is quite remarkable.

After all, he has n’t even reached the False God realm yet. If, in a few years, the God Realm is achieved like these sword servants, even if Blade Intent is suppressed, he may be able to easily This group of swordsmen got first.

In the past two days, Lin Huang challenged 93 swordsmen and won 93 games in a row.

However, in addition to Lin Huang, Shen Wushuang and their competitors are also hunting swordsmen.

The most hunted is Ni Lin who has defeated the sword servant before, he defeated three sword servants.

Followed by Shen Wushuang and two others, both defeated two sword servants.

In addition to these four people, five people including Xingluo also defeated a sword servant.

But Lin Huang can probably guess that Shen Wushuang they are hunting all 200 swordsmen, and maybe even 250 swordsmen.

As more and more competitors defeat the sword servant, system’s “World” announcement uses the name “competitor”, but Lin Huang always uses “trialist” .

Almost all competitors noticed this anomaly and were convinced that Lin Huang is different from himself and the others.

Except for the few people of Death God, everyone else knows nothing about the name of the evil forest, and even many people have made a big guess about his identity.

Lin Huang is not at all concerned about this, he has been racing against the clock to grab the sword servant.

After all, other competitors have already followed the sword servant, and the hunt is successful. However, each time these people succeed in hunting, it means that they have one less goal to practice and learn.

At present, the total number of swordsmen defeated by Shen Wushuang is 14. The total number of swordsmen I defeated is 182. That is to say, there are only 104 swordsmen left. I have to hurry up and solve them more. One is one. “

” Battle King, where is the coordinate position of the next target? “Lin Huang just asked, and suddenly the ground began to tremble.

Lin Huang was slightly surprised looking towards all around, not only the small building under his feet, but all the houses in the place were shaking.


Lin Huang didn’t sense any Divine Energy fluctuations nearby, knowing that this was definitely not caused by the battle. So his first reaction was the earthquake.

But the idea in my head just showed up, and suddenly a violent spatial fluctuation came.

The next moment, Lin Huang found himself in a strange environment.

The small building underneath is still there, but when you look around, the other houses around it are not the same as before.

“What happened? We were teleported to another place together with the house?” Lin Huang had just reacted, and saw that many houses had changed their appearance one after another.

The Battle King on the side is also slightly nodded, “I’m afraid that’s the case. I sensed that the coordinates of the detected insects released in the past few days are not the same as before.”

In other words, “It’s not just us, other competitors, or even the position of the sword servant that might have been disrupted?” Lin Huang gave a bold guess.

Looking at the changes in the distant house, the dust settled, Lin Huang suddenly jumped out of a reminder box.

[The competition trial is only the last three days. In order to enhance the trial effect, the trial rules are modified as follows:]

[1. Every 24 hours, the trialist, BOSS and all competitors’ positions will randomly change one time. 】

[2.trialist and all remaining bosses, the location will be marked. Trialist coordinate positions are displayed as golden points, and all BOSS coordinate positions are displayed as red points. 】

[3. Trialist dies or quits the trial, the trial ends early. The competitor who defeats or kills the trialist will directly become the final winner of this competition trial. 】

[4. All the bosses are dead or defeated, and the trial ends early. The first trialist or competitor on Point Rankings directly becomes the final winner of this competition trial. 】

[5. When the trialist has not died or exited the trial, and the BOSS has not been defeated or died, the final settlement will be made after the ten-day trial period expires. The first trialist or competitor on Point Rankings will be the final winner of this competition trial. 】

[6. Competitors can arbitrarily form teams, hunting bosses and trialists. 】

[7. Open positioning search system, enter the name to search for the coordinate position of the competitor. The coordinates of competitors are shown as white spots. The positioning search function is limited and open. Whether it is trialist or competitors, everyone has only three times search opportunities. 】

[8. Open the active hunting authority of BOSS. All BOSS are no longer stationed in the building, but mobile hunting. BOSS will automatically treat the trialist and all competitors as hunting objects, and will hunt down the trialist and competitors until the opponent dies or quits the trial. BOSS is prohibited from attacking each other, and it is also possible to join forces to hunt. 】


(End of this chapter)

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