Monster Paradise Chapter 1447


Chapter 1447 New Monster Cards

Teng Yan shrunk his body, his wings oscillated one after another, his body constantly shuttled in the air, dodge the Bloody thunder light from all around.

In the original state, he is more comfortable with the power of rules.

You can even barely use the superimposed Element Mysteries to affect the attack trajectory of Lin Huang Intent Energy’s flying knives, but the impact is very slight.

But even so, the strength gap between him and Lin Huang’s is still too large, and he is still completely crushed.

Lin Huang didn’t panic at all, still maintaining the original fighting rhythm. The number of rules superimposed on the Intent Energy flying knife remains unchanged, but the red glow flying out from the cuff is increasing.

At first there were only four thousand Intent Energy flying knives, but it quickly increased to five thousand, six thousand…

A flying knife from Intent Energy was turned into a red lightning glow, and numerous threads were drawn in the void, just like the Heavenly Net moved towards Teng Yu.

In contrast, Teng Yan is like a small fly traveling wildly in a world full of cobwebs.

When the number of Intent Energy’s flying knives increased to 10,000, a blood glow pulled out of the flying knives was like a bloody bloody thunder waterfall moved towards Teng Anaconda.

At the same time, the Heavenly Net ground net woven by Lin Huang has also taken shape, completely sealing all the way out for Teng An and trapping it in a spherical space.

In this scene, everyone in the Thousand Snake Sect was anxious, and seeing Teng Yan completely besieged in the end, almost everyone fell into despair.

This time trapped is the source of Teng Yan. He can’t use the second time Divine Ability. Moreover, the source body is dead, it is really dead, and there is no possibility of resurrection.

In the void, the entire Bloody spherical space composed of Intent Energy flying knives is shrinking, shrinking Teng’s moving space.

Teng Yan has been flying along the spherical boundary Extreme Speed, trying to find a breakthrough point, but he has never found anything.

Seeing that the space of the sphere surrounded by Intent Energy’s flying knives was getting smaller and smaller, Teng Yan suddenly accelerated and rushed towards one of them. Just when Lin Huang was a little surprised, his figure suddenly shrank suddenly, almost instantly turning into the size of a mosquito, with a golden long spear suspended in front of him, moving towards the gap between the two throwing knives and rushed past.

A shot superimposed by the rules of the Eleven layers Control level strikes out without reservation, and the tip of the gun turns into a bit of bright gold glow and points to the energy node in the middle of the two throwing knives with the momentum of thunder.

In the next second, the gold glow transmitted from the Bloody thunder sphere, tearing a crack in the Bloody thunder sphere formed by thousands of Intent Energy flying knives.

“Huh?!” Seeing this scene, Lin Huang couldn’t help being astonished. The opponent’s Danger Land surviving blow actually won him a glimmer of survival. But it was only a moment of surprise, Lin Huang’s lips pulled up with a smile again.

Teng Yan did not wait to expand the results, his body shape rushed out of Extreme Speed, in a flash drilled out of the crack.

Just as he was about to continue to escape, he found that there was already a silhouette standing in front of him.

He fixed his eyes, and a chill suddenly appeared all over his body. It was Lin Huang himself who blocked his way.

I don’t know when Lin Huang appeared here.

The horror only lasted for a moment, and Teng Yan suddenly realized that Lin Huang was right in front of him. At this moment, he had the illusion that he could come back again.

“This guy is a teacher, and he is only good at mid-to-long range attacks. Close combat is definitely a weakness, but close combat is my strength. As long as I can eliminate the threat of Intent Energy’s flying knife, this guy is not afraid!”

Thinking of this, Teng Yan’s courage returned.

His body shape instantly returned to normal size, with a golden long spear hanging in front of him, moved towards Lin Huang and pounced away.

On top of the golden long spear, the power of rules is instantly superimposed.

In this attack, he is no longer just superimposing Rule Power at the Eleven layers Control level, but superimposing all the 67 rules he has mastered.

He rushed in front of Lin Huang in a flash, and the long spear smashed out of Lin Huang less than one meter away, and almost every inch of time and space disintegrated where the gun tip passed.

Seeing that Lin Huang was always expressionless, he thought it was just because the distance was too close, and the speed of his own strike was too fast, Lin Huang had no time to control the Intent Energy flying knife attack.

But at the moment this spear handed it out, he suddenly saw Lin Huang in his hand and wondered when an extra Bloody handle appeared.

“Where is the blade body?” When Teng Yan felt this doubt in his heart, he suddenly felt a coolness coming from his neck.

When he looked towards Lin Huang’s again, he found that it was a long and narrow silver blade with a touch of golden red on the blade, dripping with the tip of the blade…

“I don’t know who gave you the courage to play melee.” The war-blade in Lin Huang’s hand gradually dissipated, and the eyes looking towards Teng Yan were slightly compassionate.

This is also the last word Teng An heard before his consciousness disappeared.

The head of the grand python snake slowly slipped down, and the headless corpse also fell to the ground following the moved towards the ground.

Lin Huang two strands of Intent Energy thread stick out in the air, and the headless body is taken back into the storage space, but the head is hung in front of Lin Huang by Intent Energy thread, parallel to his head.

Looking at the two blue diamond-like eyes on grand python’s head, Lin Huang’s pupils instantly turned into a dark blue, like a starry sky.

The “brain reading” of the Control-level gods instantly started work.

Brain reading is the most suitable way to interpret the brain that has not completely died but has lost the sense of self-protection.

This is why Lin Huang does not need to keep Teng Anaconda alive.

Different from Peeping Mind’s exploration at the Spirit Soul level, for the material world, time only passes by a moment, but brain reading takes a certain amount of time.

Lin Huang waited for the brain reading progress bar to slowly rise, while looking towards the prompt box that Little Black had just sent.

[congratulations to the host, get complete Monster Cards Teng Mang (pseudo super god)]

“I got a complete Monster Cards?!” Lin Huang was a little surprised, and immediately took out the card to check it out.

[Monster Card: Teng Yu]

【Rarity :超神(Pseudo) 】

【Monster Name: Teng Mang】

[Monster Species: Different Snake Species/Wing Snake Clan]

[bloodline: Teng Snake (not awakened)]

[Combat Rating: Sixth Sequence True God (Ninth Sequence True God)]

[Major direction: Dao of the Spear, Wind Element Element Mysteries, Water Element Element Mysteries]

[Major skills: Divine Spear, Divine Wind violent…]

[Support Skill: Magic Sea…]

【Dao of the Spear :真Intent Realm 】

[The Rule of God: Feng Rui…]

[Element Mysteries: storm, raging sea…]

[Summoning permission: enabled]

[Card Evaluation: worth training! 】

[Note: The training direction is recommended to start with the purification of the wild animal bloodline. 】

Seeing that there are hundreds of skills on Teng An’s skill tree, and even the rule power page is densely packed, Lin Huang feels that he has earned this card.

Little Black even helped to comment on the training direction suggestion, obviously very optimistic about the card of Teng Yan.

“If the wild beast really has the strength of the sixth-order Holy Spirit level as the stone tablet said, then the Teng Anaconda card really needs to be trained!”

Lin Huang has already begun to plan silently in his heart how to train Teng Yan, a new beast…

(End of this chapter)

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