Monster Paradise Chapter 1448

“Temple of Ten Thousand Races-Zos…”

According to Teng Yan’s memory, Tenghui’s impression of the high-level man in the Wanzu Hall is only the name “Zoth”, and everything else is unknown.

Because that high-level person always wears a large black-robed, hiding everything under the black-robed.

However, Tenghui has a vague guess about the identity of that person, and it is very likely that he is one of the founders of Wanzudian.

“Why would a six-star force that is likely to have a half-step Lord God behind it would be interested in our little gravel world?”

With this doubt, Lin Huang continued to dig deep into Teng’s memory.

After more than ten minutes of searching, I finally found the suspected answer to this question.

Although Tenghui did not have the guts to explore the truth, Teng An’s grandfather became curious about this issue and secretly investigated it for many years.

Finally, based on various investigation results, it is speculated that Little World No. 4815162342 is very likely to be a god, and even the core of Divine Realm World left after the fall of the main god. And this deity or half-step main god may have had a hostile relationship with the Temple of Ten Thousand Races, or had private enmity with that black-robed high-level.

Destroy the cultivator of this little world over and over again, but neither destroys the whole world nor slaughter all living creatures. The purpose is to let the descendants of the enemy establish hope one time, and watch the hope collapse one time.

According to the clues left by his grandfather, Teng Yan also investigated, but did not make much progress, so he gave up. However, he is similar to his grandfather’s guess.

Because with the strength of Wanzu Hall, or the strength of the black-robed high-level, to destroy a little world or a gravel world, it is simply a flip, and there is no need to toss it.

Lin Huang didn’t expect, the final answer would be this.

It may be just a personal grievance, which has caused the destruction of one time and one time of the cultivation era of the gravel world million years.

For this result, Lin Huang found it difficult to accept psychologically.

“Perhaps the real truth is only known by Zos of Wanzu Hall.” Lin Huang has already made up his mind, and one day must ask Zos the real reason.

The question that Lin Huang wants to know the most is that Lin Huang didn’t get an exact answer, so he had no choice but to give up and not go into it. Instead, they seek answers to other secondary questions.

It took another ten minutes to confirm that the information previously received from Teng Qing was correct. The Thousand Snake Sect is indeed the False God True God all coming, and there is still more than a year before the news is reported back to the Wanzu Hall. Lin Huang only feels a little relieved.

“In this case, you can now close the net directly.” After confirming that there was no fish that escaped the net, Lin Huang felt that the war was almost over.

Slightly reduced his mind, he glanced across the three True God battlefields.

In the next instant, the tens of thousands of Intent Energy that originally besieged Teng Yan turned into one after another Bloody thunder light and moved towards three directions with electric shots, and the targets were directed at three True God battlefields.

I saw Bloody lightning instantly enveloped half of the sky.

Moments later, the real God realm invaders on the three battlefields were penetrated by the Bloody thunder light one by one, and their vitality disappeared instantly.

No matter it is the first sequence or the ninth sequence, they are killed by one blow without exception.

There is no other reason. Lin Huang’s every Intent Energy flying knife maintains the blessing state of the Control level rule power of the eleven layers. The power of every blow is almost equivalent to Teng An’s full strength attack, even stronger.

Under the attack of this intensity, there’s no resistance to the many True Gods of the Thousand Snake Sect, as well as the Undying Species and Undead Species from the Netherworld.

Let alone resist, it is too late to even dodge.

Even in the eyes of True God in the ninth sequence, the speed of the flying knife is faster than the speed of their Divine Intent perception, and even beyond the limit of naked eye.

In the void, True God corpses fell to the ground.

Seeing the gravel world, everyone was stunned, and the invaders were desperate.

When Lin Huang’s many sword servants and imperial beasts saw this, they immediately turned and plunged into the False God battlefield.

Their joining immediately broke the original deadlock.

The invading False Gods fell in batches in desperate wailing…

And Lin Huang was not idle, he summoned five incomparable gigantic Titans Giant Insect, moved towards False God and trampled on the battlefield…

(End of this chapter)

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