Monster Paradise Chapter 1449


Chapter 1449 The Secret of Lin Xuan

With the addition of True Gods such as Daobu and summoned beast, the battlefield of the False God realm has become a slaughter.

In less than ten minutes, all the intruders of the False God realm were all wiped out, and no one survived.

At this time, Lin Huang had already included all the spoils of war and monster corpses on the True God battlefield into the storage space.

On the battlefield of False God, the Hunter Association, Dynasty and other forces, like the insect race, are quickly clearing spoils of war.

Alliance Government Chairman Dongfang Bai, then moved towards Lin Huang came over.

Today, his look towards Lin Huang’s is completely different.

Previously, he regarded Lin Huang as a peer, mainly because Lin Huang was the Imperial Dynasty Human Sovereign. After this battle, after seeing Lin Huang’s true strength, Dongfang Bai became completely in awe of Lin Huang.

Everyone present knows that if Lin Huang was not present in this invasion, with the reinforcements he invited and his summoned beast, I am afraid that the gravel world would have been penetrated by this group of Great World invaders.

“Lord Human Sovereign, I thank you on behalf of the Alliance Government!” Dongfang’s first sentence from white was his heartfelt thanks.

“You are welcome, Dongfang Chairman, the gravel world is also my hometown.” Lin Huang also felt the change in Dongfang Bai’s attitude and was slightly nodded at him.

“What is the origin of these intruders?” Dongfang Bai asked, because he saw Lin Huang’s head and read the memory after he killed Teng Yan.

“They are from Divine Realm, a top Four Stars power called Qian Snake Sect.” Lin Huang briefly explained.

“We killed so many of them, will there be trouble in the future?” Dongfang Bai brows slightly wrinkle asked, he was a little worried about this.

“It will be a little troublesome.” Lin Huang nodded, “The specific situation, I will go to the Alliance Government in a few days, when the time comes, let me elaborate. Dongfang Chairman, please help me make an appointment with Jiang Chairman. It’s best if all the leaders of the Alliance Government are there.”

“Okay! What else can I help you do?” Dongfang Bai quickly nodded.

The two chatted for a while, and the False God battlefield was finally cleared.

The top executives of Great Influence all came over to greet Lin Huang one after another. After all, Lin Huang has already established the name of the most powerful house in the gravel world, and there is also the giant power of Dynasty under his command.

The imperial Dynasty’s limelight, after this battle, has faintly overshadowed the Alliance Government.

Heresy Presiding Judge After Sun Zhuo greeted Lin Huang, he led all his staff and left the Third Layer of the Abyss.

When returning to the Second Layer of the Abyss, Cao Ya finally couldn’t help but speak.

“I feel more and more that Xia Yu that girl didn’t catch Lin Huang back to us, Heresy, it was a huge mistake!”

“Yes, if Lin Huang were our Heresy Presiding Judge, it would not be the Dynasty that is the big show now, but our Heresy!” Zhou Tong’s little finger was inserted in his nostril, and he responded muffled.

“Hey, you guys have enough. Have you said such things in front of me now?” Sun Zhuo was full of black lines.

“If Lin Huang is the Presiding Judge, I think we can move the headquarters into that insect nest. With millions of False God realm insect beast guards, I think it’s crazy! And wherever you want to go, you can go directly. Let the insect nest fly over, everyone looks envious everywhere.” Zhou Tong ignored Sun Zhuo and continued YY.

“I think that white-haired Yu Beast is so handsome. I want to move my desk to the opposite side of him. I will let me stay in the office every day!” After Cao Ya finished speaking, she suddenly turned her head and looked towards Sun Zhuo.” I think you should have an operation and get married. Then give Heresy as a dowry to Lin Huang…”

“get lost!” Suddenly Sun Zhuo had an urge to resign from the position of Presiding Judge.


The Third Layer of the Abyss of Boundaries, as everyone from the Alliance Government left, all Great Influences left after they greeted Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took back the insect nest and all the beasts, and after the people of Sea of ​​Bitterness left, they also returned to the city of Human Sovereign with the people of the Dynasty.

Wu Mo temporarily returned to the floating mainland.

Lin Xuan followed Lin Huang and returned to Human Sovereign City.

Let Huang Tianfu settle down for Lin Xuan, Lin Huang pulled Mr. Fu again, and the senior officials of Dynasty and Sea of ​​Bitterness held a short video conference.

I talked about the Thousand Snake Sect and the Wanzu Temple, and also informed everyone of the possible crisis in a year’s time.

The people who had just been relaxed for less than half an hour heard the message from Wanzu Hall, and suddenly the pressure doubled again.

After the meeting, Lin Huang immediately approached Lin Xuan.

Because of the war in the Abyss, he had a lot of questions he wanted to ask but he didn’t ask, this will finally have time.

“I always thought that the one who cloned you was the Lab Laboratory or the Bell Workroom. Didn’t expect it was the Alliance Government.”

“Alliance Government obtained genetic technology from an ancient site more than three hundred years ago, and established a genetic laboratory in the second year after the exploration of that site was completed. Later, it has obtained relevant information from several sites. The biotechnology of China has cultivated a large number of biological researchers. Until more than a hundred years ago, they obtained cloning technology from a near ancient site. After that, the focus of the entire laboratory’s work was invested in this direction.”

“Over the past 100 years, they have conducted many cloning experiments in secret. It was not until 11 years ago that the technology was initially mature and the cultivator was successfully cloned. Eight years ago, they began to take samples of Half-God Grade. Do cloning experiments, including the remains of Mo Kui. I am one of the clones…”

“This kind of laboratory generally has a very high level of security, not even inferior to the Alliance Government headquarters. How did you escape?” This is what makes Lin Huang most puzzled.

“I always thought I had escaped before, and then I returned to the place of origin, only to know that I was sent out.”

“The reason is that the laboratory found that all clones do not have the ability to advance a step to kill monsters. Our bodies cannot fuse Life Seed, let alone Life Fire Fire Seed, and become Exceeding Mortal. Hundreds of people. The staff member of the laboratory has spent several years unable to solve this problem.”

“So someone in the laboratory proposed to put clones in various places in the gravel world to conduct differentiated social observation experiments. Let the clones develop freely, and whether it is possible to find a way to promote.”

“Four years ago, they selected a hundred clones like me and put them in various places in the gravel world for social observation experiments.”

“Most of these one hundred clones have been adopted. But most of them have entered ordinary families and have not become cultivators. Only a few people, including me, have come into contact with Life Energy, a cultivator But except for me, their Life Energy within the body quickly collapsed within a year, and they could not assimilate Life Energy two times.”

“I also learned later that if you hadn’t taught me Soldiers Attack Tactics, I wouldn’t be able to embark on the path of cultivation. There is only one way of cultivation for human cloning, which is the one when you have to learn to clone the mother body and enter the path of cultivation. exercise, to normal cultivation.”

“My ontology, Mo Kui, was originally the path of cultivation Soldiers Attack Tactics embarked on, and what you taught me happened to be Soldiers Attack Tactics. So I became the only cultivator among a hundred people.”

“However, although the Alliance Government has been observing me, it also knows that you have injected me with Life Energy and made me assimilated into a White-Silver cultivator. However, due to the short time I have been in contact with Soldiers Attack Tactics, the battle strength has never been Upgrade to Yellow-Gold realm, leading them to think that the ancient exercise of cultivation has no effect. So they have not bothered me.”

“Later, Mr. Fu left behind Mo Kui’s God Blood, which gave me a lot of memories of Mo Kui. At that time, I didn’t know that I was a clone. I thought I was Mo Kui. Rebirth for this reason.”

“Due to incomplete memory and too many unanswered questions, I desperately wanted to find the truth, so I left you…”

“After I got Mo Kui’s God Blood, after leaving you, I was out of the sight of the Alliance Government. My battle strength everyday all is improving, and my strength is getting stronger. I have been silently investigating myself. The mystery of his life experience.”

“It took only half a year and I was promoted to False God realm. After another half a year, I was promoted to Level 3 False God, and finally found the genetic laboratory of the Alliance Government.”

“There, I fought a battle with the False God who was sitting in town. After winning, I learned the truth from the mouths of researchers.”

“After that, the Alliance Government contacted me many times and negotiated with me. In the end, Jiang Shan personally came forward to inform me of the crisis in the gravel world, and exchanged certain terms to persuade me to cooperate with the subsequent cloning experiment.”

“The batches of False God realm clones on the battlefield were all nurtured by the information and physical data I provided…”

After listening to Lin Xuan’s experience over the past few years, Lin Huang remained silent for a long time, and put his hand on Lin Xuan’s shoulder, “Thanks for your hard work these years.”

“What do you plan to do next?” Lin Huang asked again.

“I don’t know. After solving the mystery of my life experience, I don’t have any goals.” Lin Xuan shook his head and smiled bitterly. “If you must say something, then it might be promotion to True God.”

“Otherwise, you can go to the Great World with us.” Lin Huang suggested, “With your current nine-turn False God realm battle strength, you can only go to the Great World if you want to improve.”

“Xin’er is also the False God of Nine Turns, and there is no need to stay in the gravel world. Our family can be reunited in the Great World.” Lin Huang continued, “The teacher will also leave together, your mind There are also a lot of memories about him, right?”

“Teacher…” Lin Xuan fell silent after hearing this. He naturally had memories of Mr. Fu. Mo Kui was picked up and raised by Mr. Fu since he was a child. Mr. Fu is like a master as a father to Mo Kui.

Lin Xuan emphasized that he was Lin Xuan when he met with Mr. Fu in the Abyss of Divide. The main reason was that he did not know how to face Mr. Fu. After all, he was not Mo Kui himself. But Mo Kui’s memories are like Lin Xuan’s personal experience, making him still feel like a master to Mr. Fu’s.

“Don’t think too much, let’s go with the flow.” Lin Huang also saw Lin Xuan’s contradiction. But he also knows that Mr. Fu has no children. It is no exaggeration to raise Mo Kui as a son. He saw Lin Xuan who was exactly the same in appearance and temperament, and he would inevitably think of Mo Kui.

The relationship between the two will indeed be embarrassing.

“I may still need to stay in the gravel world for a month or two, and then I will take Xin’er them to the Great World.” Lin Huang continued, “Don’t be entangled, let’s go together, anyway, sooner or later you I want to go to the Great World too.”

“Well then.” Lin Xuan finally agreed.

After all, he has nothing else to worry about in the gravel world. The only one who is fettered is Lin Huang siblings.

(End of this chapter)

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