Monster Paradise Chapter 1451


Chapter 1451 Dialogue with Emperor Heart

Leaving the Conference Hall, the two walked some distance along the corridor one after the other. Lin Huang then asked, “What the hell is it, can I say it now?”

“Emperor Heart wants to see you.”

Jiang Shan stopped and blocked his surroundings with restrictions, before turning around and looking towards Lin Huang.

“Emperor Heart?” Lin Huang didn’t expect the answer would be like this, but he was also a little surprised, “Is it autonomous?”

He raised this question because, apart from Gold Finger, he has not seen any divine tool or rule divine tool with autonomous consciousness. Even if it is a god of order like a thousand faces, it only has a weak consciousness and does not have the ability to think independently.

“It has always had a sense of autonomy.” Jiang Shan nodded gave an affirmative answer, but these words seem to have profound meaning.

Lin Huang fell into silence. He also figured out a few messages from this sentence.

1. Emperor Heart is not a product of New Era, it may come from a certain site or ruins.

2. The emperor’s heart has a sense of autonomy when it is discovered at first.

3. Emperor Xin has the ability to communicate with humans, and it should have reached a certain cooperative relationship with the Alliance Government.

Summarizing such a few pieces of information, Lin Huang’s first reaction in his mind is artificial intelligence.

Before Lin Huang crossed over, artificial intelligence was also one of the development directions of technology. Many technology giants have established specialized departments and developed many derivative products. Such as drones, sweeping robots, smart translators, etc.

However, the development of Earth’s artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, and it is far from strong artificial intelligence.

However, Lin Huang vaguely felt that Emperor Xin might be a strong artificial intelligence.

Otherwise, it is unlikely that by the strength of oneself the Emperor Heart Net will be built all over the gravel world. You must know that this world has no programmers.

In an instant, Lin Huang had a lot of thoughts in his mind, but only one sentence was the last thing he said.

“Why does it want to see me?”

“I don’t know.”

Jiang Shan was telling the truth, and he didn’t know why Emperor Xin suddenly wanted to see Lin Huang. When he just received the news from Emperor Xin, he was no less surprised than Lin Huang.

Lin Huang also noticed that he did not lie at all, slightly nodded, and did not continue to question.

The blocking prohibition was removed, Jiang Shan summoned out of the transmission great door, and Lin Huang followed him into it.

Lin Huang is not worried about Jiang Shan designing himself. With his current strength, there is really nothing that can threaten him in this gravel world. Whether it is people, monsters, battlefields, or weapons and equipment.

However, he is still wary of Emperor Xin.

If it is artificial intelligence, it may hold weapons beyond this gravel world. If it is Gold Finger, it is more likely to hold the unknown power of terrifying.

During thoughts, the transmission great door opened.

Lin Huang converged his thoughts, followed Jiang Shan, and stepped out of the Transmission Gate.

Lin Huang is no stranger to this underground cave in front of me.

Guan Zhong brought him here when he unlocked the Emperor Heart Ring two years ago.

The giant sphere is still suspended in the sky. The entire sphere looks like it is constructed from the roots of countless trees, layered on top of each other, but there are round holes each and everyone on the surface. It looks a bit like an incomparable gigantic honeycomb.

Just when Lin Huang didn’t know what to do and so on next, a deep voice sounded, sounding like a middle-aged man.

“Jiang Shan, I want to be alone with Lin Huang for a while.”

The sound is transmitted from the inside of the ball.

Jiang Shan moved towards the ball and nodded slightly, then turned to Lin Huang and said, “Then I will leave first.”

When the voice fell, he turned around and pushed open the transmission great door again and stepped into it. After a while, the transmission great door closed and gradually faded away.

Seeing Jiang Shan leave, Lin Huang slightly raised his vigilance and looked towards the sphere in the sky with scorching eyes.

At this moment, the sphere suspended in the air suddenly squirmed quickly. The structure of the roots resembling plant roots is like the tentacles of living creatures, and quickly condensed into a human head . His face is full of facial features, not only the hair is thick, but he also has a big beard on the temples.

Seeing this scene, Lin Huang was obviously taken aback, but soon recovered his composure.

“Hello, Lin Huang, I am Emperor Xin.”

The bearded head was the first to say hello.

“Hello.” Lin Huang responded quickly.

“You don’t need to be nervous, I am not malicious.” The beard seemed to see Lin Huang’s vigilance, “Although you and I are the first time to officially meet today, I actually knew you very early and have been Follow you silently.”

Hearing this, Lin Huang still did not relax his vigilance, “You said it early, how early was it?”

“The first day you crossed over.” With a faint smile on Di Xin’s face, it seemed that Lin Huang would not guess the answer.

Hearing this answer, Lin Huang’s uncontrollable complexion slightly changed. He did not expect that he had entered the sight of Emperor Heart so early.

“On June 6th five years ago, the exact time was 8:08 in the morning.” Di Xin said a more precise time.

Lin Huang’s heart jumped when he heard it. Of course, he clearly remembered the specific time he had traveled over, and it was exactly what Emperor Xin said.

“The reason I know so clearly is because the Emperor Heart Ring you wear on your hand was abnormal for an instant at that moment. Your life fluctuation disappeared for an instant, although it recovered in the next instant It was normal, but I still caught it. I know that at the moment Lin Huang’s body died, you passed through.”

“You know the existence of transmigrator… so you are Gold Finger?!” Lin Huang now confirms the identity of Emperor Xin.

“That’s right.” Emperor Xin readily admitted.

“Who is your host?” Lin Huang asked again.

“My host has fallen a long time ago.” Di Xin’s answer was not beyond Lin Huang’s expectations.

“I am asking about the current host. Without a host, how do you function as Gold Finger?”

“If it only performs part of the function, it doesn’t have to be a host, but a temporary boarding body is fine.” Di Xin explained, “Do you remember the ladder tree? That is my current boarding body.”

“Ladder tree?!” Lin Huang certainly remembers the ladder tree in the Enchanted Alliance. It was the largest tree he had seen in his life. “But isn’t that a virtual thing on the Internet?”

“Why can’t virtual things act as a host?” Emperor Xin asked, “The essence of consciousness is information. The network world can store information, why can’t it store consciousness?”

“Okay.” Lin Huang admitted that the other party made sense. The other party has the ability to informationize their own consciousness, so hiding the ontology in the network world is not impossible.

“I think we should get to the point directly. What are you looking for with me this time?” Lin Huang changed the subject directly.

“There are mainly two things. One is about Wanzu Hall. The other is related to my host.”

(End of this chapter)

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