Monster Paradise Chapter 1469


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It’s already late December, and Overlooking Winter City has long turned into a piece of snow, White’s world, just as it was four years ago.

Lin Huang siblings was looking at the falling snow in the sky with emotion. At this moment, the door of the villa was suddenly opened.

The one standing at the door is impressively Lin Xuan.

“I thought you would be here two days late, and I plan to clean up today, and tomorrow I will buy something for the holidays and decorate the house.” Lin Xuan smiled kindly.

“You came so fast, we were delayed for less than ten minutes, and we immediately sent it over.” Lin Huang said as he moved towards Lin Xuan came.

“I used the Transmission Gate to locate here before, and there is nothing else to do anyway. I hung up the call and greeted Huang Tianfu and came straight over.” Lin Xuan explained with a smile.

At this time, Lin Xin walked up to Lin Xuan and looked up towards Lin Xuan who was more than half a head taller than himself, “Little Xuan…how does it feel so strange now?”

“Otherwise, call it Daxuan from now on.” Lin Huang on the side suggested.

Lin Xuan was speechless, but did not refute. After all, he looks like he is 5 or 6 years older than Lin Huang, and Lin Xin calls Little Xuan again, he feels awkward.

“Daxuan is indeed more fluent. After that, I will change my name to Daxuan.” Lin Xin finished, and said quickly, “Although the title has changed, Daxuan, don’t forget that I am your sister! “

Although the awkward name has been changed, Lin Xin is firmly unwilling to give up his identity as Elder Sister.

Lin Xuan looked helpless, but did not refute.

“Okay, hurry up and tidy up the house.” Lin Huang quickly spoke to relieve Lin Xuan’s embarrassment.

After all, I haven’t seen him in four years, and Lin Xuan has experienced a lot in the past four years, and he has also awakened Mo Kui’s memory. It is indeed a bit difficult for him to integrate into this family so quickly.

Lin Huang is more willing to give Lin Xuan some time to let him adapt slowly.

Led by Lin Huang’s, the three of them quickly started the cleaning.

It took one morning and the three people cleaned the entire house inside and out.

“The sheets and quilts in the cabinet have been in the cabinet for several years, so just replace them with new ones. There are also toiletries in the bathroom, which have long expired. Everything in the refrigerator can be thrown away…” Lin Huang said While recording what to buy, “Look at what else you want to change.”

Lin Xin and Lin Xuan mentioned a few more things, and Lin Huang recorded them all and made a list.

The three went out for lunch and went straight to the supermarket, purchased the item one by one on the list, and rearranged the house. There was a festive atmosphere in the originally deserted house.

In the next few days, the three of them didn’t go out much.

Lin Huang spends most of his time cultivation “Wu Jian”, increasing the number of Intent Energy threads.

Lin Xin pulled Lin Xuan to practice actual combat. Of course, the practice venue is not in Overlooking Winter City. With a nine-turn False God realm and a first-sequence True God, they can easily destroy the entire Overlooking Winter City with only the aftermath of the battle. The actual battlefields of the two are in the Divine Realm of Lin Xuan.

Time flickered, and more than a week passed quickly.

Lin Huang’s Intent Energy added more than 20,000 threads, bringing the total to about 250,000 threads.

Lin Xin’s actual combat level, under the high-intensity combat practice, has also improved to a higher level than before.

She is almost no weaker than Mr. Fu before the retreat.

As the Yuanchen Festival approaches on January 1st, Lin Huang finally stopped the continuous cultivation, and Lin Xin and Lin Xuan also stopped the actual combat training.

Yuan Chen Festival is actually New Era’s New Year, but everyone is used to the New Year’s Pass, so the emphasis is a little bit weaker than the New Year’s Pass.

But at this time, it was nearly two months before the New Year’s Eve. Lin Huang didn’t plan to stay in the gravel world any more, so he chose Yuanchen Festival for the New Year.

On the first night of Yuanchen Festival, Lin Huang took the two of them to make dumplings.

Although there is a dumpling restaurant in the gravel world, it is still the first time for Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to carry it by myself. Both of them studied very seriously and were full of interest.

The three people also had a very simple dinner, one bowl of dumplings per person, and they didn’t eat much. The rest was not cooked, all put in the freezer layer of the refrigerator.

At night, there was heavy snow again outside the window.

Lin Huang and the three people sitting around the fireplace, chatting happily about the interesting experiences of the past few years, until the wee hours of the morning, New Era celebrated the arrival of a new year.

Hearing the melodious New Year’s Eve bell ringing, the three of them stopped talking and almost turned their heads and looked towards outside the window. At this moment, not far away, countless fireworks lifted into the sky one after another, bursting with brilliant brilliance in the sky.

Overlooking Winter City, which is more than twenty degrees below zero, is very lively in this early morning.

On the commercial street not far from Lin Huang’s community, people are still coming, people going, and many people are standing still watching the fireworks.

In the room, it was very quiet at the moment.

Fireplace Flicker, the warm yellow light illuminates the faces of the three Lin Huang.

The three of them didn’t speak any more, but quietly watched the fireworks outside the window rise into the sky one by one, blooming into bright flowers in the sky.

The display of fireworks lasted more than half an hour before finally stopping, and Lin Huang and the three people looked back.

“Four years ago, similar fireworks were also let off at that year.” Lin Huang broke the silence first.

“Yes, I remember very clearly. Just like now, there is a fireplace in our house…” Lin Xuan nodded with a smile.

“I remember differently. At that time, Da Xuan and I ran to the window and watched the fireworks. Then it suddenly started to snow outside, so we went outside to have a snowball fight.” Lin Xin said with a smile , “When I come back from the snowball fight, the fireworks are over.”

Lin Xuan laughed a little bit, of course he remembered these too, but he was not as embarrassed to mention it again.

The three chatted for a while, Lin Xuan suddenly asked Lin Huang, “When the Yuanchen Festival is over, when are you going to the Great World?”

Hearing this question, Lin Xin also pricked his ears.

“Stay one more day, on the 3rd, we will return to Human Sovereign City. I will arrange the rest and we can go.” Lin Huang obviously has a clear schedule.

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