Monster Paradise Chapter 1471


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Huang Wuji, the first prince of the dynasty, one of the five young emperors.

He and Chan Dou are almost the talented evildoers with the strongest talent potential in the entire gravel world except Lin Huang, and were even considered by the dynasty to be the most likely to inherit the position of Human Sovereign.

Now, he is promoted to False God realm just like Chan Dou.

Regardless of Talent potential or Combat Rating, they all fully meet the criteria Lin Huang wants to recruit.

Hearing Huang Wuji’s remark, the expressions on many people’s faces became a little weird.

The former first prince, even if he can’t sit on the position of Human Sovereign, will definitely be Huang Tianfu’s heir in the future. It will be a matter of time before the entire dynasty is in power.

Many people believe that Huang Wuji is the one who looks forward to seeing Lin Huang leave the gravel world, because once Lin Huang leaves, he will become the first training object in the entire Imperial Dynasty.

Most people will not think that he will give up everything he can get in Dynasty and go to the Great World with Lin Huang.

Even Lin Huang was a little surprised by his decision.

“Are you sure you want to go to the Great World with me?” Lin Huang asked after a moment of silence. As a Human Sovereign, he had already discussed future development plans with Huang Tianfu. He knew better than anyone how much attention and cultivation Huang Wuji would receive from the dynasty after he left.

“There may be some things I didn’t say clearly. If you want to join my power, you have to think about it first. Because the power is in the initial stage of establishment, most of the resources need to be obtained by yourself.” Lin Huang glanced over The crowd circled around, and then continued at Huang Wuji, “With your Talent aptitude, staying in the Dynasty will get the best resource training. Follow me, there is no resource and privilege tilt.”

“I understand.” Huang Wuji did not hesitate, “I never pursue privilege, I only pursue strength.”

“I also know very well what kind of training I will get when I stay in the dynasty. If I stay in the gravel world, maybe in the short term my battle strength will increase more than I went to the Great World, but in the long run, I will go to the Great World. It is the more suitable choice for me. Because only in the Great World, I will face more and stronger challenges, and in one time, I can really become stronger, not just the battle strength.”

“I want a bigger stage, and I hope Master Human Sovereign can give me this opportunity!” Huang Wuji’s eyes were burning, and he was obviously already determined to leave the gravel world.

Lin Huang stared at him for a long while, and saw that he was determined, and then nodded, “Since you insist on this, then go with us.”

Seeing that Huang Wuji successfully joined Lin Huang’s forces, everyone in the room couldn’t help but begin to stir.

Huang Tufu was the first to stand up, “Master Human Sovereign, I…I also want to go to the Great World with you!”

As soon as he spoke, he secretly glanced at Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan next to him.

There are no waves in the south of Huangwu, but Huang Tianfu’s face suddenly becomes hard to look.

“Don’t make trouble, you guys, I will keep my seat. When you reach the False God realm on the ninth turn, and the successor is selected, you can join at any time if you want to join.” Lin Huang glanced over Huang Tianfu. Huang Wunan and Huang Tufu three people.

The reason why Huang Tufu is rejected is because their three people are the spine of the dynasty to maintain normal operation. The absence of any one will cause the dynasty to fail to operate normally for at least a period of time. Moreover, the status of their three people in the Imperial Dynasty cannot be easily replaced by others.

This is why, Lin Huang put forward two conditions for them, one is to reach the False God realm of 9th rank in battle strength, and the other is to train suitable successors.

“Okay.” Huang Tufu seemed to have expected this result a long time ago, laughed and said, “I was thinking about stealing a lazy and picking up a child directly, didn’t expect it was seen by Master Human Sovereign that my careful thinking. “

“The reason why I agreed to take Huang Wuji away is because his departure will not affect the normal operation of the Imperial Dynasty. You three, it is better to stay obediently and honestly to build the dynasty. Dynasty is my talent training base, and An important part in the establishment of my power.”

After Huang Tufu’s application was unsuccessful, several people in the Conference Hall applied for membership, but they were all rejected by Lin Huang.

Lin Huang’s response was, “You should be promoted to High Step False God realm first.”

Although he proposed that the entry threshold is False God realm, it is aimed at Exceed Quality evildoers like Huang Wuji. Talent and potential are not enough. If the Combat Rating is less than the high-level False God realm, it will be difficult to get ahead in Great World. Lin Huang’s request is actually for their benefit.

As soon as the meeting on the Dynasty’s side was over, Lin Huang went straight to Sea of ​​Bitterness.

At Sea of ​​Bitterness, he also made almost the same requirements as the Dynasty.

Sea of ​​Bitterness is also included in the talent development plan.

After the meeting, several people proposed to join Lin Huang’s forces, but Lin Huang declined to “promote to High Step False God realm first”.

Leaving Sea of ​​Bitterness, Lin Huang recalled Knife 103.

“How is the formation of the knife alliance?”

“In the past eight months, we have recruited 23 Exceed Quality evildoers in 13 safe districts, and 318 other evildoers. Most of the blade cultivator evildoers have already belonged to power, and basically entered All of them are Great Influence such as the Alliance Government Hunter Association, and the probability of re-investing is not great.”

“If you can dig the corner, you can dig. Don’t force it if you can’t dig. Also, don’t use military force to dig the foot of the wall.” Lin Huang exhorted, then fell silent for a moment, then continued, “Except for blade cultivator You also pay attention to the genius evildoer, and recruit someone who is suitable in the future.”

Lin Huang wanted to form a knife league before, because he obtained a large number of Dao of the Blade inheritance, and the knife servants are all blade cultivator powerhouses, so it is easy to cultivate new blade cultivators.

At that time, he didn’t consider recruiting other people because he was afraid of delaying other types of cultivator, but now he has a wider mind. Although he didn’t get much other inheritance, the sword servants are all top Heavenly Gods. There must be other types of inheritance in the past battle strength products, and he has also fought many other types of powerhouses, and his vision is not ordinary. Comparable to cultivator, teaching newcomers under the False God realm is actually quite enough.

Furthermore, whether it is Dynasty or Sea of ​​Bitterness, the geniuses and evildoers who will be sent to their forces in the future are also impossible blade cultivators, and diversified development is still necessary.

After the knife 103 left, Lin Huang turned his head and looked towards the direction of Mr. Fu’s retreat. He could vaguely feel that Mr. Fu had reached the edge of the breakthrough God realm.

“It seems that the past few days will be able to break through…” Lin Huang smiled with relief on his face.

The “Spiritual Qi Revival” of the gravel world undoubtedly brought Mr. Fu a lot of benefits.

In the evening, Lin Huang quietly included the gravel world within the body on the grounds of a short retreat for a few days, and then teleported himself back to the Haotian Temple.

After coming out of the Haotian Temple, following the map provided by Bloody, Alone traveled through dozens of teleportation points for several days before finally reaching the human domain of the Great World.

In an unmanned remote boundary planet in the human domain, Lin Huang opened the passage of the gravel world. The other side of the passage is connected to the cave under the Quiet Sea covered by a giant shipwreck.

With these preparations, Lin Huang returned to the gravel world.

When he returned, Mr. Fu had been promoted to True God two days ago.

As soon as he pushed the door from the Human Sovereign Hall, Lin Huang heard Mr. Fu’s sound transmission.

“Guy disciple, you finally figured it out.”

“Congratulations to Teacher, you have successfully promoted to True God!” Lin Huang smiled and sound transmission went back.

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