Monster Paradise Chapter 1472


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At 8:30 in the morning, Lin Huang calmly had breakfast before returning to the Human Sovereign Hall.

“It’s almost time to release the coordinates.”

He glanced at the time, opened the Emperor Heart Ring’s address book, checked the names of Jiang Shan, Huang Tianfu and Ku Ji, then edited a message and sent it.

The content of this message is the coordinate position of the Transmission Passage leading to the Great World.

For this Transmission Passage, Lin Huang really took a lot of effort.

First of all, in order to prevent the people of the gravel world from being teleported to Divine Realm, he spent several days before setting the teleportation point in the human territory.

Secondly, in order to prevent the False God of the gravel world from going to the Great World, the death rate is too high.

After opening this Transmission Passage, he secretly moved a little hand and foot around the Transmission Passage on the side of the gravel world, and sealed an “ice-bound” Element Mysteries with divine runes.

Whenever a creature approaches the Transmission Passage for a certain distance, the body will be slowly frozen by the chill radiated by the divine runes.

If you have not mastered the power of the gods, only if the strength of Divine Energy exceeds the six-turn False God (not including the six-turn), can you rely on Divine Energy to resist the ice and enter the Transmission Passage.

Those who have mastered the power of God can easily resist the erosion of chill. Because the Element Mysteries deposited by Lin Huang in divine runes are only a preliminary level, the chill radiated from divine runes is not the power of Element Mysteries itself, but the pure chill after isolating Element Mysteries.

As for High Step False God, there is no cultivator to master the power of the gods. As long as you withdraw in time, the erosion of Element Mysteries will quickly fade away, but if someone insists on approaching regardless of the cold erosion, they will eventually be completely frozen.

However, with this setting, he didn’t tell anyone that he did it himself. He only vaguely mentioned in a text message to a few people, “The transmission Passage is surrounded by chills, and it is not allowed to enter without High Step False God.” /p>

This setting is actually made for the good of everyone in the gravel world.

Because most of the Great World resources are monopolized by various large and small forces.

Under the High Step False God, it is difficult to join Great Influence in the Great World. Even if good luck joins the forces of the Three Four Stars, basically you can only rely on miscellaneous work for a living, and it is extremely difficult to obtain cultivation resources.

If you are a lone ranger yourself, the mortality rate is extremely high. Every time you enter the Secret Realm site of someone else’s home, you have to hand in at least 50% of the income. Some black-hearted forces even take more than 70% of the income. Even if you occasionally encounter the unowned Secret Realm ruins, it is a bunch of desperate Loose Cultivator competitions. Without power to maintain order, the level of danger will only be higher.

Unless, like Chan Dou and Huang Wuji, Talent has amazing potential. When seen by various forces, it will be Intensive Training. Others can only get through slowly.

Lin Huang would definitely not spend so much effort to do these things if he changed his job. He has always been a person who doesn’t like trouble.

But now that the gravel world is refining by him, his thinking has changed slightly, and there is a vague idea of ​​”These people are my people”. That’s why I worked hard and spent a few days to make these arrangements.

The person who received the message is in a different state after reading the message.

Huang Tianfu and Ku Ji have no doubts about the message sent by Lin Huang, and have no doubt about the warning given. Since Lin Huang said that he should not try to pass under the High Step False God, there must be his reason, just follow it. As for Lin Huang’s mention of not disseminating it, it should be kept strictly confidential.

After Jiang Shan saw this message, it was completely different.

“Coordinates were sent so easily? There are no substantive requirements and trading conditions?” The first reaction in Jiang Shan’s mind was to doubt the authenticity of the coordinates, because Lin Huang gave this information too easily. But this idea was rejected in an instant, because giving false coordinates was too easy to expose. As long as you send someone to the coordinate position to take a look, you will know the true and false. This process takes less than half an hour.

“There is a chill around Transmission Passage, can you not enter without High Step False God?” Jiang Shan is also skeptical about this warning, “Can the False God of Mid Step not enter the Transmission Passage?”

As for the information mentioned in the message not to spread, Jiang Shan has no doubts about this. This kind of information itself is confidential and can be sold at a high price. How can it be distributed for free? !

Carefully read the message sent by Lin Huang three times and confirmed that there is no hidden message. Jiang Shan then turned off the short message and dialed the two deputy chairman and the other senior officials. Communication number, call an emergency meeting.


At nine o’clock in the morning, everyone was gathered in front of the Human Sovereign Hall.

Huang Tianfu and other senior officials of the dynasty stood not far away and looked here quietly.

In addition to Lin Huang Lin Xin, Mr. Fu, Lin Xuan, Little Mo, Chan Dou and Huang Wuji are all listed.

As for Yi Zheng siblings, Leng Yuexin and Li Lang, Combat Rating is still in the Emperor Palace realm and has not been promoted to False God, and Lin Huang is not easy to take them away.

As for Fatty, let alone, even though the aptitude is good after using the Flawless Card, he spends a lot of time in the restaurant, and his cultivation time is much less than others. Just a few days ago, I just contacted Lin Huang and said that I had a breakthrough to Exceeding Mortal. I don’t know how far it is from False God realm.

Lin Huang glanced across the crowd, slightly nodded, “It’s all here, let’s go!”

His voice fell, and as soon as he stretched out his hand, in the air, he automatically condense a vortex similar to a black hole.

Chan Dou and several people were taken aback when they saw this method. They were still the first time to see this method.

Lin Xin and Lin Xuan took the lead among the disappeared, Mr. Fu and others all stepped forward, and Lin Huang was the last one.

Before he stepped into the vortex, he turned around and took a look at the direction where Huang Tianfu was standing, slightly nodded toward them.

“Master Human Sovereign, take care!” Huang Tianfu shouted and waved at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang turned around and stepped into the vortex.

After a while, the vortex in front of the Human Sovereign Temple gradually disappeared.

“I don’t know when Master Human Sovereign will come back again…”

Huang Tianfu watched the vortex disappear with some lonely expressions, and it took a long time to turn around and leave.

Stepping out of the vortex, Lin Xin and the others found themselves in a deep ocean.

Not far away, a huge shipwreck was mostly buried by sea sand and silt, and only the shape of a large ship can be seen faintly.

After a while, Lin Huang also walked out of the vortex.

His eyes only paused on the sunken ship in front of him, and then suddenly turned his head and looked towards a certain direction.

At this time, Lin Xuan also browses slightly wrinkle, “Someone is here?!”

“It’s from the Alliance Government. I sent the coordinates to Jiang Shan half an hour ago.” Lin Huang calmly explained, “They should be here to check the status of the Transmission Passage.”

Lin Huang said, slapped Huang Wuji’s shoulder with a slap, and injected a wave of “ice-bound” Element Mysteries into him within the body.

Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan are both True God, Lin Xin is a nine-turn False God, and Little Mo and Chan Dou are both three-turn False God, but both have mastered the power of the rules. Only Huang Wuji, who has just been promoted to False God, has not had time to touch the power of rules. He is also the only one who cannot enter the Transmission Passage on his own.

Huang Wuji only felt a chill within the body, but soon had a different mysterious feeling. Before he could feel it carefully, the Alliance Government team had already arrived.

The leader is Lin Huang’s Old Acquaintance, Guan Zhong, the chief of the EA agency.

Seeing Lin Huang and several people, Guan Zhong’s expression was obviously a little embarrassed.

“Master Human Sovereign!” But he still greeted him actively, “Are you planning to leave?”

Lin Huang glanced at the team led by Guan Zhong. There were not many people. There were only six people. Combat Rating have nothing common with each other. They are one revolution, three revolutions, four revolutions, six revolutions, seven revolutions and Nine turns False God realm.

Guan Zhong is only four-turn False God realm, but he is obviously the highest.

“en. “Lin Huang is faintly nodded, he has no opinion on Guan Zhong, and the two have not had any conflicts. It’s just that they have different positions and it is difficult to be friends.

“Then…you go first?” Of course, Guan Zhong didn’t dare to join Lin Huang’s team.

“Don’t worry, I really want to see the results of your trial on this area.” Lin Huang said with a slight smile.

Guan Zhong obviously didn’t expect, Lin Huang would say so, but he quickly reacted.

“Lord Human Sovereign, let’s try first.”

The voice fell, and he let the two False Gods with one turn and three turns into the sunken ship first.

As soon as the False God approached the shipwreck, before reaching 100 metres, his body began to quickly condense a layer of white frost without warning. He tried to walk two more steps forward, and the speed of his body freezing began to speed up quickly, and it was too late to withdraw.

At this moment, the Nine-turn False God from the Alliance Government suddenly made a move, and a long vine swept out, wrapped his waist that was not completely frozen, and pulled it out.

Fortunately, the one-turn False God was not completely frozen. After leaving the sunken ship, his body began to slowly unblock. But the expression on his face was full of fear and horror, “It’s so cold, this kind of cold seems to freeze Spirit Soul together… After I took the last two steps, the whole person couldn’t move, and I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to. ……”

Seeing the encounter of his companion, the three-turn False God is obviously more cautious. He is walking very small and very slowly.

Just entering the area of ​​100 metres, his body began to freeze quickly. He frantically drummed with Divine Energy within the body to resist, but the cold was almost with no opportunity, and it consumed him sharply every second Divine Energy…

He walked forward slowly at One Step. As soon as he stepped into the 50 meters area, his body began to freeze quickly. Thinking of the encounter of his previous companion, he did not dare to move forward rashly and decisively burned Divine Energy. Shape burst and exit.

“No, I’m about 50 meters at most, and it is estimated that one or two steps ahead will be completely frozen…” His body was shiver coldly, and he shook his head at Guan Zhong.

Guan Zhong quickly handed over a Divine Crystal to supplement him with Divine Energy.

Three-turn False God can only reach about 50 meters, so his name four-turn False God actually doesn’t have to be tried. He turned his head and pointed at the six-turn False God nodded.

The six-turned False God facial expression grave also started One Step moved towards the sunken ship approached.

A few minutes later, he finally landed on the shipwreck, but the moment he set foot on the shipwreck, a layer of white frost climbed up his legs and ankles like a living thing, and then quickly spread upward.

The Nine-turned False God of Alliance Government has already held the cane in his hand, ready to rescue him at any time.

The Sixth Turn False God agitated Divine Energy all over, but after only a moment of resistance, Divine Energy was completely exhausted. Seeing the frost accelerating to cover his body, Nine-turn False God shot again, and the cane quickly rolled out.

The cane just touched the waist of the six-turn False God and wanted to roll it back, but Frost actually climbed directly onto the cane, and the nine-turn False God just hit the waist, and the cane wrapped around the waist. Disintegrate directly.

“It’s awful!” Nine Turns False God’s heart shook.

But at this moment, the body of the six-turn False God suddenly rose into the air, as if being pulled back by something invisible and shooting back.

When the Divine Intent of the Alliance Government moved, they discovered that a colorless and invisible Intent Energy thread was wrapped around his waist. Looking towards the direction in which the Intent Energy thread was retracted, the eyes of several people finally fell on Lin Huang.

“No thanks.” Lin Huang lightly said with a smile.

He tried to save people because he arranged this thing, and the purpose was not to kill people, but to prevent guys with overestimate one’s capabilities from rushing into the Great World.

Set up the six-turn False God, and the seven-turn False God looked a little ugly, but he moved forward steadily, moved towards the sunken ship.

He was full of Divine Energy drums, and quickly stepped onto the shipwreck. The moment he stepped on, his feet began to condense frost, but he was suppressed by Divine Energy.

He hesitated for a moment, and chose to move on. After drilling in from the shipwreck hole, he went down and moved towards the coordinate position given by Lin Huang.

Fortunately, this one time, it’s relatively smooth.

After entering the shipwreck, the breath of the seven-turned False God not at all quickly weakened

About ten minutes later, he retreated from the sunken ship, his body covered with frost. Although his face was exhausted, it was obviously relaxed.

“How about? Did you see Transmission Passage?” Guan Zhong asked quickly.

“I see.” Seven turns False God nodded.

“How is the intensity of that chill?” asked the Nine-turn False God on the side.

“With the strength of my Divine Energy, I can barely pass through the chill-shrouded area. But as soon as I enter and exit, Divine Energy is almost exhausted.” Seventh-turn False God explained, “And the closer to the Transmission Passage, The stronger the chill, the greater the loss of Divine Energy. I estimate that the six-turn False God will not be able to pass even with a large number of Divine Crystals, because the speed of absorbing Divine Energy is far less than the speed of consuming.”

“Let me see.” Turn Nine False God slightly nodded, and then moved straight towards the sunken ship, obviously preparing to try it out.

Although the Seventh Rank False God came back alive, the Nineth Rank False God still walked very carefully. It took about ten minutes to withdraw from the sunken ship.

Back to Guan Zhong, the two had a sound transmission chat.

After a while, Guan Zhongcai turned his head and looked towards Lin Huang again.

“Human Sovereign, it took a lot of your time.”

Then his eyes stopped for a while on Little Mo, Chan Dou and Huang Wuji. “You have seen the results of our trial. Chan Dou and several little brothers, I am afraid it is difficult to pass. “

Seeing the results of the trial conducted by the Alliance Government, Chan Dou and others are indeed worried.

“Thank you to remind.” Lin Huang pointed at Guan Zhong slightly nodded and did not refute, and then took a few people to move towards the sunken ship.

Guan Zhong and the others have been staring at Chan Dou, wanting to see what Lin Huang would do after their bodies freeze. But what surprised them was that the Lin Huang entire group proceeded smoothly until they all landed on the sunken ship, and none of them showed signs of frost soaking.

Inside the shipwreck, Chan Dou and Little Mo had already understood what was going on. Just when they stepped into the 100 meters range of the shipwreck, the power of the rules within the body automatically surged to completely isolate the chill. Out of the body.

As for Huang Wuji, who did not understand the power of rules, he was also protected by Lin Huang’s Element Mysteries, because he had the same origin with the frozen power, and he did not feel the slightest chill.

Looking at the Lin Huang entire group entering the shipwreck, a moment later, there was a burst of space fluctuations under the shipwreck, and the breath of the few people all disappeared.

Guan Zhong and the others fell into a moment of silence.

“How did they do it?”

At this time, the nine-turn False God spoke, “It should be the rule power. Lin Huang injected the two three-turn False God and the one-turn False God within the body with the rule force and sheltered them… …”


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