Monster Paradise Chapter 1474


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The Lin Xin entire group was settled, Lin Huang quickly contacted Bloody.

Kally’s situation in the Judger group has always worried him.

“My side is basically settled, how is your situation?”

“Not very optimistic…” Bloody replied, “Kally successfully advanced a step to the fifth-order super god some time ago. After the news was spread, even some of the main God Grade forces Holy Son came to propose marriage these days. Now. According to the current situation, it is only a matter of time before the Judger community agrees to marriage.”

Kally advance a step The fifth-order super god, Lin Huang knows, he is not even too surprised. After all, the Judger group is a six-star top-level group. It is not surprising that they are piled up with their resources, coupled with Kally’s Talent aptitude, to advance a step.

The fifth-order super god, even if it is placed in the seven-star power, is an aptitude of the Holy Son level. This is why, after the Kally advance a step, several Seven-Star forces are willing to use Holy Son to marry.

Lin Huang hears browse slightly wrinkle, this is not good news.

“It really doesn’t work… I will take you two back directly.”

Without waiting for Bloody’s reply, Lin Huang suddenly jumped out of a Little Black prompt box.

[It is not recommended to recycle two Monster Cards directly. With my current authority level, it is not enough to isolate cause and effect. If there is a master god who is good at tracking or a half-step master god to explore the whereabouts of Kally and Bloody’s, the host will have a greater risk of exposure. 】

Just after reading this reminder from Little Black, Bloody’s voice came over.

“I don’t think it’s a last resort, it’s better not to take the two of us back. The Judger clan is guarded by a half-step master god. He will never allow Kally to disappear in front of one’s eyes. Once Kally disappears out of thin air , The Judger group will definitely do its best to search, and may even spend a large price to ask the main gods of other forces to help in the search. As long as there are the slightest clues, they will not escape their investigation…”

“Do you have any other way?” Lin Huang frowned and asked.

“There are several ways. But most of them can only solve the problem temporarily, not the root cause.”

“For example, False Death Golden Cicada shelling. Even if I design all kinds of schemes ingeniously and seamlessly, in the eyes of the master god who has mastered Dao Rhyme, it may be just a small child playing The essence of the game can be easily seen at a glance…This is the dimensionality reduction blow brought about by the absolute difference in strength. Unless my Combat Rating is the same as theirs, there is no solution.”

“At present, there is only one solution I can think of that can completely solve Kally’s current situation…” Bloody paused for a moment before speaking again, “That is, let Kally advance a step sixth-Holy Spirit Level!”

“As long as Kally advances a step to the Holy Spirit level, her status in the Judger group will no longer be a marriage tool, but a real voice, and will even be cultivated as the next patriarch. The Judger group is also impossible Let the Holy Spirit within the clan marry with the foreign clan, they will only do their best to cultivate Kally and let him lead the Judger clan to glory…”

“However, although this method can solve the problem of marriage once and for all, it also has a great disadvantage. The improvement of Kally’s status will make it more difficult for her to leave the Judger group…”

Speaking of which, Bloody’s voice is paused again.

“In fact, it is difficult for her to leave the Judger family even if she is not promoted to the sixth rank. In contrast, marriage is the more urgent need to solve.”

“Based on the current situation, Kally can’t last too long. If any of the Seven Stars has the first Holy Son to come to propose, the Judger family will definitely agree without the slightest hesitation. Even if it’s only the second and third Holy Son, the probability of agreeing to marriage is also great.”

“So your suggestion is to find a way to promote Kally to the sixth rank, solve the immediate crisis, and then find a way to leave the Judger group?” Lin Huang brows slightly wrinkle asked.

“Yes.” Bloody nodded again, “Actually, if you don’t consider marriage, Kally is indeed treated as Little Princess in the Judger clan. If you leave the Judger clan, you can slowly think of a solution in the future. The top priority is to solve the present problem. Marriage crisis.”

Lin Huang was silent for a moment, and finally nodded agreed.

“As long as I advance a step True God, my permissions will be increased again. When the time comes, I get the Five Stars Advancing Card, which can help Kally reach the sixth level. But after the Fourth Step Myth Quality Step, I want to continue To improve your Quality Step, you need not only the Advance Card, but also other advance a step materials, and some may even require special advance a step conditions.”

“I will send you the Kally’s advance a step material list later. You should prepare first. I will also be promoted to True God as soon as possible to obtain the Five Stars card permission.”

“Before Kally is officially promoted to Tier 6, you guys will find a way to deal with it for a while.”

Lin Huang didn’t expect that Kally’s situation turned out to be so serious.

He at first not at all felt that it was a bad thing to let Kally return to the race, and even supported him. But didn’t expect that in less than a year, the Judgers would be able to sacrifice Kally for profit.

Kally’s affairs also made his need for improvement in strength even more urgent.

Hang up the call with Bloody’s, Lin Huang quickly sank his consciousness into within the body world and quickly explored.

When Monster Cards appeared in monster status, Lin Huang also had a corresponding projection within the body. On the almost translucent projection, he could still see all the card monster information.

He quickly found the Kally’s projection card and turned to the back to check it.

[Monster Cards: Kally]

[Rarity: Super God]


[advance a step condition]

[Five Stars Advancing Card X5, Blood of the Lord God (Master Thunderclap Dao Rhyme) X1 drop, Blood of Heavenly God (Master Thunderclap Order) X10 copies, Heart of Angel (Fifth Tier Angel Species) X12…]

Looking at this list of advance a step materials a little bit, Lin Huang felt a bit big. Not counting a few Five Stars Advancing Cards, he felt that even the Judgers of the six-star top powers would not be easy to collect all these materials.

He couldn’t help thinking of how difficult it would be for White and others to advance to Tier 6. Kally, this is the Judger group behind, so don’t worry about it yourself. But the rest of the other summoned beasts, when the time comes, I am afraid that most of the advance a step materials need their own Host to find a way. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling a little stressed.

Not only the next level six, but now it is more realistic that Black Charcoal will advance a step five, and they also need a lot of advance a step materials. And like Black Charcoal, there are more than 30 card monsters waiting to advance a step Fifth Rank…

With this thought, Lin Huang has not dared to think further. Shaking his head to get rid of these distracting thoughts, he immediately copied the list and sent it to Bloody…

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