Monster Paradise Chapter 1475


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At the end of the call with Bloody, Lin Huang thought for a moment and decided to advance the hunting time.

“Other information can be put on hold for the time being and will wait until the hunting comes back. You can write down the monster picture book today, and we will start hunting tomorrow morning!”

Posted this message to the newly established chat group, Lin Huang @了Everyone.

“What happened? Why are you so anxious all of a sudden?” Mr. Fu was the first to jump out and ask.

He just broke through to God realm, and soon after he came to Great World, he felt full of novelty. This was slightly relaxed, but didn’t expect Lin Huang to advance the original hunting time.

“Kally encountered some trouble, I have to raise the battle strength to the true God realm as soon as possible.” Lin Huang briefly explained.

“When you enter the battlefield this time, you don’t have to hunt down how many abyssal monsters. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the environment.” Lin Huang can enter the battlefield alone, but he is a little uneasy to let Lin Xin not have their own He rushed into the battlefield while taking care of him. So after thinking about it again and again, I chose to advance the overall itinerary and take them in by myself.

After chatting a little bit in the group, Lin Huang turned off the group chat, and alone went to the Rare Item Pavilion branch.

I bought a copy of detailed information about this abyssal battlefield nearby at the Rare Item Pavilion, and Lin Huang immediately took a closer look.

The battlefield where Star Domain is located is called Longyuan Battlefield. It was the main battlefield where a Dragon Race main god and an abyss main god competed. Now it belongs to the non-war period, and it is restricted by the main god of human and the main god of abyss, and only the powerhouse under the God realm is allowed to enter it for hunting.

This type of battlefield is retained, and its main purpose is to train new people for Great Influence.

In order to avoid enemies with stronger encounter battle strength who have not grown up, the battlefield is divided into outer layer, inner layer and nuclear layer.

Only the False God realm can enter the outer layer, the inner layer is the battlefield of True God, and the core layer is where the powerhouse of the cream of the crop in True God confronts.

The nuclear layer and the inner layer are connected, but the powerhouses of the nuclear layer generally don’t bother to enter the inner layer and attack the True God of the elementary and middle sequence.

The outer and inner layers are one-way traffic. The False God in the outer layer can enter the inner layer, but the True God in the inner layer cannot enter the outer layer to hunt the False God.

Therefore, in the battlefield of Longyuan, there are some top powerhouses of False God realm, hunting in the junction area between the inner and outer layers, and occasionally shooting against True God. Once they find the situation, they will immediately flee back to the outer layer to avoid True God’s pursuit.

“It seems that I have to stroll around the inner layer first, hunt enough seventh and eighth sequence God Fire, and then enter the nuclear layer.” Lin Huang’s goal is also very clear, “I just don’t know whether the nuclear layer will not There will be a powerhouse with the limit of True God…”

After reading the information carefully, Lin Huang sent this information group to Lin Xin entire group.

“Look at this information again, don’t read it all, just look at the hunting area information you are in.”

After making these arrangements, Lin Huang directly closed his eyes and entered the “uninterrupted” cultivation state, waiting patiently for the hunt to start.

At 8 o’clock in the morning on 2nd day, everyone gathered at the agreed time.

“Are you all ready before the war?” Lin Huang glanced across the crowd. He could feel that, except for Lin Xuan and Chan Dou, including Mr. Fu, the others were more or less nervous.

Lin Xuan is not nervous, perhaps because the encounter of the past few years has created a humiliating personality.

Chan Dou is not nervous, because as one of the five emperors, he has almost no failures through childhood, which gives him strong confidence.

Mr. Fu is nervous, Lin Huang can also understand. After all, he hadn’t tried his best for many years, let alone hunting in the ruins. And after coming to the Great World this time, he saw a large number of True Gods, which to a certain extent gave him a cautious attitude.

As for Lin Xin and Little Mo, they have too little combat experience, and they have never entered a few ruins through childhood.

Huang Wuji was nervous, because he had just been promoted to False God realm and had never officially played against False God realm powerhouse.

“Don’t be nervous, this time I go in mainly to familiarize myself with the environment.” Lin Huang smiled and comforted, “Let me talk about the specific arrangements first.”

“Zen Boss, Little Mo, in fact, in the entire outer zone, there should not be many False Gods who have ruled power. So my advice to you two is that if you don’t use ruled power, you don’t need it. Try to find someone with a rank of three or four. False God practice actual combat, otherwise the experience is not very effective. And considering that Wuji has only one turn of False God realm, hunting alone will be more difficult, you still need to bring some. Therefore, it is not recommended to go deep into the outer area. p>

After Lin Huang finished speaking, he turned his head and looked towards the Lin Xin three.

“Xiaoxin, although you only have a 9th rank False God realm, but that equipment is not a big problem when encountering the normal elementary sequence True God. You can follow Teacher and Daxuan into the inner zone as a support. Because of him The two can’t enter the outer area…”

After arranging the itinerary of the two teams, Lin Huang took the six people and entered the Transmission Array heading to the battlefield area.

Stepping out of the Transmission Array, the seven directly appeared at the entrance of the battlefield.

Lin Xin saw a group of men from afar holding hands and walking into the battlefield entrance.

“What are they?” Lin Xin looked surprised.

“This is for the team to teleport to the same coordinate location. If you don’t hold hands, everyone will be teleported to a different location.”

“Well…” Lin Xin nodded, but suddenly asked, “Our battle strength has False God and True God. If we all hold hands, we will be teleported to the same coordinate position?”

“Yes, it will be transmitted to the inner layer.” Lin Huang nodded, “False God can enter the inner region, but True God cannot enter the outer region in reverse. If True God False God is transmitted at the same time, Will only be transferred to the inner zone.”

“You this girl, I definitely didn’t read the information yesterday.” Lin Huang said ill-humoredly.

“I watched it!” Lin Xin’s voice became weaker and weaker, “It’s just that I didn’t look so carefully that’s all…”

There are not many people who line up to register at the entrance of the battlefield. In front of Lin Huang and them, there are only three teams left, all members of which are True God.

I caught a glimpse of a few False Gods in Lin Huang’s team, and they all talked quietly.

One of the female members of the front team, saw Huang Wuji, hesitated, and walked over.

“This battlefield is very dangerous. The outer area is even more chaotic than the inner area. I suggest you, it is best not to enter until High Step False God.” After the woman finished, she also glanced specifically Lin Huang, who has turned False God for six times, glanced at it, which obviously means “Don’t enter either.”

“Thank you, let’s go in and have a look. If it doesn’t work, we will quit.” Lin Huang knew that the other party was kind, and responded with a smile.

When the woman saw this, she just browsed slightly wrinkle, but she didn’t say much, and turned back to her team.

“What do you care about them? People are willing to die…” A male team member said with a smile to the woman.

The opponent deliberately didn’t use sound transmission, even the front two teams moved towards this side and looked over.

Lin Huang naturally heard them clearly, but they ignored them and continued to line up.

In less than two minutes, the first three teams have completed registration and walked into the battlefield entrance holding hands.

Lin Huang’s registration was completed soon.

“NF404 team…” The registrar watched Lin Huang entire group split into two teams holding hands to enter the entrance of the battlefield, helpless curl one’s lip, “Another group of little ghosts…”

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