Monster Paradise Chapter 1476


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Telling in from the entrance, Lin Huang found that only Chan Dou, Little Mo, and Huang Wuji were left beside him. Lin Xin was obviously teleported to another place.

Lin Huang looked up and moved towards all around. It was a vast gorge, and a continuous mountain range looming into the sky was faintly visible in the distance.

But the most unusual thing is the sky.

There are no stars in the blue and black sky, dark clouds are all over the sky, no sunlight is shining on this land, only occasionally can see Bloody’s Thunderclap Flicker and the scarlet fire light suddenly light up.

“Is this the real abyss?” Little Mo couldn’t help asking.

“This battlefield is the product of the combination of the fragments of the abyss and the fragments of the material world.” Lin Huang explained lightly.

“The Divine Intent is suppressed. My Divine Intent can only sense a distance of three 1,000 meters.” Chan Dou immediately followed closely to a more realistic problem.

“I can only sense 1000 meters.” Huang Wuji browses slightly wrinkle.

“There is still the will of the Lord God on this battlefield. Under Heavenly God, the Divine Intent sensing range will be suppressed to about 0.1% of the normal state.”

Lin Huang also launched the Divine Intent. His Divine Intent was also suppressed by an unknown force, but he could still sense about 1200 kilometers.

“Although the coverage of Divine Intent is not large, it is best for you to keep Divine Intent always open. In addition to the abyss hunter, there are also Undead transformed from the Remnant Soul left over from the battlefield. Monsters such as Species, Undying Species, Distortion Species and Demonization Species…Some monsters that are good at concealment and camouflage are difficult to observe with naked eye.”

Lin Huang said this because he had noticed that there was a hidden monster not far away all around, but he did not intend to take action.

There are only a dozen monsters in this wave, and they are all Low Step False God, which is just right for Chan Dou to practice hands. His shots are meaningless.

Due to the limitation of the sensing range, even under Lin Huang’s reminder, the three of Chan Dou did not find the group of monsters hiding not far away.

But the group of monsters seems to have other perception abilities, and they sense the existence of the four Lin Huang from far away, and they are stealth silently.

“How should we go?” When Huang Wuji asked this, he obviously looked towards Lin Huang’s.

When Chan Dou and Little Mo heard the question, they both moved towards Lin Huang and looked over.

Lin Huang raised an eyebrow, “Don’t look at me, look at the map.”

Lin Huang said, the projection was out of the map. Since the battlefield could not be located inside, he could only judge his own location. This is not an obstacle for Lin Huang, who has a huge range of Divine Intent detection, but it is more difficult for the three of Chan Dou.

Seeing the three of them looking at the map with a dazed expression, Lin Huang pointed to a point on the map and said, “We are here now, the direction we are facing is this direction…”

After listening to Lin Huang serene’s positioning, Chan Dou stared at Lin Huang and asked, “How do you know where we are now?”

“I have come one time by going forward.” Lin Huang concealed the fact that his Divine Intent detection range was abnormal.

Because you need to use Divine Intent to confirm your location, the area covered by Divine Intent must be so large that you can compare it with a map to know where you are.

Getting this answer, Chan Dou nodded, without asking any more, he also clicked on his own map projection.

“If we look at it this way, we will go deeper and deeper into the outer area…”

Seeing that Chan Dou has begun to enter the team leader mode, Lin Huang didn’t say much, and only after Chan Dou finished speaking, did he remind two sentences, “Monster’s distribution on the map is not absolutely accurate. Some monsters will automatically Migration is also affected by man-made movement. Moreover, the hunters of the abyss will not hunt according to the monster’s distribution rules, and may appear everywhere in any area. The Low Step monster distribution area on the map, Mid Step or even High Step is also possible In short, don’t trust the map too much. The information on the map can only be used for reference.”

Chan Dou’s three facial expression graves were nodded, put away the map, and flew towards the direction chosen by Chan Dou at low speed.

The flying height of several people is less than ten meters from the ground, and they fly very slowly.

The reason is very simple, flying high is easy to be found, making yourself a target. Flying too fast can easily arouse air turbulence and cause unnecessary follow closely.

Lin Huang followed the trio slowly, looking at the direction that Chan Dou trio moved towards the hidden monster approached, he didn’t give a reminder.

Because he knows well that he can remind one time but not second time third time. Only if they encounter themselves, will they really have a long memory.

When the team got closer to a certain distance, Chan Dou suddenly frowned slightly.

His Divine Intent sensing range not at all found any abnormalities, and he did not see any improprieties within the range of sight, but his instincts warned him.

“Wait a minute!” He made a decisive decision and waved his hand to stop everyone from moving forward.

“What’s wrong?” Little Mo was puzzled.

“What did you find abnormal?” Huang Wuji immediately raised his vigilance.

“No abnormality was found, but my intuition is in front of danger…”

As soon as Chan Dou’s voice fell, only a whistling sound was heard. A few thousand meters ahead, the land began to churn up sharply and moved towards Lin Huang entire group like a wave.

The wave of sand rolling is getting higher and higher, and the speed is getting faster and faster, almost immediately before Lin Huang entire group.

Lin Huang body flashed a long time ago and appeared silently above several hundred meters, overlooking the reactions of the three people below.

Seeing the wave approaching, several people were visibly stunned before reacting, and started moving towards the heights and fleeing in the direction they came.

Chan Dou was the most calm, he just raised the flying altitude a little bit, squinted his eyes for a while, and entered the fighting state directly.

Because he already knew what was coming.

Huang Wuji and Little Mo quit a certain distance in a panic. Seeing that Chan Dou did not follow, they stopped running.

“Don’t panic, it’s Undead Species-Earth Skeleton.” After Chan Dou said, he added, “General battle strength will not exceed Low Step False God realm.”

Earth Skeletons are Undead Species transformed from bones buried underground. They are good at the art of earth movement, but they are not strong.

With the words of Chan Dou, Huang Wuji and Little Mo obviously calmed down.

The two of them have also seen the Great World’s monster picture book and have some understanding of the Earth Skeleton. When they heard that it was such a monster, they immediately felt relieved.

Chan Dou tone barely fell shortly before the meeting, the sand already rolled in front of Chan Dou, and did not see how Chan Dou resisted, so he swallowed it.

The rumbling sound of battle came from the tumbling sand, and the tumbling momentum of the sand was obviously weakened.

Huang Wuji and Little Mo looked at each other. They moved almost at the same time, turning into two streams of light, and plunged into the tumbling sand.

Seeing that the three of them have officially entered into a fighting state, Lin Huang was nodded with satisfaction.

Not much time, the rolling sand gradually stopped the momentum, and the dust raised in the sky covered Lin Huang’s line of sight, but his Divine Intent clearly observed what was happening under the sand screen.

The skeletons were easily beheaded by Chan Dou and Little Mo, and the number quickly decreased. Although Huang Wuji’s strength is limited by battle strength, he can walk freely in the sand and dust, attracting the firepower of several earth skeletons, and assisting the two to complete the kill.

Although the three of them joined forces for the first time, they worked together unexpectedly.

About three to 40% later, all fourteen skulls were killed on the spot.

The rolling sand fell into silence, leaving only a piece of land that seemed to have been planed by an iron plow.

Lin Huang’s figure gradually descended, glanced at Chan Dou, and then fell on Little Mo and Huang Wuji, “Don’t panic when you encounter a situation, observe first, and then make decisions…”

Simply said a few questions about a few people, Lin Huang let Chan Dou continue to lead the team, moved towards the front and go…

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