Monster Paradise Chapter 1477


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After the first wave of Earth Skeleton raids, the three of Chan Dou quickly entered the state.

Chan Dou and Huang Wuji are the well-know figures of the young generation in the gravel world. They have experienced countless battles, big and small, and familiar with the new environment of the battlefield. After that, confidence quickly returned.

As for Little Mo, although his combat experience is not as good as that of the two, after all, his battle strength is also a three-turn False God, and he has mastered the power of the rules. The overall strength is only slightly inferior to Chan Dou, and it is hard to meet an opponent in Low Step False God. Seeing that Huang Wuji had just turned False God, he was not afraid, and he quickly followed into the state.

Along the way, the three have become more and more familiar with the hunting process.

Lin Huang has been following the three of them all the time. He has never made any moves, and even said little. Each time just after the three-person battle, simply point out the problems of the three-person and the areas that can be improved.

The three of Chan Dou quickly continued to improve in the subsequent battles and rarely made the mistakes they had made before.

The entire group traveled thousands of kilometers forward, and when it was about to reach the edge of the Low Step False God area, Lin Huang glanced at Chan Dou and the three people silently, with the corners of his lips slightly raised.

He had already sensed that there was a team of Abyssal Hunters not far away, all of them were Mid Step False God with four to six turns, and there were seven in total.

But he did not intend to remind Chan Dou the three.

At this time, the three of them have experienced dozens of battles, and their self-confidence has begun to expand rapidly. Lin Huang feels that it is very necessary to experience the severe beating of society at this time.

As the four Lin Huang approached, the abyss hunting team quickly discovered the existence of Lin Huang, but due to the difference in the range of the Divine Intent, the three Chan Dou not at all noticed the slightest abnormality.

Under the induction of Lin Huang Divine Intent, he clearly saw that the opponent’s seven people were divided into two teams. One of them came around from behind, apparently intending to pinch Chan Dou back and forth.

As the distance between the two sides kept getting closer, Chan Dou and Little Mo noticed the anomaly almost at the same time, but at this time, they were less than three thousand meters away from the hunter ahead.

“It’s an abyss hunter!”

As soon as Chan Dou’s voice fell, the three monsters in front of the abyss sprang out and appeared not far in front of the four Lin Huang, blocking their way forward.

Sensed the strength of the three monster’s breaths, the faces of the three of Chan Dou were a little hard to look.

Because the opponent is two five-turn False God and one six-turn False God.

“Didn’t expect such good luck, I can meet the little ghost of human.” The headed False God monster with six turns, looks a bit like a human in the upper body, with a bald head and muscle knots, but with eight on his face. Eyes like glass beads looked at Deity incomparably. But the difference from the largest human being is that it has no legs below the waist, and it is full of scarlet tentacles, with dozens of them.

“Three three-turn False God, and one one-turn False God. I don’t know where you have the courage to come in this Longyuan battlefield.” The monster next to him stood upright. , Like a tall and thin human male. But it was covered with heavy blue and black scales, and even the two eyeballs on its head were fish eyes.

“I hope there will be more of these guys, so that we can eat fresh and tender meat every day. Humans are much more delicious than the monsters in this battlefield.” The monster who was speaking looked a little deformed, it His head occupies most of his body, except for his head, which is the body of birds and beasts with feathers.

Chan Dou glanced at Lin Huang without a trace. Seeing that Lin Huang had no intention of making a move, he knew that he could only rely on three of them in this battle.

His coping strategy was rapidly spinning in his mind.

The opponent is two five-turn False God and one six-turn False God. On his own side, Huang Wuji has only one turn of False God realm, and he has no rule power, which means he can only rely on himself and Little Mo.

Although he and Little Mo both master the power of rules, using False God’s battle strength to urge the power of rules every time is a great burden on the body, and it will also cause huge Divine Energy consumption.

More realistically, having the power of rules does not mean you can run rampant in False God. The power of the rules is enough to kill the Nine-turn False God, which is correct. But he and Little Mo are still only three-turn False God realm, as long as they are hit by the three monsters in front of them, there is still a great probability of being insta-killed and falling on the spot.

“With the strength of my Divine Energy, at most three times the power of the rule can be activated. If Little Mo can activate the power of the rule twice, we will have three times attack and two chances of defense…We must fight Little Mo. Cooperate, do not waste any opportunity to use the power of one time rules!”

Chan Dou thought of Extreme Speed ​​through various strategies, and finally selected one of the best options, and gave the sound transmission to Little Mo.

But when he made this decision, he didn’t know that there were four ambushers hiding behind him…

The sound transmission is over and the battle is about to start.

Chan Dou directly initiated a frontal impact, moved towards the six-turn False God and rushed away.

The tentacle monster laughed, “He is mine, don’t take it.”

tone barely fell, under the waist, countless scarlet tentacles turned into shadows in the sky, moved towards Chan Dou hiding the sky and covering the earth.

For a moment, the entire space seemed to be turned into a sea of ​​tentacles, directly engulfing Chan Dou in.

Seeing this scene, Huang Wuji complexion slightly changed, but soon noticed that Little Mo’s complexion on the side was calm as usual, and his emotions suddenly calmed down.

I saw that red tentacle ocean in the sky only lasted for a while, then suddenly burst out ten thousand gold glow. In the next instant, all the tentacles in the sky were annihilated.

Not only the Tentacle Monster, but the other two abyss monsters who watched the battle were also full of shock.

At this moment, Little Mo’s figure suddenly disappeared from the spot.

Almost at the same time, a black shadow quietly wrapped around the body of the big mouth monster.

“Help…help me…” When the Big Mouth made a sound, most of its body was swallowed by the shadows.

The fish scale monster on the side was about to reach out to rescue, but only slightly touched the body of the big mouth monster, and found that there was a shadow moved towards his arm quickly climbed up, and there was a tendency to contaminate his body. It broke its arm directly without the slightest hesitation, and retreated a certain distance.

Then, with a horrified face, watching the Big Mouth be completely swallowed up by the shadows, and its vitality gradually faded away.

On the other side, the Tentacle Monster suddenly let out a miserable howl.

The fish scale monster turned his head to look, and saw that all the scarlet tentacles in the sky had been broken into nothingness, and even the whole body of the tentacles was penetrated by a glare of gold glow.

As the scream ceased abruptly, the tentacle monster ran out of life, and the corpse moved towards the ground and fell.

Seeing the tentacle monster and the big mouth monster dying one after another, the fish scale monster turned around to escape, but only saw a gold glow coming from where the tentacle monster fell at a faster speed.

The gold glow speed was approaching pinnacle, but it penetrated the body of the fish scale monster in an instant.

Without waiting for the gold glow to dissipate, one silhouette gradually revealed his figure.

It’s Chan Dou!

He held the sword with one hand, but his chest was violently rising and falling, and the right hand holding the sword was shaking slightly.

Used two successive attacks of regular power, which burdened his body greatly, and even Divine Energy consumed most of it.

Sensing that the three monsters had collapsed, Chan Dou and Little Mo were about to breathe a sigh of relief, but Lin Huang’s voice came in their ears.

“The battle is not over yet…”

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