Monster Paradise Chapter 1478


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Hearing Lin Huang’s prompt, the three Chan Dou were shocked.

At this moment, four abyss hunters from behind rushed over.

The four of them had clearly sensed the fluctuations in the battle just now. They did not participate. On the one hand, they believed that their teammates did not need help, and on the other hand, they were also trying to block Lin Huang’s escape route.

As soon as the battle fluctuations ended, they didn’t even bother to use Divine Intent to detect the results, and they went straight to the battlefield.

Because in the eyes of the four hunters in the abyss, there is no suspense about this hunt, it is just a unilateral slaughter.

The gap between the three-turn False God and the 5 or 6-turn False God is not easy to fully patch. Even more how, this human team also brought a False God realm tow oil bottle. Think with your toes, and you know what the result will be.

Furthermore, the battle lasted less than half a minute before it ended, which was also expected by the four.

The four came straight to the battlefield, thinking about how to distribute the results, but when they arrived at the scene, they were stunned to see Lin Huang and the others alive.

Almost all four abyss hunters have a question in their minds at the same time, “What’s the situation?!”

At this moment, Chan Dou without the slightest hesitation said to Little Mo sound transmission, “Start!”

Taking advantage of the moment when the four abyss hunters were stunned, Chan Dou’s figure once again transformed into a golden streamer, and the remaining Divine Energy urged the valley of the Element Mysteries of the light system, and took the highest battle strength among the four. The name is six turns False God.

Almost at the same time, Little Mo made an unreserved shot, and his figure disappeared again…

The four abyss hunters just froze for a moment. Before they came back to his senses from the shock, they saw a golden streamer penetrate one of the black armor monster’s bodies.

Not far away, the body of another five-turn False God realm multi-eyed monster was also entangled by black shadows.

“Help me…” The multi-eyed monster who was entangled by the black shadow struggled miserably while moving towards the remaining two people for help.

The two abyss hunters who had not been attacked saw this scene but were obviously a little frightened. When one was hesitant to help him, the other without the slightest hesitation dropped his companion and turned and fled.

Although this five-turn False God has not yet figured out what happened, why these two humans exploded with such strength. But the two companions in front of him who were stronger than him were instantly in crisis, and the three companions in front of him all fell, making him decisively choose to escape.

Seeing the companion without the slightest hesitation, leaving behind and fleeing, the four-turn False God who was still hesitating was also terrified, and immediately turned and moved towards the other direction and fled away.

On the battlefield, although Chan Dou succeeded in beheading the black armored monster of the six-turn False God realm, Divine Energy was completely exhausted, and his body had no strength to move.

On the other side, the Multi-eyed Monster was slowly engulfed by the black shadows. Although Little Mo had spare capacity, he couldn’t catch up with the two who fled.

When Lin Huang saw this, he shot, two blood glow bursts from his cuff, which penetrated the void in an instant, piercing the bodies of two abyss hunters who were fleeing frantically.

When Intent Energy’s silk thread wound the two corpses back, Little Mo finally completed the kill.

Little Mo is slightly panting. Although Divine Energy is not completely exhausted, it is not enough to support him in urging the third time rule.

His situation is a little better than Chan Dou.

Seeing Lin Huang killed the last two people, Chan Dou lay on the ground facing the sky, panting heavily.

Lin Huang Divine Intent swept over the bodies of the two of them. Although Chan Dou fleshly body was seriously overdrawn, it did not leave any repercussions at all. There is nothing wrong with Little Mo.

“Today’s battle ends here, let’s find a place to rest.” Lin Huang tone barely fell, Huang Wuji took the initiative to carry Chan Dou on his back and looked at Little Mo again.

“I’m fine, but Divine Energy consumes more.” Little Mo waved his hand quickly.

After clearing the battlefield, Lin Huang took the three of them to find a cave and stayed temporarily.

Let Chan Dou down, Huang Wuji was slightly worried, “Is he alright?”

He carried Chan Dou on his back all the way, feeling that the other party couldn’t even move a finger.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the fleshly body is overdrafted badly. Just rest and rest.” Lin Huang explained.

Beside Chan Dou, Little Mo also sat down against the rock face, looking tired.

He is actually aching all over, but his fleshly body is not yet overdrawn.

“I will give you a review of the battle just now.”

“First of all, you are not sufficiently vigilant. Although the scope of Divine Intent detection is not as good as that of the other party, you all have other detection methods. Once an abnormality is found, other detection methods should be adopted immediately to see if there is an enemy in ambush, so as to advance Get ready…”

“The second point is that I think you guys did a good job. It’s a quick shot without the slightest hesitation. Zen Boss and Little Mo have a good cooperation. They already have a lot of understanding and trust each other. Very good.”

“The third point is a mistake made by Zen Boss. It’s okay to fight to the death, but at any time, you must save yourself a glimmer of survival. I know you are worried that one blow may not insta-kill the enemy, so third Time shot did not dare to spare any effort. But the result is that you completely lose the ability to protect yourself. Because your Divine Energy is completely exhausted, even if you have a life-saving hole card, you may not be able to use it. In terms of reasonable distribution of Divine Energy , You still need more combat experience.”

“If I did not take action just now, the two who fled will definitely come back and check after they find that no one is chasing them. Because in this kind of hunting ground, as long as one person has spare capacity, he will chase down the enemy’s remnants. Avoid causing more trouble to yourself. It’s normal to fail to chase and kill, but if you two didn’t chase and kill at all, it would definitely make them suspicious. As long as they calm down, there is a high probability that they will come back to check the battlefield, or even oppose it. Come and follow you…”


Lin Huang conducted a one-time review of the entire battle, pointed out a few people’s problems, and then took out three storage rings from the storage space and threw them to the three.

“There are some Divine Crystals in it, not many, but they should be enough for you to replenish Divine Energy in this trial.”

Lin Huang finished speaking, and then continued, “I personally suggest that you don’t go further for the time being. It’s best to go back some distance. If you can increase the battle strength, you can increase the battle strength. If you can improve your strength from other aspects, you can increase it. Strength, get resources steadily, don’t rush forward. Moving forward, there may not only be Mid Step False God, but also High Step False God teams.”

After a day of rest, Little Mo returned to Peak state. Although Chan Dou’s body was not completely repaired, he also recovered 80% of his strength.

Lin Huang exhorted a few more words before leaving, alone moved towards the depths of the battlefield.

After the three of Chan Dou watched Lin Huang leave, they also obeyed Lin Huang’s suggestion, turned and moved towards the direction when they came…

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