Monster Paradise Chapter 1479

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Leaving the team of three Chan Dou, Lin Huang continued to deepen all the way, moving towards the inner layer and galloped away.

All monsters along the way are instantly insta-killed by Intent Energy. Lin Huang didn’t even lower his speed. After killing the monsters along the way, the Divine Intent thread came out and packed up all the spoils, leaving no chance for anyone to miss it.

Even the beast corpse and Godhead of False God realm are useless to him, after all, they can be sold for money.

From the outer layer of the battlefield to the inner layer, Lin Huang only took less than ten minutes.

At the junction of the inner and outer layers, he changed his previous route again and galloped along the junction line, searching for the traces of Lin Xin.

Lin Xin is only the False God realm of Nine Turns, and Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan are also only the first-order True Gods. With their strength, the best place to experience is the junction of the inner and outer layers. Going deeper into the inner layer, the risk of falling will rise linearly.

Lin Huang did not hide his tracks at all. Under the disguise of Qianmen, what he showed at the moment was the battle strength of the Nine Turns False God realm.

With this kind of battle strength galloping across the border, it quickly attracted the attention of many powerhouses.

Except for a handful of cautious guys, almost all teams have shot Lin Huang without the slightest hesitation.

But the result is self-evident. All the guys who shot Lin Huang, whether it is High Step False God or the True God of elementary sequence, are instantly insta-killed, and there is no one to survive.

When Lin Huang flew less than half of the outer travel distance, the number of monsters that died in his hands was already more than twice as many as his encounters in the outer area.

“Is this border area so lively?”

Lin Huang Divine Intent unfolded, and found that the density of monsters at the inner and outer boundaries far exceeds that of the outer area, and hunters from humans and abysses are more than dozens of times more dense.

After racing along the border for more than ten minutes, Divine Intent finally found the Lin Xin three.

The three are hunting an aberrant monster of the first-order true God realm.

Lin Huang appeared near the area where the three of them were, hiding his figure and watching the battle quietly.

Lin Xin right hand holding a silver gun, wandering around the edge of the battle circle, she not at all has been shooting bursts, but occasionally shot, blocking the uncomfortable position of that distortion.

Sometimes, it is the moment before the distortion species is ready to shoot, which directly hinders the opponent’s shooting action. Sometimes, it’s a fierce war with Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan. When there is no time to pay more attention, Lin Xin will instantly switch the gun in his hand to a sniper form to attack the weak position of the monster’s body…

She has undoubtedly reached the limit of Spear Skill with her grasp of the timing and accuracy of the battle. After entering One Step, Lin Huang feels that she might even condense the guns.

Lin Xin, as an aid in this battle, performed very well. Under her constant interference, the Aberration Species showed only less than 70% of its strength, and was soon joined by Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan. Kill.

Seeing that the battle is over, Lin Xuan has already begun to collect the spoils, and Lin Huang has lifted the concealment and revealed his figure.

Detecting that a person suddenly appeared in the sensing range, Mr. Fu and all three of them suddenly became vigilant, but they soon sensed that this aura belongs to Lin Huang.

“Brother!” Lin Xin was overjoyed when he saw Lin Huang showing his figure.

“You performed well.” Lin Huang rushed to Lin Xin nodded with satisfaction.

“When did you arrive?” Lin Xuan was a little surprised.

“Almost when the battle started.” Lin Huang did not hide, “I don’t want to interfere with your fighting rhythm, so I just watched it on the sidelines.”

I didn’t feel Lin Huang’s breath during the whole process, and Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan were not too surprised. After all, they had seen Lin Huang beheading the real God realm powerhouse of the ninth sequence.

“Chan Dou, are they going well?” Mr. Fu asked with a smile.

Since Lin Huang is here, there should be no major problems with Chan Dou.

“It’s going well.” Lin Huang nodded, “The problem with their largest is that the Combat Rating is too low, and there are no major problems in other areas.”

“How about you? I came along and found that the monsters at the border are much denser than the outer layer, and humans and abyssal hunters can be seen almost everywhere. The highest battle strength even has the fourth-order true God realm. “

Lin Huang also noticed that even the clothes of the three people are neat and tidy, and they should not have encountered any trouble.

“After all, we only came in for a day. We haven’t encountered any powerhouse yet. The strongest encounter is a second-sequence Undead Species. But the difficulty of hunting it hasn’t improved much, it just took more time. “Mr. Fu said with a smile.

“Yes, the Undead Species yesterday was in the second sequence, but it was really stupid!” Lin Xin couldn’t help but spit out, “Whoever hits it will chase someone, it’s fun. .”

“Monsters of this kind of IQ are among the few after all.” Lin Huang shook his head after listening, “It’s your good luck, and you met. As long as you are smarter, the difficulty of hunting is definitely the first order. More than several times.”

“Like this aberration just now, if it is the second sequence, you can’t break the defense at all. It will not be affected by your firearms at all.” Lin Huang looked towards Lin Xin again.

“You performed well with guns just now, but don’t lose your blade skill. If I remember correctly, at the Hunting Wu Institute you majored in blade skill, and guns were just a minor. When you meet a suitable opponent, you I also need to practice melee combat, don’t when the time comes the major becomes a shortcoming…”

“Okay…” Just after hearing a compliment, Lin Xin was urged to practice the knife, and Lin Xin suddenly lost a smile on his face.

“The girl has performed very well, so don’t criticize her anymore.” Mr. Fu decisively stopped Lin Xin this time.

“It’s okay, your main problem is that you have less actual combat experience, just a few more battles.” Lin Xuan on the side also said to comfort Lin Xin.

Lin Huang said nothing more when he saw this.

“Are you going to go directly to the inner layer?” Lin Xuan turned his head and asked Lin Huang, actually changing the subject on his own initiative.

“Don’t worry, let me walk with you for a while.” Lin Huang shook his head, and then his eyes fell on Lin Xin, “Let’s see how you adapt.”

“What do you think of me? I’m adapting very well!” Lin Xin pouted.

Lin Huang retracted his gaze, and then said, “I walked this way and found that there were more powerhouses on the border than I had expected. There were only five teams with medium-rank True God members I saw. Among them, two teams are abyss hunters. Of the five teams, the strongest one is also abyss hunters. They have three fourth-rank True Gods, and five third-rank True Gods… Once you encounter You can’t even escape.”

Hearing this, not only Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan, but Lin Xin also fell silent.

What the three people didn’t know was that Lin Huang had secretly crushed the Miko’s Monster Cards when she was talking, and let her hide in secret.

“I will walk with you for a while, and leave tomorrow morning.”

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