Monster Paradise Chapter 1501


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in the sky, Lin Huang saw his first God realm hunting target from a distance.

“It turned out to be uglier than expected…”

He had read the appearance of Guangyu in many True God’s memory images, but when he actually saw the deity, he couldn’t help but sigh like this.

I don’t know if it is because of the worsening of Guangyu’s body distortion or some other reason.

Lin Huang can clearly see that the exposed areas of his body are covered with large and small mucus-soaked pustules, and his head is almost swollen to give people a feeling that they may burst open at any time.

From top to bottom, there is no trace of what used to be Angel Species.

If he hadn’t read information about Guangyu from the memories of several True Gods, he would even suspect that the deformed species in front of him was a natural abyssal monster.

Even the god Holy War gun he held in his right hand was completely contaminated by the energy of the abyss and turned into black, and even reached a special fusion relationship with his deformed body.

To a certain extent, Guangyu is not only Angel Species anymore, he even abandons a part of life characteristics and becomes a fusion of life and dead things.

Lin Huang also noticed that his breath was abnormal, but he didn’t go into this aspect.

He has seen a lot of Heavenly God, but he has never played against Heavenly God.

This deformed species in front of me is the first.

So Lin Huang was 100% energetic.

This was also the first time he got serious after entering the cage space.

Outside the secret domain, almost all Heavenly Gods have their eyes on the monitor screen where Lin Huang is located. Other trialists, in this brief moment, all lost the Heavenly God audience outside the venue.

In the video projection, after the two encounters, there is not even an opening sentence, and the battle is about to start.

The first to attack was Guangyu, who had no remaining sane.

In his current state, he has completely lost the ability to distinguish friends and enemies. He will attack all lifeforms that step into his territory without the slightest hesitation, and Lin Huang is no exception.

Behind his back, dozens of bat wings suddenly shook. The next moment, the figure immediately disappeared, only a gust of wind was stirred in the same place, moving towards all directions like a ripple on the water, and washed away.

“So fast!” Among the Heavenly God watching the battle, someone suddenly exclaimed.

Although Guangyu is only the Heavenly God of the First Order, his speed at this moment is almost as good as that of the Third Order.

At this moment when Guangyu showed amazing speed, many people even watched Heavenly God think that the deadwood might be insta-killed by others.

However, this kind of thing doesn’t happen at all.

For Guangyu’s sudden shot, Lin Huang had already prepared. He had anticipated that the opponent would most likely make a shot directly.

At the moment Guangyu pace shifted his figure, he also moved.

I saw his cuffs flicked slightly, and hundreds of Thunderclap-like red glow shot out, and speed was not in the shape of Guangyu pace shift.

Heavenly Gods, who was watching the battle before the surveillance, saw this scene, and many couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Kuumu’s flying knife is so fast?! This speed completely surpasses the True God level, and it is not under the moving speed of Guangyu!”

“Hundreds of control-level rule powers are superimposed on every flying knife! How many rules can be mastered to Control-level?!”

“The power of his flying knife has been improved by more than one level than before, and under the power of this intensity, Intent Energy’s control of the flying knife is still accurate to this point. His Divine Intent is probably already strong. Reached the level of Heavenly God!”

Seeing Lin Huang’s shot, most of Heavenly God is a beautiful word.

Because of Lin Huang’s hand, there is really not much real Divine Energy that can do it.

But there are a few Heavenly Gods who are still not optimistic about the outcome of Lin Huang’s battle.

“With his current level of strength, he may still be able to fight against the general First Order Heavenly God, but his current opponent is Guangyu who restrains him. At least until now, I still haven’t seen him Have any chance to win.”

“Superimposing the Intent Energy flying knives with such multiple levels of regular power, every time it is activated, the loss to Divine Energy is extremely huge. Moreover, he controls hundreds of such flying knives at the same time, which consumes even more Divine Energy. Not to mention whether an attack of this intensity can cause damage to Guangyu, how long his Divine Energy can last is a question.”

In the surveillance video, Lin Huang had hundreds of flying knives congealing into a big net in the sky, and moved towards Guangyu covered it.

I saw in the sky Guangyu’s figure connected to Flicker, and in a flash avoided all the Bloody thunder light, and continued to move towards Lin Huang and approached.

In Lin Huang’s cuffs, hundreds of Thunderclap-like red glow shot out again, forcing Guangyu to withdraw for a certain distance.

But after evading the second wave flying knife attack, Guangyu turned and moved towards Lin Huang and approached.

His breath is more unstable than before, obviously because he was forced to retreat and produced negative mood swings.

But Lin Huang was not concerned at all. After Guangyu approached again, his cuffs flicked again, and hundreds of Bloody Thunderclap shots out again.

Guangyu dodged again, avoiding the oncoming knife attack.

Three successive waves of passive reactions, seeing the secret Foreign Domain, many Heavenly Gods frowned.

“Are you so passive? Sure enough, I was restrained on speed.”

“It’s not good to go on like this. Kuchi’s attack is impossible for unlimited times, and Guangyu’s negative emotions will skyrocket one time because of being forced to retreat. Sooner or later, he will forcefully rush past Intent Energy’s flying knife. The Intent Energy Throwing Knife of Deadwood, judging from the current power, can only cause a little superficial wound to Guangyu at best.”

The leader of Shendu couldn’t help but speak to Funeral Tian, ​​”Funeral Senior, do you want him to withdraw and choose another target?”

Fun Tian stared at the surveillance video, the expression on his face did not show sorrow and joy. Hearing the question from the leader of the gods, he shook the head and said, “I believe that he knows what he is doing.”

In the surveillance video, Lin Huang has used the same method to retreat Guangyu more than ten times.

It seems that he has no other way to deal with the opponent’s attack, but strangely, there is no trace of panic on his face. Even, it seems a bit calm.

Looking at Guangyu rushing over one time, and then evading and dodge one time, the anger rose one time, Lin Huang’s heart was calm.

Facing the opponent of God realm powerhouse, from the very beginning, he didn’t think about insta-killing the opponent.

Even if he exerts his full strength now, he can do this, but he does not intend to expose his hole cards in such a monitored state.

In fact, as early as when Coslight was selected as a hunting target, he immediately constructed a hunting plan for Coslight in his mind.

Now, everything is moving towards the direction he expected, no difference…

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