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Since the opponent doesn’t have much sane remaining, it means that the opponent’s combat mode should be more instinctive, and less mindful. Then the easiest way to deal with it is to use the opponent’s ignorance to defeat the opponent.

Lin Huang is implementing this method.

Instinctively, the deformed species will evade Lin Huang’s attacks repeatedly one time. But after one time dodges, his anger also rises one time.

Outside the secret domain, everyone who watched the surveillance video felt that Lin Huang was dancing on the rope.

Because Guangyu will give up dodge sooner or later and force a breakthrough.

But a few people saw some clues.

After repeated seven times is Potui Intent Energy knife, not by much reason remnants of Guangyu has finally broken out from anger.

His killing intent has fully climbed to the top.

The figure jumps out again, this one time, speed is faster than any previous one time.

Lin Huang still maintains a calm face, it seems that there is no concern at all. The other party is almost condensed into a substantive killing intent.

In the next instant, the deformity in a flash rushed in front of Lin Huang.

unstoppable attitude, so many Heavenly God while onlookers are amazed.

Lin Huang was still the same as usual, his cuffs flicked, and hundreds of blood glow shot out.

But this one time, the Deformity Species did not dodge at all, but continued to move towards Lin Huang and approached.

The corners of Lin Huang’s lips lifted up a shallow arc almost invisible. In the next instant, thousands of red thunder lights in the cuffs vented out at a more terrifying speed, and every thunder light was wrapped around the Thunderclap. The power of order was too fast for Guangyu to react at all.

In the sky, the body of the deformed species was instantly swallowed up by the Bloody thunder light, and it uttered a terrible cry.

The horrible howl only lasted for less than three seconds before it stopped abruptly.

Outside the secret domain, many Heavenly Gods stared at the surveillance screen, and the audience fell into silent silence.

It took a long time before someone asked the funeral.

“Senior in Funeral, where did you find this fierce person, it turned into a Divine Order Chain in the real God realm?!”

The funeral day is still expressionless, only glanced at the Heavenly God who asked the question, and did not answer the question. But in my heart, I thought secretly, “I didn’t even know that this kid had condensed into a Divine Order Chain, alright…”

Seeing someone broke the silence, everyone’s discussion revived.

“It turns out that this kid at first was deliberately angering Guangyu, just waiting for the moment when the other party completely gave up dodge, and gave him a trick!”

“This hand is really beautiful! With Guangyu’s speed, if the attack was made directly, the effect will be much worse. At least half of the attacks will fail. I have to say that he did choose the most appropriate one. The timing is perfect!”

“I suddenly felt that if I were Guangyu, I might also be crushed by Rottenwood’s IQ. I was repeatedly forced to retreat seven times. It was me and I couldn’t bear it…”

As soon as this sentence came out, many Heavenly Gods began to reflect on whether they would be fooled by the rotten wood just now.

As a result, most people find that they will be hit.

Lin Huang didn’t know that his move caused so many reflections from the Heavenly God leader.

After he took the bodies of the Intent Energy Throwing Knife and Guangyu back into the storage space, he moved towards the next target, and at the same time he was distracted to check the gains of his battle.

Within the body world, a new force of order poured in, and a lot of power of rules poured in along with the force of order. The original more than 40,000 rules suddenly increased to more than 50,000.

Apart from this, another peculiar force has poured into the will of the world, strengthening Lin Huang within the body’s grit world will, and even starting a new round of expansion within the body world. .

Within the body God Fire, the intensity has also been enhanced by a wave.

However, Lin Huang can clearly feel that it is still far from his breakthrough to the true God realm in the second sequence.

“I don’t know how many Heavenly Gods I have to hunt before my Combat Rating can break through again.”

Lin Huang himself is not quite clear, what is his specific promotion path now.

But Divine Energy grow stronger, which means that the act of hunting Heavenly God is right. As long as you continue to hunt, your Combat Rating will break through sooner or later.

With this thought, Lin Huang continued to move towards the second hunting target and galloped away.

Secret Foreign Domain, the gambling is over, the dealer transfers pieces of orderly artifacts to the storage ring in the funeral day with a bitter expression.

The faces of the rest of Heavenly God who lost the gambling game are not pretty.

Especially the leaders of the seven-star forces. They thought that the geniuses of their forces had the ability to hunt down Heavenly God and could shine in this prisoner hunt. Even if the whole trial is completed and only one or two Heavenly Gods are hunted down, it is enough to surprise the audience,

But didn’t expect, Lin Huang came to a lore on the first day.

Not only did he firmly occupy the top of the Gold List as soon as he came up, but he also completed the achievement of killing the prisoner of God realm in less than two hours after the hunt started. Transformed from an unknown dark horse into the protagonist of the entire trial!

Even now, Lin Huang’s every move has become the focus of many Heavenly God follow closely outsiders, and not many people pay attention to other trialists at all.

In the secret domain, although everyone cannot see the surveillance video, the changes in the points list are indeed instant.

As long as the kill is completed, almost the next instant, there will be feedback on the hunting points on the points list.

The next second Lin Huang completed the killing of Guangyu, his hunting points directly skyrocketed by 100 points on the Gold List.

He himself has been occupying the Gold List first, suddenly his points skyrocketed, and he was instantly noticed by all trialists.

Everyone also understands what it means to hunt for points and suddenly increase by 100 points.

This kind of points skyrocket will only occur if the kills cross the big realm.

This guy named Deadwood suddenly increased 100 points in hunting points. There is only one probability-that is, he successfully hunted down a first-order Heavenly God with a true God realm.

Almost all trialists were stunned when they saw the Lin Huang points change.

Even the few people who didn’t put the dark horse of Lin Huang in their eyes too much had their pupils shrinking.

“Has the hunt for Heavenly God been completed in less than two hours?! Didn’t expect Death God, besides his fate, has another ruthless character!”

“It seems that I underestimated this newcomer before. I thought that with his ten ninth sequence real God realm hunting speed in an hour, as long as I hunted Heavenly God, I could easily surpass it. But didn’t expect this The newcomer also has the ability to hunt Heavenly God!”


Jiming stared at the number one name on the Gold List for a long time, and suddenly whispered to himself, “Sure enough, I didn’t disappoint… Should I call you rotted wood or evil forest? ?”

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