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Successfully hunted down the first Heavenly God realm deformity species, Lin Huang moved towards Heavenly God territory and continued to deepen.

With the first time hunting experience, he has become more comfortable with borrowing within the body world Divine Order Chain.

Compared with the strength of Heavenly God’s Divine Intent, plus the equivalent to the Intent Energy of the god of order, plus the borrowed Divine Order Chain. Under the superposition of the three, Lin Huang’s subsequent hunting of the prisoner of God realm went smoothly.

His hunting points are also steadily increasing.

Each time the hunt is completed one time, the points will skyrocket by one hundred points. It leaves the second single digit points far behind.

at first, everyone was shocked when the name “Rotten Wood” suddenly gained 100 points. Many people even think that he is just good luck and met the weaker Heavenly God.

But as Lin Huang points soared one time this time, everyone finally realized that this dark horse is not just good luck, but really has top strength.

At first, those who questioned Lin Huang’s quickly disappeared without a trace.

Of course, there is still a small number of people who suspect Lin Huang is cheating.

But outside of the secret domain, many Heavenly God team leaders who stared at the surveillance video could see Lin Huang’s every battle clearly.

Starting from the first deformed species, Lin Huang went all the way through all obstacles and confronted God realm prisoners one by one, almost all of them crushing and killing one time and one time. His performance this way completely obscures the demeanor of all other trialist.

I can see a few seven-star force leaders envy.

“How do I feel, he doesn’t seem to use his full strength yet? No matter what kind of opponent he meets, he seems to be calm.”

“You said, is it possible for deadwood to have the strength of the second order?!”

“Whether he has the strength of the Second Order, I will know right away.” Heavenly God, the leader of the God Capital, glanced expressionlessly at the direction of Funeral Sky, “His current flight route should not be unexpected. Go to the evil eye.”

All of the Heavenly God present listened, and quickly looked towards Lin Huang’s flight path.

For Evil Eye, all Heavenly Gods present are no strangers.

The evil eye is a pure abyssal creature, to be precise, a natural evil spirit species.

The race it belongs to is often called the Big Eye Monster outside the abyss.

Because they look like huge eyeballs peeled off by surgery one after another, but there are hundreds of flesh and blood tentacles connected under them.

Evil Eye is no exception, but it is inherently stronger than other siblings, and it is born as Fifth Rank.

What he is best at is to confuse people with Illusion Art and even control other living creatures.

After being captured by the gods and entering this prisoner’s secret domain, Evil Eye once caused a storm. It quietly controlled hundreds of Heavenly God realm monsters, among which there were even a few Second Orders, dominating the Heavenly God Domain.

Later, the gods found it and sent someone to repair it.

After the Evil Eye incident was reported, several True God evildoers with the power of Heavenly God in each Great Influence regarded it as hunting targets.

The secret domain was opened at one time, and several powerhouses on the ceiling of True God participated in the hunt for evil eyes.

In the end, the hunt ended in failure, and even the True God evildoer from War God Temple died on the spot.

The rest of the evildoers were rescued by the staff member of God Capital.

After this battle, no hunter dared to attack the evil eye for a long time.

Over 10,000 years later, there were several enchanting attempts, but they all ended in disastrous defeat, and some people even paid the price of their lives.

Afterwards, Evil Eye has completely become a taboo in the Prisoner’s Secret Realm, and no one dared to fight it anymore.

However, this one time the secret domain is opened, Lin Huang, the dark horse, has focused on this hunting target.

The reason why Lin Huang stared at the evil eye was very simple, just because he was on the way and the distance was close, he was too lazy to detour to find the next hunting target.

Many Heavenly Gods outside the secret domain do not know that Lin Huang stared at evil eyes because of this strange reason. They think that deadwood is at first and they know the power of the evil eye. They have been plotting to focus on it for a long time, just want to prove that they are stronger than all the previous True God ceiling powerhouses!

Of course, Lin Huang has indeed heard the story of Evil Eye.

In the information provided by Funeral Sky, the evil eye is very clear.

In Lin Huang’s view, this monster poses no threat to him.

Lin Huang didn’t know that his choice made his heart sink even after seeing the funeral of the secret Foreign Domain.

Although Funeral has always had confidence in Lin Huang’s strength, he is not optimistic about the outcome of this battle.

Because the evil eye is proficient in the methods of Illusion Art and Spiritual Plane, generally a cultivator with insufficient Soul Strength will directly fall into the illusion when encountering it.

Although Evil Eye has only the first order, its Soul Strength is comparable to the second order. Coupled with the superposition of the Divine Order Chain effects of the two Illusion Art classes, generally the second-order Heavenly God with weaker Soul Strength will be recruited, not to mention that Lin Huang’s actual Combat Rating only has the first-order God realm.

However, there is no wave on the surface of the funeral.

This makes everyone who originally wanted to start another gambling game somewhat uncertain.

At this moment, the leader of Shendu suddenly spoke after hesitating for a while.

“In this battle, I will be a banker, let’s open another game!”

“The bet on the evil eye wins, the bet is on my left hand. The bet on the dead wood wins, the bet is on my right hand…”

Many Heavenly Gods who were present came in, and most of them still chose Evil Eye.

However, due to Lin Huang’s amazing performance before, there are obviously a few more people in Lin Huang’s than before.

After everyone had bought almost everything, Funeral Tian walked forward and took out the previous storage ring one time.

In this storage ring, there are not only the first ten High Step gambling assets, but also all the chips won in the two games before the funeral.

He both pinched the rings, and put them on the side where the dead wood won without any hesitation.

It’s not that I have confidence in Lin Huang, but for him, even if he loses, he will lose nothing more than ten High Step order artifacts. As for those who won the previous two rounds, at worst will go back. As Lin Huang’s leader, he never felt that “Lin Huang loses” was a choice from the very beginning.

In Divine Realm, Lin Huang is galloping while checking the state of her within the body.

“Seven Heavenly Gods were hunted, seven more within the body Divine Order Chain, and the number of rules increased to more than 40,000, which increased to more than 80,000. There are a lot of God Fire grow stronger, within the body The area of ​​Divine Realm has also expanded to more than five times its original size……”

Different from the sword servant, only the rules that the sword servant masters are projected to Lin Huang within the body world. Lin Huang’s hunting of Heavenly God is to directly plunder all of the dead, including all their rules within the body world, the amount of world Willpower, and even all the lifeforms that directly accommodate the opponent within the body world……

It’s just that Lin Huang is still not quite clear, how can I be promoted to the second rank of God realm……

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