Monster Paradise Chapter 1504

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Following the route he read in his memory, Lin Huang quickly found his next goal-Evil Eye.

From the information given by Funeral Sky, he has long understood Evil Eye.

Although it is the Heavenly God of the First Order, Evil Eye is born a Tier 5 evil spirit species, and in the First Order it controls two Divine Order Chains.

His most powerful thing is that he has two Divine Order Chains, one is Illusion Art and the other is enchantment. The two complement each other, not only the effect can be perfectly superimposed, but also complementary to the shortcomings. Under the superposition of the two order forces, the effect is even more than that of the Divine Order Chain superposition effect of the second order Heavenly God.

That’s why, when it first entered the Prisoner’s Secret Realm, it was able to control the number of second-order Heavenly Gods.

But after Lin Huang knew the power of this evil spirit species, he still did not choose to bypass it. Instead, he continued to gallop along the original route and included it on his hunting list.

Actually, many Heavenly Gods outside the secret domain seemed a little confused by this operation.

Some believe that Lin Huang chose Evil Eye as his target because he wants to prove that he is better than all the True Gods before.

But Funeral Tian didn’t think so. Although he didn’t know Lin Huang deeply, he probably knew the character of the other party. He knows that Lin Huang is not the kind of person who will do some shocking things in order to be popular. He decides to do something, usually because he wants to do it himself, and has nothing to do with the eyes of others.

This also made him more confused than others. He wondered why Lin Huang would choose such a challenging hunting target? !

What he is even more puzzled is that Lin Huang dares to challenge this evil eye. What is his backing? !

In the surveillance video, Lin Huang quickly broke into the territory of Evil Eye.

As Soul Strength itself was the evil eye of God realm on the second order day, it had spotted Lin Huang, an intruder long ago.

If it were changed to the outside world, it would have been impatient against Lin Huang.

But there are rules in the Prisoner’s Secret Realm, and God realm powerhouse is not allowed to take the initiative to take the trialist unless it is determined that the trialist’s hunting target is himself.

It still has lingering fears about the last suppression of God Capital, and naturally does not dare to go beyond the rules. In case the opponent just passed by and took the initiative to take the initiative, it would only attract God Powerhouse to take another shot to suppress himself.

However, Lin Huang’s goal was very clear. After sensing the location of the evil eye, his flight path pointed directly at the opponent.

This also made Evil Eye couldn’t help getting excited.

It can clearly judge that the other party is targeting itself.

You know, it hasn’t fought an outside trialist for many years. But it still remembers how delicious the trialist tasted last time.

Thinking of the deliciousness of God Race within the body Divine Energy, it was so excited that its tentacles couldn’t help but sway.

Evil Eye just got excited, and noticed that a silhouette suddenly appeared not far in front of him. When he fixed his eyes, it was the trialist just now.

Because it can’t take the initiative, it can only control its temper and carefully look at the opponent.

The breath intensity is just the ordinary ninth sequence God realm, nothing special. Judging from his breath alone, he was almost the weakest hunter who had challenged him.

Evil Eye speculated that the other party was either extremely arrogant or had some special means. But he feels that the former has greater probability.

While Evil Eye is looking at Lin Huang’s, Lin Huang is also looking at it.

A huge eyeball with scarlet pupils, about three meters in diameter, just floats in the air. Behind the eyeball, there is also a large piece of scarlet flesh and blood, extending hundreds of tentacles…

It looks like it’s really oozing.

In addition, Lin Huang could clearly sense that the evil eye in front of him had a stronger aura than the Heavenly Gods he had hunted before, and it was even close to the intensity of the Second Order.

“It seems that the rumors should be true, but from the perspective of breath, its strength will not be weaker than the general second order Heavenly God…” Lin Huang in a flash made this judgment.

Sensed that Lin Huang’s Qi machine was locked on his body, the evil eye was happy, and without the slightest hesitation directly launched an attack.

His pupils suddenly red glow, as if a scarlet full moon lit up in the night sky, and the hazy red glow poured out silently, illuminating an area tens of kilometers in radius.

Lin Huang is shrouded in it without exception…

Being locked by the Qi machine means that the opponent’s hunting target is himself, so Evil Eye without the slightest hesitation takes the lead.

In this case, the preemptive action is tacitly permitted by the secret domain rules.

Don’t attack this rule actively, only when the purpose of the trialist cannot be confirmed, because the other party may just pass by. Once the trialist’s hunting goal is clear, the prisoner who is being targeted can take action first.

The establishment of this rule is mainly to prevent some boring guys from taking the initiative to provoke the prisoners of Heavenly God.

Outside the secret domain, I saw Evil Eye suddenly make a move, while Lin Huang stood still and did not move.

Many Heavenly God who watched the game were heartbroken.

Although many people gamble with evil eyes to win, most people still hope to see Lin Huang continue to create miracles.

Even if they are not members of their own forces, it is a good thing that Divine Realm can have such a talented evildoer.

Most people don’t want to see Lin Huang fall here.

But all the leaders of Heavenly God also know that if you can’t take the lead in the battle against Evil Eye, there is almost no chance of a comeback.

Unless a person’s Soul Strength can be stronger than the evil eye, it is possible to break the illusion set by it.

“The deadwood hasn’t moved for three seconds. Obviously, it has fallen into an illusion. There is no suspense in this battle.” The leader of War God Temple, Heavenly God indifferently said.

“Fun Tian Senior, do you want to intervene now?!” Heavenly God, the leader of God Capital, asked.

The funeral brows slightly wrinkle, and he didn’t expect Lin Huang to even hold a face-to-face.

Just when he was entangled, whether to wait and see.

In the surveillance video, Lin Huang suddenly raised his head and looked towards the evil eye.

“Is this your strongest method? It seems that my expectations of you are a little too high.”

tone barely fell, tens of thousands of red glow shot out from the cuff, instantly engulfing the evil eye.

Only a moment, Evil Eye’s corpse, like a pool of ground meat, fell from in midair.

Two Divine Order Chains, as well as massive rules of power, began to rush into Lin Huang’s body crazily, and within the body Divine Realm also began a new round of expansion…

The power of rules has skyrocketed from more than 80,000 types to almost 90,000 types in a flash.

At this moment, Lin Huang sensed that more than 90,000 regular forces began to move towards his body and Spirit Soul to give back a special energy.

His God Fire skyrocketed again, and Divine Energy also began to transform. Even the fleshly body and Spirit Soul seemed to be washed by that special force, advance a step to a new level.

When this change is completely completed, Lin Huang can clearly feel that he is growing stronger again.

“Finally promoted to the second rank!”

Until this moment, Lin Huang finally knew what his way of promotion to the True God sequence was.

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