Monster Paradise Chapter 1505


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“How did he do it?!”

“I didn’t understand, did he hit Illusion Art and broke free. Or is he Illusion Art that didn’t hit the evil eye at all?!”

“Will his Soul Strength be much stronger than Evil Eye?!”

Secret Foreign Domain, a group of Heavenly God team leaders saw Lin Huang suddenly counter-attack, and their faces were shocked, even the funeral day was no exception.

They didn’t understand at all, why Lin Huang was not affected by the evil eye illusion.

With the superimposing effect of the Soul Strength of the Evil Eye and the two Divine Order Chains, the illusion he created, even many God realm powerhouses of the second order will accidentally be attacked.

What they don’t know is that Lin Huang’s Soul Strength is stronger than the evil forest, and his Spirit Soul space has a Spirit Soul guardian comparable to the top order gods.

This makes Lin Huang completely immune to all elementary order Heavenly God Spirit Soul attacks.

The Illusion Art of the Evil Eye was indeed activated, but it was directly immune to the effect by the gods.

Lin Huang stood in place after Evil Eye activated Illusion Art. It was not because of the Illusion Art, but because he was distracted to check the immunity effect of the gods.

When he finds that his Soul Strength is close to the God realm of the third order day, the god soldiers are immune to all Spirit Soul attacks of the first to third orders. Moreover, this kind of function of the magic weapon will continue to increase as its Soul Strength increases.

When encountering an opponent like Evil Eye, who is only good at mental methods, others are evasive, but for Lin Huang, it is simply a treat.

The outside world is very confused, but Lin Huang is in a good mood.

Solved the evil eye, not only allowed him to successfully promote to the second rank, but also allowed him to find the direction to continue his promotion.

“It turned out to be promoted by the number of rules within the body world… In the first sequence, more than 30,000 pieces were gathered in one breath, and it was increased to 90,000 to be promoted to the second sequence. I don’t know what it takes to advance to the third sequence How many…”

Although Lin Huang is murmured, he is not at a loss.

Now that I know the direction of promotion, there is no need to entangle the specific number. Anyway, just continue to hunt Heavenly God and continue to rob them of the number of rules within the body world. As long as the number is sufficient, the Combat Rating will naturally increase.

It’s just fine to go with the flow.

After reading the memory from the evil eye corpse that has turned into a pool of rotten flesh, put the corpse away, Lin Huang continued moving towards the next hunting target and galloped away.

Secret Foreign Domain, once again won the funeral, and put away the storage ring in the envy of everyone.

Many people are still discussing what exactly Rotten Wood used to avoid the evil eye’s Illusion Art attack.

The funeral expression stood there calmly and did not participate in any discussion, because he didn’t know what Lin Huang did just now.

However, this battle finally made him completely relieved of Lin Huang.

Being able to hunt down evil eyes, Lin Huang’s strength is enough to run wild in the First Order Heavenly God.

He doesn’t need to worry about Lin Huang’s mistakes.

Next Lin Huang’s two hunts, no one started gambling.

Lin Huang’s performance is still stable and strong, and all opponents are insta-kill.

In less than a day, he has hunted ten first-sequence God realm prisoners, accumulating more than 1,000 hunting points, leaving everyone behind.

The other trialists in the secret domain are numb.

No one can predict that Lin Huang, a dark horse, can be so black that it has crushed Heaven’s Chosen cultivated by all forces. Even several True God ceiling players with the strength of Heavenly God were suppressed to their heads.

After hunting ten First Order Heavenly God prisoners, Lin Huang’s flight route quickly aroused heated discussion among many Heavenly Gods in the secret Foreign Domain.

“The flight route of deadwood, is it possible to hunt down the second order Heavenly God?!”

“Looking at the direction he is traveling, it seems that he really moved towards the territory of the Second Order Heavenly God!”

“This is because Heavenly God of the First Order is not challenging anymore, so I want to challenge a stronger opponent?!”

“He can kill the evil eye, which is enough to prove his strength. I think it should not be difficult for him to hunt down the general second order Heavenly God.”

“Judging from his previous performance in hunting the First Order, there should be a lot of energy left. I also want to see where his strength is at the end.”

At this one time, for Lin Huang’s decision, unexpectedly none of the onlookers at Heavenly God raised objections. Almost everyone was optimistic about Lin Huang’s next hunt.

With the previous experience of pā pā pā pā face slaps, the two leaders of War God Temple and Shendu did not comment. I don’t know whether they are optimistic about Lin Huang or not.

When everyone was unanimously optimistic, the next gambling game could not be opened.

Everyone stared at the surveillance video. Lin Huang galloped for more than an hour, and finally broke into the territory of the first and second order Heavenly God.

After a fierce battle that lasted more than half an hour, he successfully killed the opponent.

Lin Huang’s points soared by 200 points.

For this battle, many Heavenly Gods who watched the battle were also discussing spiritedly.

Because Lin Huang only used one Thunderclap Divine Order Chain from beginning to end.

“Being able to kill the second order Heavenly God, it is already a good performance. It is considered to have evened the previous record of highest battle strength challenge success.”

“He completely relies on the number of Intent Energy’s flying knives to crush the opponent. This method is not very easy to use when encountering the top powerhouse in the second order. Because it is likely to be affected by the opponent’s speed or other aspects Restrained”

“The Divine Intent strength of deadwood, as well as the amount of Divine Energy, are far beyond the average True God. But no matter how strong these two points are, there are still limits. After all, he is only a true God realm. For his opponent, the probability of loss is also very high. Because the longer the fighting time is, the more disadvantaged it is for him.”

As many Heavenly Gods in the Secret Foreign Domain were discussing, there was an uproar in the Secret Domain.

Lin Huang’s points have skyrocketed, and they have been followed closely by all trialists.

His points one time soared by 200 points, and almost everyone noticed it.

“One time skyrocketed by 200 points. Did you successfully hunt down the second order Heavenly God?! Or did you kill two first order Heavenly Gods one time?!”

“This guy actually started hunting down the second order Heavenly God! This is only the first day the secret domain is opened!”

“Hey, do you want to work so hard?! I was thinking about hitting soy sauce, but you made me feel a little bit sorry.”

“Is this guy really not cheating?! Why have we never heard of the name Kuchaki before?!”

Kally and Bloody naturally noticed Lin Huang’s performance on the Ranking List.

Kally, dressed in war armor, holds a gun in hand, but stands in place staring at the name of the dead wood on the line, without any movement for a long time.

On the other side, Bloody only glanced at the Ranking List, then put the projection away, and the corners of his lips raised slightly.

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