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After Lin Huang successfully hunted down a Heavenly God of the Second Order, the top evildoers of Great Influence finally couldn’t sit still.

Several True God ceiling powerhouses who have mastered the power of Perfection rules directly stopped warming up and familiarized themselves with the environment, and began to advance into the territory of Heavenly God one after another.

They know that if they don’t start hunting Heavenly God, they will only be completely thrown away by the dead wood. When the time comes, there is no chance to catch up.

As for the numerous True God powerhouses under the ceiling, they have also begun to hunt down True God prisoners. They are all trying to make their final hunting points look better and rank higher.

The ceiling-level powerhouse, including deadwood, has fewer than ten people. It’s better to be in the top ten than these people. No matter how bad it is, mixing a top 20 is not ugly.

As for True God, many False Gods have little to do with the Gold List.

But seeing that the first points of the Gold List have reached four digits, the silver list is still only single digits, and the gap between the top ten does not have several points of.

This ignited everyone’s fighting spirit.

After all, unlike the Gold List, where the points gap is huge, the points gap on the silver list has not been widened, and there are several top powerhouses with similar strengths, and the overall strength gap is not large. It’s really hard to say who can rank first.

Outside the secret domain, many Heavenly Gods are happy to watch the excitement.

Seeing that everyone’s sense of competition has been stimulated by Lin Huang, I think this is a good thing.

Prisoner’s Secret Domain itself is a stage to show one’s own strength and win glory for one’s own power.

All Great Influence leaders hope that the trialists they bring can have a dazzling performance. After all, these trialists are the middle force of the entire force and the future of the entire force.

Lin Huang didn’t know what kind of changes he had brought to this trial.

He remained as usual, continuing to calmly search for his hunting target, and after finishing the hunt, he would look for the next one. So repeatedly…

To hunt down all the Heavenly God of the Second Order, he always uses a Thunderclap Divine Order Chain instead of second.

Although there is only one Divine Order Chain in use, there are tens of thousands of Intent Energy throwing knives infused with order power, and even more than 80,000 are used at the most, which is a complete victory by volume.

This also made many Heavenly God leaders of the secret Foreign Domain look confused.

On the one hand, they were shocked by the control power of Lin Huang Intent Energy. On the other hand, they were shocked by the power of Lin Huang Intent Energy and the strength of Divine Energy. Some Heavenly God leaders were shocked by Lin Huang’s financial resources.

After all, the order magic tools used by Heavenly God are not cheap, and the Intent Energy weapons of the order magic level are even more valuable. And everyone can see that the quality step of the Intent Energy weapon used by Lin Huang is not low.

There are even a few people who secretly slander in the bottom of their hearts whether the deadwood is the illegal child of the burial, or the illegal child of a certain blood sickle by Death God.

In the secret domain, Lin Huang’s hunt for the Second Order Heavenly God has continued.

Every time he hunts down a second order Heavenly God, he can plunder about 10,000 kinds of rule power on average, but after hunting more than ten, the rule power within the body world has soared to more than 200,000 Kind of, battle strength still shows no sign of breakthrough.

He has been following closely the number of rules within the body world until he hunted down to the eighteenth person and the number of rules within the body increased to 270,000, when Combat Rating finally broke through again.

From the second sequence, promoted to the third sequence, God realm!

“Is it a triple increase?!” Lin Huang probably figured out his promotion rules.

at first when he was promoted to True God, the number of rules within the body was more than 30,000. It took 90,000 to promote to the second rank, and now it took 270,000 to promote to the third rank. Calculating according to this rule, 810,000 rules should be required to advance to the fourth rank.

With this inference, Lin Huang continued to hunt.

But his hunting goal, from the second order Heavenly God, began to promote to the third order Heavenly God.

There is no other reason, just because the Heavenly God of the third order, within the body World Rule, has more numbers and is more efficient to plunder.

It was discovered that Lin Huang’s movement was abnormal again, and all the Heavenly God leaders of the Secret Foreign Domain looked at the video projection moved towards him again.

“The flight path of deadwood seems to be moved towards the territory of the Third Order Heavenly God…”

“This guy, doesn’t he really want to hunt down the Third Order Heavenly God?!”

“He only has a Divine Order Chain and wants to hunt down the Heavenly God of the Third Order. I am afraid it is a bit difficult.” The Divine Realm leader shook his head slightly, obviously not optimistic about Lin Huang’s behavior.

“His strength is at best the second order level. The hunting of the second order Heavenly God completely relies on the number of Intent Energy flying knives to kill the opponent. If you want to use the same method to hunt the third order, I am afraid that you will eventually be consumed. It will only be himself.” The leader of War God Temple also shook his head.

“It seems that no trialist has ever challenged the Third Order Heavenly God in the Prisoner’s Secret Realm before, right?! Regardless of whether the Deadwood Challenge can be successful, this attempt alone has surpassed all previous trialists.” At that time, the leader of the alien suddenly jumped out to stand Lin Huang.

“How do you know that Rottenwood has no other cards?” Shinra’s team leader had a playful expression. When he spoke, he glanced at the funeral sky not far away. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any clues.

Five seven-star forces, four of them all stood in line.

Seeing that many people were sneaking a glimpse of themselves, Heavenly God, the leader of the Treasure Pavilion, laughed.

“I won’t express my opinion to offend the person. In case anyone in this trialist gets promoted to the main god one day, that’s a major customer of our Treasure Pavilion. But if you are really arguing, I’d be happy to be someone , Start another round.”

“Let’s just open this round a bit bigger, just pick up the High Step order magic tool, start with three pieces!”

“If you are interested, you can play.”

When Heavenly God, the leader of the Treasure Pavilion spoke, everyone fell silent.

This starting price, let several Five Stars forces lead the Heavenly God shiver coldly, they dare not speak at all. They may add up to three or five High Step order artifacts.

As for the leaders of the six-star forces, they also remain silent. At this price, most of them are bleeding.

As for the seven-star forces, they didn’t speak any more.

It’s not that I can’t afford the price, but I’m not sure if I can win.

The two leaders of War God Temple and Shendu, who were beaten in the face by Lin Huang one time pā pā pā before, are now a bit psychologically overshadowed.

Although they are not optimistic about Lin Huang, they always vaguely think that this guy may still have cards. Maybe it can really successfully hunt the third order Heavenly God.

The leaders of Yidu and Shenluo, although they say they are optimistic about Lin Huang, they are also telling themselves that Lin Huang’s probability of winning this round is not great. He probably didn’t even think about a successful hunt, but just wanted to try it.

Treasure Pavilion led the team. Myth’s voice fell. For a while, no one answered.

Seeing that no one spoke for a long while, Funeral Tian reached out and took out the previous storage ring.

“I win against the deadwood!”

Everyone immediately looked towards Funeral Sky.

Heavenly God, the leader of the Treasure Pavilion, did not take the bet to bury the world. Instead, he glanced around the crowd, “Is anyone betting on the deadwood to lose?! Without it, this bet won’t start.”

No one answered for a while.

Even the leaders of the Seven Star Forces are avoiding the eyes of Treasure Pavilion Heavenly God.

“You are not participating, so I can’t blame me.” The Treasure Pavilion led Heavenly God and spread his hands toward the funeral sky.

When I saw this at the funeral, I took the storage ring back and stopped talking.

Many Heavenly God leaders are secretly guessing whether they have been bluffed by the burial sky, or whether the dead wood really has the ability to hunt down the third order Heavenly God? !