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Sticky is an evil spirit species born in the abyss. When it was born, it was very weak and its shape was a pool of fist sized flesh, without minions. It can be said to be the bottom-most creature in the abyssal food chain.

It still clearly remembers that its rise originated from swallowing a fragment of bone in its infancy.

It was a piece of broken bone with divine nature, maybe a spiritual god was hunted by a more powerful existence, this broken bone slipped out of his mouth.

The divinity of the broken bones caused the life form of Stitch to undergo a miraculous transformation.

Not only does it completely break away from the original life essence, it also strengthens its natural instinct.

He can swallow and transform all fleshly body materials of lifeform, turning it into a part of himself.

This ability makes Siti more and more powerful, but also allows its body to develop in a weird direction one time moved towards.

On the top of its head, there are nine eyeballs of different colors and even different shapes. These eyeballs were plundered from other monsters and transformed into a part of himself.

Beneath the head, there are several handsome heads, including men and women, God Race, human, and angels…

Behind him are dozens of wings of various shapes and sizes.

Some have colorful feathers, some have scales of various shapes, and some are similar to hairless bat wings…

In front of the bat wings, there are more than ten tentacles of different thicknesses and shapes.

Some mucus is all over, some are as smooth as jade, some are covered with needles, some are highly poisonous…

Under the tentacles, there are big mouths full of fangs, and there are more than ten.

Further down, there are lower limbs of different shapes, with forefoot and hind legs, but without exception, they have terrible sharp claws.

All its limbs, even the overwhelming majority organization of the body, were plundered by him himself.

The whole looks like a toy stacked up randomly or even slightly maliciously.

It doesn’t seem to have any coordination in its body, but strangely, it works perfectly.

Stic has been locked into this prisoner secret domain by the gods for more than ten thousand years.

But as the God realm of the third order day, he has never encountered a trialist challenge.

On this day, it suddenly sensed that a weak aura appeared within its own territory.

“this aura… only the ninth sequence is really God realm?”

“Could it be a trialist?!”

“The trialist is here, the trialist is here…”

“It is so interesting that a trialist took the initiative to provoke him!”

“Which part of his body should be regarded as a precious object?”

Sticky was so excited, several heads were talking to each other, yelling and making noise.

After a while, trialist finally arrived.

Sticky looked at the intruder carefully, curiously.

This is a male trialist, wrapped in black-robed, and the faintly visible face under the brim of the hat is unshaven, looking a little decadent.

It is exactly the rotten wood form disguised by Lin Huang.

“Does not look good, don’t want his head.”

“His hands look good, let’s collect his hands!”

“The legs are also quite long, so you can collect them!”

Several heads are arguing and discussing with each other.

This is also Stitch’s habit. Every time it hunts a prey, it will collect at least one loot from the opponent and make it a part of its body.

Seeing that Lin Huang’s first hunting target was Stitch, and the Heavenly God who was watching by the secret Foreign Domain was also discussing spiritedly.

“Stitch is not easy to deal with. Although it is not very good in mind, its comprehensive strength can also be ranked in the first echelon among the prisoners of Heavenly God of the third order.” The leader of the gods was introduced.

“This is the suture monster in Legendary. I remember this guy seems to have mastered seven or eight Divine Order Chains, but he can’t use it freely.” War God Temple leader asked.

“Yes, he can plunder other people’s Divine Order Chain. But he can only use the power of three Divine Order Chains at the same time, and the development of order power is not very good. The battle method tends to overwhelm others. “The gods are nodded the leader.

“To some extent, the two of them restrained each other. This suture monster is good at hand-to-hand combat, which is restrained by Deadwood. But on the other hand, this guy seems to have no bottom line in endurance. If Deadwood has no ultimate weapon , It is very likely to be consumed by it.” The team leader of the different degree also expressed his opinion.

Just as a few people made comments, some people secretly looked towards Funeral Sky, wanting to see how he reacted. But the funeral is always expressionless, and there is no clue on his face.

In the secret domain, Lin Huang couldn’t help but take a look at Stitch.

The monsters he has seen are not few, but strange stitching monsters like Stitch, I’ve seen him the first time.

All kinds of different organs are matched on the same fleshly body, and there is no sense of harmony.

But what is strange is that the breath of this suture monster does not have any contradictions or confusion. It feels like he was born to be like this.

“We have never seen a trialist yet!”

“We have decided to collect your whole person as a specimen.”

“Although you are not good-looking, as the first trialist who challenged us, it is very collectible.”

“Trialist, you should feel honored. We rarely collect complete corpses.”

“Yes, under normal circumstances, we only choose one or two of the most beautiful part of each other’s body for collection.”

“The rest will be thrown away!”

Several heads talk to themselves in turn, which makes Lin Huang a little curious. Whether the other’s heads work independently or essentially only one brain is operating, these heads are just puppets.

The information about Stitch was also mentioned in the information sent from the funeral.

Although the information in this document is not detailed, it is sufficient for Lin Huang.

He knows that this monster can swallow the opponent and plunder the power of the opponent within the body and the Divine Order Chain. He also knows that this monster has now mastered eight Divine Order Chains, but can only use three at the same time.

The reason why he chose the opponent as the first third-order hunting target was because he felt that the opponent should have more rules within the body than the general third-order Heavenly God. Kill it, you can plunder more rules and speed up the efficiency of battle strength improvement.

However, in the eyes of many Heavenly Gods outside the secret domain, Lin Huang undoubtedly picked a tough one for himself.

Although Stitch’s IQ is not high, the hard power lies there. No matter how you look at it, it belongs to the powerhouse of the first echelon in the third order Heavenly God prisoner.

Almost all the Heavenly God team leaders who watched the game felt that it was not a wise move for Kuchi to choose such an opponent.