Monster Paradise Chapter 1508


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Just looking at the suture monster in front of him for a while, Lin Huang launched an attack directly.

The cuffs flicked, and thousands of Intent Energy flying knives directly turned into thousands of Bloody and shot out.

The opponent is a monster who is good at close combat, and his current character is just a teacher. Lin Huang can only take the initiative to avoid being drawn close by the opponent.

But I saw dozens of Stic’s wings vibrating almost at the same time. The wings of different colors and even shapes have nothing common with each other, and the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations are completely different. But strangely, its flying speed is quite amazing. Even the flexibility far exceeded Lin Huang’s expectations.

Under the rapid tremor of its wings, its figure swiftly shuttled through the Heavenly Net net formed by Lin Huang Intent Energy’s flying knives, evading all attacks unexpectedly.

Thousands of throwing knives, none of them can hit its body.

For this result, Lin Huang was a little surprised.

Because in the information provided by Funeral, not at all said that this suture monster has this kind of speed.

It’s not that Funeral didn’t know it, but when he compiled this information to Lin Huang, he didn’t even think that someone would be able to hunt down the Heavenly God of the Third Order. So for Heavenly God above the second order, the information introduction is very simple.

Secret Foreign Domain, seeing Stitch easily dodge Lin Huang’s Intent Energy flying knife, many Heavenly God leaders couldn’t help but glance at the funeral sky.

The leader of the god city even asked directly, “Senior of Funeral, do you have any detailed information about Stitch in the information you provided to Yumu?”

“No.” Funian Tian expressionless shook his head, “I gave several True Gods the same information. I also didn’t expect that the dead wood will hunt the Heavenly God of the third order.”

Hearing this remark of the funeral, everyone suddenly felt that Lin Huang’s win rate was getting smaller.

Some Heavenly God team leaders even started to regret why they didn’t place a bet just now to start the game.

In fact, not only the Death God sickle, but also the trialist information given to them by the seven major forces are similar.

Because there is no precedent for hunting the Third Order Heavenly God in the Prisoner’s Secret Realm.

They all felt that there was no need to give detailed information about the Heavenly God prisoners of the Third Order and above.

In the secret domain, Lin Huang was only slightly surprised when he saw Stitch’s flight speed and flexibility.

The information about the prisoners of Heavenly God above the second order given by Funeral Tian is very concise. He has noticed this from the very beginning, and he probably guessed the reason. So before targeting Stitch, he was mentally prepared.

As soon as he came up, he took the initiative, on the one hand because the person who was studying for the teacher could not be close. On the other hand, it is actually testing the opponent’s speed, flexibility, defensive strength and other information.

Thousands of throwing knives did not hit their opponents. Although he was a little surprised, they were still in his expectations.

The First Round trial had the result, Lin Huang did not hesitate at all. In the cuff, more Intent Energy flying knives turned into Bloody Thunderclap and shot out.

Ten thousand, twenty thousand, 30,000…have been stacked to 100,000, and continue to increase.

In this scene, the many leaders of Heavenly God off the court were shocked.

“There are already more than 100,000 flying knives, and they are still increasing. How far can his Divine Intent be split?!”

“The attack speed of the Intent Energy Throwing Knife has also been increased, reaching the Divine Intent Division level of the third order day……”

“I think the most terrifying thing is that he can bless the power of order on more than 100,000 flying knives at the same time. This level of Divine Energy consumption is extremely huge. According to common sense, any True God is impossible to do. I don’t know how White, him did it!”

In the secret domain, when the number of Lin Huang’s Intent Energy flying knives had increased to more than 180,000, Stic finally dodged the first time and was hit.

But Lin Huang also noticed that the blow that contained the order power of Thunderclap and hundreds of regular powers was blocked by Stic’s scaly dragon wing and flew directly. Now, there is no break at all.

“Not only the speed, but also the defensive strength is amazing. There are even a few wings that are specially equipped for defense. The defensive strength should be above other parts of the body…”

Lin Huang continued to analyze silently.

In fact, with his current real strength, it is not difficult to kill the suture monster in front of him, but his current human setting is rotten wood, and countless monitors are constantly staring at it, and many methods cannot be used.

He even knows with certainty that at this moment, there must be many Heavenly God leaders watching his live broadcast of this battle.

He can only stand from the perspective of deadwood, thinking about how to win the battle.

In the sky, nearly two 100,000 Intent Energy’s flying knives turned into a giant net, one time moved towards Sticky.

But Stitch is as slippery as a loach, he has been dodge fast, not only is extremely fast, but also extremely flexible. Only when it comes to as a last resort, will occasionally hardly resist Intent Energy’s throwing knife attacks.

After all, every Intent Energy throwing knife envelops the power of order. Although it won’t hurt you, it will still consume a lot of Divine Energy. So Stic has been trying to avoid being hit.

It’s just that, under the pursuit of 100,000 flying knives, he only has the strength to dodge and defend, and he can’t get close to Lin Huang’s.

The occasional long-range attacks that were not good at were all easily avoided by Lin Huang.

The two sides have entered a stalemate in which no one can do anything.

Lin Huang’s attack cannot cause damage to Stic. Conversely, Stic has no chance to attack Lin Huang’s in close proximity.

On the surface, Lin Huang seems to have suppressed Stitch.

However, the leader of Heavenly God outside the secret domain is less and less optimistic about the result of Lin Huang’s battle.

Because Lin Huang’s battle method is very expensive and mentally burdensome for Divine Energy.

Everyone can see that the longer this battle is delayed, the less hope Lin Huang will win.

This one time, even the funeral day felt that Lin Huang was impossible again.

Nobody can do nothing. The battle continued for more than ten minutes, but the corner of Lin Huang’s lips was slightly pulled up with an invisible arc.

“so that’s how it is…”

“Seven heads, each performing its own duties. One controls the movement of the limbs, one controls the flight of the wings, one controls the defense means, one controls the attack means, one controls the perception ability such as vision, and the other controls the Divine Energy. Consumption, there is also a power to control order and rules.”

After more than ten minutes of trial and error, he finally had enough information about the opponent in front of him.

“If you kill one of the heads, what will happen?” Lin Huang silently raised such a question in his mind. In fact, he had already guessed the answer to this question.