Monster Paradise Chapter 1554


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The first wave of Necromancer and Night Demon Cedar’s combined attack came fiercely, but it also died down extremely quickly.

As the squad moves forward, the second wave and third wave will be the same.

Under Lin Huang’s black mirror, none of the necromantic vines and cedars that attacked can survive.

The entire group of drama is also more and more amazed by this skill.

“Your skill…isn’t it consumed by Divine Energy?” Lan Ling looked all the way, but couldn’t help but ask.

“How is it possible?!” Lin Huang felt that Lan Ling’s problem was a bit unfathomable mystery, but he patiently explained it, “Every time the black mirror resists one time attack, I will be consumed by the attacker. Dao attacks one-tenth of Divine Energy. If the opponent’s attack strength contains Spirit Soul power, rule power or order power, I will also consume one-tenth of the other’s Spirit Soul power, rule power and order power.”

After listening to this explanation, the entire group feels that the black mirror skill is against the sky.

Only one-tenth of the Divine Energy of the opponent’s attack is consumed, and the opponent’s attack can be perfectly bounced back.

It means that you don’t need to do anything, just turn on the black mirror and consume energy to kill the enemy.

Because no matter what kind of attack the opponent sends, his consumption will always be one-tenth of that of the opponent.

After listening to Lin Huang’s story, Jian Jiu thought about it for a while, and he was thinking about the solution. But after thinking about it, there are only two ways.

One is that the attack strength exceeds the upper limit of the black mirror’s defense, that is, it exceeds Lin Huang’s strongest attack ten times. He feels that this may not even be possible for the ninth order Heavenly God of the overwhelming majority.

The other is a multiplayer siege.

Although it is difficult for a single person to fight Lin Huang’s Divine Energy consumption, as long as there are enough people, Lin Huang’s Divine Energy will be used up sooner or later.

His idea is certainly correct, but what he doesn’t know is that Lin Huang’s Divine Energy is far more vigorous than ordinary people. To exhaust the Divine Energy of Lin Huang within the body in this way, the number of people needed will be far more than he expected.

As the team advances in the mist, the number of rules that Lin Huang has looted has also increased.

In less than half an hour, the number of rules within the body skyrocketed by tens of millions.

But the entire group seems to have been moving towards the depths of the Demon Cedar Forest. The further forward, the higher the Combat Rating of Night Demon Cedar and Necrocephalus, Lin Huang and the others encounter other monster communities living in Demon Cedar Forest. The frequency is getting higher and higher.

Although the entire group of drama has begun to join the battle one after another, Lin Huang’s efficiency in gaining regular power has only increased.

After more than an hour, the total number of Lin Huang within the body rules has exceeded 100 million.

But distance to breakthrough is half way to the ninth sequence.

Lin Huang was also very excited. If it weren’t for the drama to order them, he would like to hunt here until the battle strength breakthrough.

Just when Lin Huang hit Xing’s head, Lan Ling’s voice suddenly came.

“For about ten kilometers ahead, there may be a strong necro vine…”

“Are you not sure about the results of the investigation?” Ji Ming asked immediately.

“No, I did not detect the necromancer vine, but I detected traces on the ground similar to the necromancer vine gliding.” Blue Ling said, then continued, “From the traces on the ground Look, this necro vine is at least three meters thick…”

Blue Spirit’s this remark was silent for a while.

“Three meters thick?! Are you sure you read it right?” Lin Huang couldn’t help asking, he also thought it was a little weird.

Be aware that most of the necromancer vines that Lin Huang and their counterparts had previously encountered were only the thickness of an adult thigh, and the thickest was the thickness of a bucket. Basically, there were no more than half a meter in diameter. Lan Ling said that this necromancer was three meters thick, which would naturally arouse everyone’s doubts.

“I’m sure about the thickness!” Lan Ling added, “But it may also be traces of monsters like grand python.”

“If it is really a Necrot of this size, then the battle strength is likely to be above the ninth order, and the probability of the half-step main god is also great.” Saiming said, looked towards Jian Jiuhe Lin Huang two people.

Jian Jiu did not speak, but looked towards Lin Huang.

Lin Huang saw that everyone was looking at him, knowing that he was waiting for his own opinion, “I definitely can’t do the half-step Lord God. But… I think I can take a look first. What if not?”

“What if by any chance?” Ximing asked Lin Huang.

“If yes, I have a way to get out.” Lin Huang is not too worried. At most, he will die with one time, and he will not fall. “However, the chances of you hanging up will be very high…”

“It really doesn’t work, let me explore the road first?” Lin Huang suggested again.

“Isn’t it easier to bypass it?” Tutong couldn’t help but ask.

“The blue spirit only detects suspected traces on the ground. Even if it is really a necromancer, we cannot guarantee that it will stay in that area, and other areas may not be safe. After all, such a large necromancer Ivy, there should be a lot of cedar that shelters, and we can’t be sure where the boundary it shelters.”

“Moreover, the area protected by this necromancer should be very large. We can’t completely rule out the probability of the entrance to the Magic City in this area.”

Lin Huang’s following sentence is also the reason for the hesitation of the drama.

If this is not taken into consideration, Ximing will allow everyone to go around without the slightest hesitation, and he is unwilling to confront other powerhouses with the half-step master God Grade.

Jian Jiu has never expressed his opinion, but also because he realized this.

Seeing that Xi Ming was undecided for a long time, Jian Jiu couldn’t help but speak.

“Otherwise, the two kids stay here, and the three of us will go over and take a look.”

The two children are obviously talking about Lan Ling and Tutong. He has completely regarded Lin Huang as being of the same generation.

Hearing this, this is nodded, “Just so.”

“You two are sure that you will not die when you meet the half-step Lord God?” Lin Huang looked towards the two of Ximing and Jian Jiu, “If you are not sure, I should go by alone.”

“You too underestimated us.” Said ill-humoredly.

“My deity left me life-saving things.” Jian Jiu was much more honest.

Although I didn’t say that, but obviously there are similar methods.

“That’s okay.” Lin Huang has no problem now.

Jiming turned and looked towards the two of Lan Ling and Tutong, “You two will stay where you are, and we will notify you when we find the way.”

The two hurriedly nodded. Although the fate is not their Master deity, it is the doppelgänger of the Master after all. When the Master spoke, they dare not refuse.

Seeing that the play had explained the two, Lin Huang took the two to move on.

Lan Ling watched the three disappear into the mist, and it took a while before they became weak, “We also have the life-saving method left by the Master……”

The picture on the side patted her shoulder, “We can only add chaos when we go, let’s wait obediently and honestly for the result.”

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