Monster Paradise Chapter 1555


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Lan Ling and Tutong were left behind, and Lin Huang led a three-person team along the way.

After encountering two waves of monster’s invasion, I finally saw the traces of the necromantic vines that Lan Ling said.

It was a shallow gully, but it was almost three meters in diameter. It looked like a giant about three meters in diameter rolled all the way over, making such a trace on the ground.

Seeing this gully, Lin Huang and the three people used Divine Intent to quickly sweep all the information that could be collected around them.

“This trace should have been for some time, there is no aura left on it, and there is no Divine Energy and rule force response around it.” Jian Jiu first opened the mouth and said.

“Regardless of whether this trace is left by the necromancer, it shouldn’t have been around for a long time.” Lin Huang slightly nodded, “It is very likely that it is already not in the vicinity.”

“It’s all here, let’s investigate it carefully.” It seems that Xing Ming is not very willing to go on an errand for nothing.

Lin Huang and Jian Jiu did not raise any objections to this, and the entire group continued to move forward following the direction of the ravine.

There weren’t many meetings going forward, and the three quickly discovered the anomaly.

“Nearby, there is not a monster, not even a Night Demon Cedar…” Lin Huang brows slightly wrinkle, couldn’t help but raise his own doubts, “Is this normal?”

“It’s very unusual.” Jian Jiu answered this question before he could say anything.

“Can you be sure what the situation is right now?” Lin Huang kept his eyes on the scene when asking this question.

“I’m not sure yet.” But Ximing shook his head and gave a negative answer.

Hearing this answer, Lin Huang raised his eyebrows and said nothing more.

Obviously, the fate of the drama has been guessed, but it is not certain.

In this case, there is no point in urging.

Things that I should know, I will definitely say.

The three continued to move forward, but the silence around them remained. There was no living creature within the sensing range of Divine Intent.

Not only there are no monsters, there are no night monsters, nor necromancers.

Lin Huang even vaguely doubted whether the three of them had left the area covered by the magic cedar forest.

The three of them flew forward for more than ten minutes, and Divine Intent finally sensed the dense cedar forest in front of them again.

Seeing the Night Demon Cedar Forest again, Lin Huang and the three immediately became vigilant.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

Sure enough, the three of them continued to advance not far, and within the Divine Intent range, they sensed the behemoth hidden in the jungle.

It is a monster similar to a grand python, with a body at least three meters in diameter.

Although only a part of this monster’s body was sensed, the three of them immediately judged that this was the monster that had left traces on the ground before.

From the perspective of breath, Lin Huang and the three are also certain that this monster is a necropolis.

A deadly vine that is so huge!

Almost the moment when the trio of Divine Intents detected this necro vine, the necro vine also sensed the Divine Intent of Lin Huang.

Lin Huang and the three people almost sensed a tyrannical Divine Intent sweeping out at the same time, and then locked onto them.

The expressions of the three of them all changed, because they could clearly sense that the intensity of this Divine Intent had exceeded the normal Heavenly God level.

As the figure was locked in by the Divine Intent, a terrifying coercion also came.

The three of Lin Huang felt that their shoulders sank suddenly, as if they were being weighed on a huge burden.

This coercion has become so powerful that it directly affects the actions of the three.

Faced with this coercion, the sword nine long sword quickly condensed and formed in the hand, and the Dao of the Sword sky turned to pinnacle, and the sword power rose accordingly, and forcibly carried this coercion down. .

Jimming is that his body shape has begun to become illusory, his body looks illusory and real, even layered on top of one another, very strange.

Different from Jian Jiu’s hard-to-resistance, he chose to release his strength. He used countless virtual and real doppelgänger to share this coercion. What remains on the deity in the end is almost negligible.

And Lin Huang, also with the war-blade in his hand, within the body Dao of the Blade, the sky condenses, and the terrifying blade momentum emerges through the body, condensing into a bloody afterimage holding the war-blade overhead.

The afterimage wears a scarlet war armor, and holds a war-blade that is nine points similar to the nebula in Lin Huang’s hand.

It’s just that afterimage there is red mist around the body, and I can’t see my face.

Seeing this afterimage condensed above Lin Huang’s head, Jian Jiu and Xi Ming were both taken aback.

Of course, they know what the meaning of the afterimage condensed in this blade momentum is.

This is the Dao Will Projection. Only when you touch the Dao’s powerhouse, will the Dao Will come to a projection.

The appearance of this afterimage shows that Lin Huang’s Dao of the Blade has touched the threshold of Dao.

Lin Huang himself felt a little surprised when he saw the afterimage appear. Of course he knew what it was, but he also knew that the arrival of this Dao Will Projection had nothing to do with his Dao of the Blade realm.

After all, my Dao of the Blade sky just stepped into the sky state of mind, far away from the sky Dao Realm.

This great will of the will come to the projection, probably because of the knife mark within the body.

However, Lin Huang didn’t have much time to think about the enemy.

After the Dao Will projection came, the coercion of the necromancy vine was completely eliminated, which also made Lin Huang full of confidence.

He is not satisfied with the pressure caused by coercion. In his opinion, the three of them will be attacked by each other sooner or later when they are locked by the Divine Intent.

It’s better to take advantage of the pressure to dissipate now, when the opponent has no follow-up actions, you should act first!

Thinking of this, Lin Huang no longer hesitated.

He has a war-blade in his hand, and the blade body turns into a long, narrow blade.

Holding a knife in both hands, his body turned into a Bloody lightning, moving towards the direction of the Necrotic Vine, and flew away.

Almost at the same time, the giant projection above his head also moved, which turned out to be the same action as Lin Huang.

Just as Lin Huang moved, so did the Necromancer.

Countless rattans gushing out like a wave of snakes, moving towards Lin Huang like a tsunami. The three swept towards Lin Huang.

At the same time as the necromancer vines, there was also the night demon cedar forest in front, and they also extended their branches one by one to participate in this strangulation.

In contrast, Lin Huang is like an ant on the beach rushing to the wave alone, looking very small.

Behind Lin Huang, Xi Ming and Jian Jiu didn’t seem to expect Lin Huang to be so aggressive.

If you don’t agree, you just drew your knife and cut it.

But the two of them reacted immediately after a little slow.

The two looked at each other and they already understood each other’s thoughts.

Facing a powerful enemy, there is no escape, only confrontation!

The golden sight of the sky and countless white palm prints moved towards Fujio strikes to help Lin Huang sweep the road ahead and clear the wild…

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