Monster Paradise Chapter 1573

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jungle, giant tumor, blood, silver armor three Overlord Grade Powerhouse and thousands of Heavenly god 傀儡 faster quickly entered an end.

After mastering the correct way to clean up, the three have almost all reserved, completely erase an existence of Heavenly GOD.

The strength of three people is almost half a step, and the slaughter is not 2nd move.

There is no conference, all Heavenly god is slaughtered.

outside Jungle, not just flesh, even the slag has not left, only the land of battle is left.

But after all of the slaughter, three Overlord Grade Powerhouse did not be Immediately to break into Jungle.

This Jungle is the old nest of Nine Nether Vine. No one knows how many means he arranged here.

and, Nine Nether vine is a MONSTER with the longest-lived life in WORLD. No one knows how much it has been in his bottom. This is also the main reason for the three people who have a tribute to him.

When the three people still hesitate, the blood suddenly opened.

“We can’t do it again, the snake woman has used the mobility of life.” He saw the purple mist released from the snake woman, and he couldn’t help it.

This time, the silver armor has to break into the Jungle area.

The reason why he is so anxious is because he is the same as the four sides, and it is also a shallow part of the three tail snake.

The complex relationship between the triple, the remaining three Overlord grade PowerHouse are actually known.

The most dissatisfied cause of the four people is here, the three-tailed snake woman chooses silver A, not himself.

arrived at this level, in fact, the four people are not tangled in the snake woman, but not going.

The reason why tinica, who wants to rescue three tail, nor because he loves this woman, but he knows that he must perform.

On the one hand, it is to let the three tail snake women see that she makes her have nothing to do. On the other hand, in order to let giant tuna and blood, you are a reliable allies.

He is also very clear, the snake woman chooses yourself, the probability is not because you are excellent than the people. But compared to 3v3 deadlock, 4V2 can be faster to eliminate two Same Level’s opponents. This woman is nothing more than wanting to get more resources That’s all.

can sit down to this position, in their eyes, the interests are higher than everything. Even if it is killing the enemy’s enemy, you can cooperate with Face Doesn’t Change when necessary.

Don’t say that there is no feelings that are embarrassed, and the root will not affect any options and decisions.

Silkib is in a hurry to break into the Nine Nether vine old nest, but in fact, he has a vigilance of twelve points, ready to prevent Nine Nether Vine.

and in his step into Jungle’s Immediately, Nine Nether Fuji launched an attack.

It is easy to step into his home, and he naturally refuses to let this opportunity.

The whole Jungle is almost instantaneously graphic WORLD, and the bonus of the sky not only covers every day, but there is no difference to all orientation.

If you look at the third perspective, Silk A is like a leaf boating floating above the sea, and it is always facing the homotive invasion and the whistling of the wind. It is possible to destroy people at any time.

But in fact, the silver armor is not afraid, and he is confidently confident, and it is not worried about the invasion of Sky Vine.

His figure is constantly shuttle in the vine ocean, dodge the rattan attack with Largest’s degree. For the attack that is really hiding, he directly sways the long spear and dispel it.

Between a time, although it is difficult to escape from this area, it is also self-contained, and it has entered a stalemate stage with Nine Nether Vaça.

But he is not anxious, and he will not fall for the three-tailed snake woman. He is not too concern.

He has made the posture of rescue, can you save it, mainly to see the snake woman’s own luck.

In the invasion of countless rattles, his body is still moving forward and stably.

This performance is at least in the outsiders, and he has made efforts.

and in fact, he is not intended for the snake woman’s risk, he seems to be slow forward, actually waiting for two allies.

Nine Nether Vine is an old Powerhouse, and it is the main battle and has a certain advantage.

But in the eyes of Silver A, he has strong strength, and Impossible is three enemy.

Even in his territory, he wants Alone to take the three equivalent level of Powerhouse’s invasion, and it is not too likely to do.

Silk A is because of this, so it is not anxious.

and he also waited until he was as expected.

giant tunction and blood, after Silk A takes the initiative to break into Jungle, the two are only a moment of hesitation, just follow it.

Two people have entered the field, the silver A can significantly feel that their pressure is reduced.

After all, the three are the same level of opponents, even if the Nine Nether vine strength is stronger, he has to distinguish a certain energy to deal with the other two other than the silver armor.

But the silver armor has not been happy, and suddenly heard the sound of Nine Nether Vine in the distance.

“All of you, actually sent the door to the door. I also saved me a lot!” Nine Nether vine sounds sounded a little happy. “Do you know, the world believes that this Jungle is my idle I bored myself to build a nest. But there is not much person to know that this Jungle is actually my Divine Realm! “

Nine Nether Fuji This Remark, it is a glimpse of almost everyone.

and at the same time, Jungle’s environment began to rapidly occur in naked eye visible changes.

A Giant Tree has gradually cultivated an ancient vine, even flowers and grass, and it is a root of fine vine.

The whole piece of Jungle has become a vine world.

These vines, thick size Have Nothing Common with each other, even some colors are different.

“Welcome you, enter my Divine Kingdom!”

Nine Nether vine sound came from All Directions, just like every rattan is saying this.

“The main god grade other Powerhouse has Divine Realm, can be called Divine Kingdom. What is the Divine KingDom? True yourself as the primary god ?!” The murder of giant tuna quickly scrub the audience.

The silver armor and bloody on the side are also laughing.

It is not very good to laugh. At this time, it is to join the effect.

“If you will laugh, you can’t laugh.” Nine Nether vine sounds seems to be a bit anger.

He is Tone Barely Fell, countless vine Moved Towards, three people swept.

These vines, some have a variety of order power, some are wrapped in Element truth, almost every hit, is comparable to the whole power of the ninth order Heavenly god.

The three people of silver armor have no hard resistance, but the dodge is the main response strategy, and the figure is connected to Flicker.

The performance of the three people is like the three-leaf flat boat floating in the raggy big sea, and it is in danger of overturning …

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