Monster Paradise Chapter 1590


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For the Lin Huang trio, the Nether in front of them is an unprecedented powerful enemy.

Although it looks a little embarrassed, Lin Huang and the three can sense it, and the other’s aura shows no signs of decay. This means that the other party has not received any substantial harm at all.

Lin Huang knew even more clearly that the blow reflected by the black mirror was more than three times more powerful than his strongest blow. Even an attack of this intensity, to Nine Nether, seems to have caused only a little painless skin injury.

What’s more terrifying is that Nine Nether really took the fate of the drama. There was no time to dodge, and no time to use any defensive means, forcibly used Divine Energy and fleshly body to carry it down.

Under the mask of fate, the expression is also a bit solemn.

He just copied Lin Huang’s Black Mirror completely with this attack. As a copy, he is very aware of the power and terrifying of Lin Huang’s move. Just copying such a blow, his Spiritual Plane’s load has reached its limit.

It can be said that this move is almost very close to the level of the half-step main god.

Originally, according to the prediction of the play, Nine Nether took the blow unsuspectingly, even if it was not severely injured, it would definitely be injured. But what he didn’t expect was that the strength of Nine Nether exceeded his expectations, and he did not suffer any substantial harm at all.

This also means that even if you take 2nd Strike, 3rd Strike, and Nether in an unsuspecting state, it is unlikely that you will be killed.

And with his current strength, he can only replicate the reality of the strength of three times at most.

While Lin Huang and Ximing were still thinking about how to break the game, Jian Jiu made another shot without the slightest hesitation.

As a sword cultivator, the combat mode has always been played first. It’s another matter if you can’t beat it. You have to shoot first, and then decide whether to use your head based on the situation of the game.

It’s done!

Seeing the nine Great Sword Formation in Midair once again took shape, a golden sword light quickly condensed, Lin Huang and Ximing also knew that they had to make a move.

Numerous sword lights were in the air, but Nine Nether didn’t even look at Jian Jiu, or even looked up at the sky full of sword lights. His gaze always fell on Lin Huang and the direction of his fate.

It was not that Jian Jiu was deliberately underestimated, but he could sense that Jian Jiu’s attack was no different from the previous round of attack. This can be easily judged from the fluctuation intensity of Divine Energy.

This level of attack can’t break his defenses at all.

But in Jian Jiu’s eyes, this is undoubtedly a kind of contempt and a provocation.

Millions of sword light in a flash in the sky condensed and formed, and in the next moment, moved towards Nine Nether pouring down again like a rainstorm.

Countless golden sword light moved towards Nine Nether from all directions moved towards Nine Nether.

Nine Nether lacked interest in this wave of attacks. When he saw the sword light pouring out, he already knew that Jian Jiu’s attack was no different from the previous round.

He didn’t even bother to waste his energy to dodge, only covering his body with a layer of Divine Energy for defense.

Now that he has the defensive strength of silver armor, coupled with his massive Divine Energy, this level of attack is far from enough to break defenses.

Seeing Nine Nether put on a defensive posture, Jian Jiu’s lips suddenly rose slightly.

In the next instant, one after another golden sword light collided with the Defensive Layer of Nether, and then burst suddenly, taking away a part of Divine Energy.

Yes, with this blow, Jian Jiu didn’t even think about breaking the defense.

Knowing that his attack intensity was not enough to cause substantial damage to Nether, he quickly changed his combat strategy and positioned himself as an auxiliary.

It seems that there is no difference between the nine Great Sword Formation and the previous round. In fact, he secretly made subtle changes to the Formation, adding the characteristics of burst, absorption and interference.

Every time a sword light bursts, it will absorb the Divine Energy about three times the strength of the sword light, and will release this part of the Divine Energy to create interference fluctuations, interfere with Nine Nether’s perception and Divine Intent detection.

The purpose of his one-time shot is not only to consume the Divine Energy of Nether, but also to create opportunities for Lin Huang and Ximing to severely injure his opponent.

In fact, most sword cultivators are really guys who don’t like to use their brains and like to be reckless, because they are strong enough to crush opponents, most of the time they don’t need to use their brains.

But as a combat experience, and the deity is the sword cultivator of Great Expert. After Jian Jiu failed in the First Round attack, he actually didn’t use his brain much, and he automatically had a countermeasure in his mind.

So when Lin Huang and Ximing were still thinking about how to break the game, he shot without the slightest hesitation.

Not only gave Nine Nether the illusion that he was a reckless man, but also gave Lin Huang the same feeling as fate.

But the moment they saw Jian Jiu’s sword light burst, Lin Huang and Ximing both understood, and the two of them shot again without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Huang 12-layer order superimposed, plus Dao of the Blade rule, once again moved towards Nine Nether and beheaded away.

Different from the previous blow, the 12-layer order power he superimposed this one time is not of Attack Type, but of absorption and consumption.

After seeing Jian Jiu’s attack, he also had the same inspiration to fight the war of attrition!

Because he clearly knows that even his strongest blow is not strong enough to the one third of the reflected wave just now, and it is difficult to cause substantial damage to Nether.

As for the drama on the side, this round has assumed the responsibility of exporting.

The complicated hand seal was pinched out, and in the sky more than a dozen silhouettes identical to Lin Huang appeared again. The black mirror in front of him quickly condensed and formed, and then a red and black terrifying shock wave spewed out!

This is also one of the secrets of his largest, he can copy the same virtual image repeatedly.

Lin Huang’s reflected shock wave, since he copied it for the first time, it can be used by him in the future. As long as the Divine Energy in his body is enough, as long as his mental strength can withstand it, it can be used.

Seeing that this blow was replicated again, even Lin Huang couldn’t help but raise his brow, he was a little envious of his ability to play fate.

Nine Nether, shrouded by countless bursts of sword light, feels uncomfortable at the moment.

This wave of attacks by Nine Nether did not break the defense, but the bursting bright light interfered with his vision, and the fluctuation of Divine Energy released was also interfering with his sensing ability and Divine Intent.

He was able to sense two more powerful attacks not far away, but under the interference, he could not accurately determine the direction and angle of the two attacks.

After a moment of thinking, he quickly made a decision.

Countless vines began to gush out crazily from both left and right hands, and in the blink of an eye, two hemispherical giant shields were condensed. His arms shook slightly, and the two hemispheres closed together to form a complete spherical shape. His figure was completely wrapped. among them.

Almost at the moment when he completed the shield formation, the two attacks arrived almost at the same time, and the strikes were on the giant spherical shield.

Lin Huang’s Bloody slashed down on the giant shield, and did not enter the One Step breakthrough, but began to quickly swallow the Divine Energy covered on the giant shield.

From another angle, the violent strikes of the fateful shock wave hit the giant shield. After scouring for a few seconds, the giant shield finally began to crack.

But Lin Huang and the three people saw that in the one after another crack, more vines came out to plug the crack.

This competition lasted about two 3 minutes before the shock wave finally dissipated.

On the giant spherical shield, there were cracks and holes, but after all, it did not disintegrate…

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