Monster Paradise Chapter 915

Lin Xin’s first lesson for the students was undoubtedly successful. Lin Huang, who was worried that she was defeated, was finally relieved and took back the Divine Intent.

Remove the wooden knife from the Emperor Heart Ring and prepare to practice the knife. The Lin Huang’s Emperor Heart Ring suddenly vibrates.

When you open the communication page, the correspondent shows Tang Xu from the 3rd District Wanbao auction house.

The camouflage was completed quickly, and Lin Huang connected the video call.

“Predecessors, you did not enter the ruins?” Tang Xu seems to have some accidents about the video connection.

“No, let’s just say something if you have something.” Lin Huang’s expression was indifferent.

“The ruins of the 1st District should have been known about what you started yesterday?” asked Tang Xu.

“Know.” Lin Huang nodded, and it was a secret in his heart. Didn’t you inform me before?

“I heard the news early this morning. There were a lot of Half-Gods entering ruins yesterday.” Tang Xu continued. “It is said that more than 80% of Half-God in 1st District has entered, 2nd District and 3rd District, and more than half of them. Half-God is in.”

“You want to say that the auction will be greatly affected?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, according to the current situation, I estimate that if the auction is scheduled according to the original time, the two gods have a greater chance of shooting.” Tang Xu nodded.

“It doesn’t matter if you shoot it, you can sell it again next time. It’s not good. Next time I will add another magical instrument.”

Lin Huang didn’t want to push the time back, mainly because it wasn’t long before he was going to take part in the Imperial Dynasty royal trial. He wants to get the hands of the gods who can get their hands before, and try to improve their combat power. The auction will be re-prepared for at least another month. When the Half-God returns to the auction, they may not be able to catch up with the royal family.

Tang Xu listened to his brow and he did not expect Lin Huang to have a magical hand.

The reason why he ignored the previous propaganda wanted to postpone the auction of the gods because he wanted to rely on the magical tools to make the name of the Wanbao auction. But now most of the Half-God are in the ruins of the 1st District, and the auction results of this tool are definitely not as good as expected. Once the gods are photographed, and then auctioned for two times, the attractive effect will be much worse. Now, Lin Huang has other artifacts in his hand, so when all Half-God comes out of the ruins, he can also use the new magic to focus on reorganizing one time new auctions, even if the previous two pieces are photographed. does not matter.

“Do you really have other weapons in your hand?” Tang Xu carefully reconfirmed.

“There are a few more.” Lin Huang nodded. “Is there any problem?”

“No, no problem.” Tang Xu shook his head quickly. “Then do what you said, and auction as originally planned.”

Hanging up the conversation with Tang Xu, Lin Huang faded the camouflage and continued to practice the knife.

In the next few days, Lin Huang was practicing the knife most of the time, and occasionally followed closely to the situation on Lin Xin.

On the second day of school, Lin Xin was preparing for the class in the office. A group of students at Blade Dao Department Second Grade Class 1 found the gun department. Several boys pretended to pass by and saw Lin Xin in the office.

Lin Xin also noticed the gaze of the search, and saw a few familiar figures as soon as he looked up.

She took back the lesson materials and smiled and walked out.

“Old classmates, do you all know?”

“Cao Teacher said yesterday, we all can’t believe it.” Nangong Qing smiled. As the second place in the class, he always thought that he was not far from Lin Xin. Now it seems that the gap is really different.

“Ling Xue, you really stay in the college as a teacher.” A girl still can’t believe it.

“Yes. I was planning to contact you again this weekend. Let’s get together and tell you about it.” Lin Xin nodded.

“Listen to Teacher Teacher, your strength is already Yellow-Gold Third Step?” asked Li Li, who was in the bedroom with Lin Xin, and asked with a big eyes.

“Well, I have already been Yellow-Gold Third Step.”

“Mu Xiao is estimated to be mad, he just broke through to White-Silver Third Step.” A boy smirked.

Lin Xin just smiled, and the threat to become Exceeding Mortal before the age of 18, the first child of the 7th District, is destined to be his dream.

After chatting with the old classmates for a while, Lin Xin saw that it was time for her class, and that was the end of the chat.

“I just got started in the past few days, I am busy at work, we will get together on the weekend, and everyone will have a good time together.”

In addition to this episode, Lin Xin has been very calm these days.

Every time she prepares for class, she is fully prepared. Although the level of lectures is still slightly tender, every time is improving. And the students like her very much, they all call her a school sister, and sometimes there will be old students from the Blade Dao Department Second Grade Class 1 in the classroom.

The Teachers in the same office are also very caring for this new girl.

Lin Xin spends most of his class in the library every day. She listened to Lin Huang’s suggestion and expanded her knowledge every day, hoping that she can speak better in the next lesson.

She chose Teacher Apartments, the one that Lin Huang lived before. Before the house collapsed because of the battle, it has not been occupied since the reconstruction. Although there is nothing in it that belongs to Lin Huang’s, Lin Xin did not hesitate to choose the house that my brother used to live in.

With the witch and Little Seven accompanying, Lin Xin didn’t feel the apartment was deserted. In the college, there are old classmates and students, and her life has become more and more fulfilling.

Seeing Lin Xin’s life is getting on the right track, Lin Huang knows it’s time to leave.

On March 2nd, Lin Huang accompanied Lin Xin in White Capital City for a whole day. I didn’t go out at 8:00 in the morning and went back to the hotel until 12 o’clock in the evening. I bought a bunch of unused ones.

Lin Xin also knows that my brother is leaving.

Early in the morning of March 3, Lin Huang finally said goodbye.

“Taro, I am leaving. Take care of yourself.”

“Yeah.” Lin Xin nodded lightly and couldn’t see much emotion on his face.

Summon the portal, Lin Huang stepped in and waved at Lin Xin, and the portal slowly closed.

Looking at Lin Huang’s figure disappeared completely, Lin Xin only slightly tightened his fist. “I will definitely be promoted to Long Life realm as soon as possible!”

Far hundreds of kilometers away, Lin Huang has reached the transfer point of White Capital City across the portal.

Looking at the team that was in front of the long-distance transmission, Lin Huang sighed a little. “It’s still late.”

It was disguised as a Lin Xie in the hygienic compartment, and it took another few minutes to change a suit. Lin Huang came back to the queue and found that the team was several meters longer than before.

Helpless shook his head, Lin Huang was at the very end of the team.

After about an hour and a half, Lin Huang finally stepped into the transmission array with the other twenty-nine people. After a while, it disappeared from the transmission array.

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