Monster Paradise Chapter 916

7th District The transfer to the 3rd District is set at Extreme Desolate City.

From the transmission array, Lin Huang did not immediately rush to Wanbao City. Instead, I found a hidden location without monitoring, and made a disguise.

He changed his body shape, changed his suit, and put on a mask with a camouflage Half-God mask to disguise his breath as a Black-Gold Emperor Palace realm.

Confirming that there is nothing wrong with your camouflage, this goes straight to the black market of Extreme Desolate City.

In front of a shop, Lin Huang stepped in and saw a female waiter greet him. He spoke directly. “I am looking for Hu.”

“Okay, please come with me.” The female waiter knew that she was a regular customer and quickly took Lin Huang to the room on the second floor.

Lin Huang pushed in and stared at Hu Wei and looked up and down. “You are Hu Wei? I was introduced by a friend. He said that you are very reliable.”

“thank you, your friend’s compliment.” Hu Yan is not humble, “Mr. Please sit down, please tell me in detail what you need.”

“I have a shipment to go out.” Lin Huang sat down across the Husband, and there was a banter in the eyelids under the mask. “I don’t know if you dare to pick it up.”

“Can you tell me about the source of the goods?” Hu Wei asked. “You don’t have to tell me what the power is. Just tell me what the power is, and what you have to deal with.”

“Most of these goods come from the top dark influence…” Lin Huang’s lips are slightly raised, but they can’t be seen through the mask. “The most troublesome thing to deal with is the Holy Son relic.” ”

When Hu Wei heard the previous sentence, he shrank slightly, and when he heard the latter sentence, his face suddenly turned white. She could hear it, Lin Huang didn’t make fun of herself.

“Guest, if it is really this kind of item, we really can’t pick it up.” Hu Yu smiled and shook his head.

Lin Huang flashed a disappointment in his eyes and got up very simply. “If you can’t pick it up, I won’t ask.”

“Guests don’t worry.” Hu Huang saw Lin Huang getting up and leaving, and quickly yelled at him. “We can’t pick it up, but I know there is a store that can pick up this order.”

Lin Huang immediately stopped and turned around. “Speak and listen.”

“The treasure of the city of Wanbao.”

“What is the background of this store?” Lin Huang asked.

“It’s Heresy, they just dare to pick up what they are, as long as you don’t take out the remains of their Holy Daughter.”

“Do you want money for this message?” Lin Huang asked with a smile.

“No. Many people know about the different treasures. It is not worth any money.”

“The power behind you is also Heresy?” Lin Huang probably guessed Hu Yu’s background.

“We can only be regarded as a subordinate branch.” Hu Wei admitted with a candid attitude.

“Thank you.” Lin Huang turned and left.

There was also a soft voice from Hu Wei behind him. “Guests will have the opportunity to remember to visit us later.”

“Yes!” Lin Huang didn’t look back, just dropped such a word and left.

From the black market of Extreme Desolate City, Lin Huang confirmed that he was not being monitored and tracked, which summoned the portal and stepped over it.

Stepping out of the portal, Lin Huang has returned to Wanbao City.

After arriving in Wanbao City, Lin Huang went straight to the black market and quickly found the different treasure house.

Informed the front desk waiter that he had the goods out, he was quickly taken to a room.

“This guest, please show the goods you want to take?” The receptionist is a white-haired old man.

“What do you dare to pick up?” Lin Huang did not immediately take out the goods, but confirmed in One Step.

“We dare to pick up any goods.” The old man was very determined to nod.

“The top of the dark influence of the Holy Son and the Elder relics can be picked up?” Lin Huang asked.

The old man glanced at Lin Huang and nodded. “I can pick it up.”

“That’s easy.” Lin Huang handed the storage ring with the spoils to the old man.

In addition to a small number of useful agents, several higher value Rare ores, several sets of Original Treasure Tool-grade Intent Energy weapons were retained by Lin Huang. In Lin Huang’s hands, almost all of the One Star to the original Treasure Tool, debris, potions, ore are in this ring, and are classified by Bloody.

When the old man counted, he quickly saw the two original Treasure Tool war-blades belonging to the seventh emperor of the dynasty, as well as the equipment apparently from the dynasty, night charm, Purple Crow, Saint, and even Heresy. There are also a few pieces of equipment.

The old man couldn’t help but see the slightest change in these faces. From the point of view of these spoils, there are at least hundreds of members of the dark influence who killed the mask. Moreover, most of the deaths are Long Life realm, and there are also a few Emperor Palace realm.

The reason why the old man made this judgment was mainly because Lin Huang did not take out the Half-God loot. Otherwise, the old man will know that the number of Emperor Palace realm killed by Lin Huang is beyond his imagination.

It took more than 20 minutes to count the three times, and the old man finally determined the quantity.

He also calculated the total value of the goods.

“This customer, the original Treasure Tool has a total of 1,128 items, and the Exceed Quality Treasure Tool has 161 pieces. There are a total of thirty-seven kinds of pharmacy, including 36,521 original restorations, Exceed Quality. 587,951 bottles… twenty-six kinds of minerals, including 24,579 tons of Black-Iron mines… The final calculated price of the items is 78.7 billion Life Crystal.”

“Or else, get together, 80 billion.” Lin Huang was cheeky.

“This really can’t be done…” The old man’s face was bitter. “At most we can only give you a $79 billion.”

“790 is 790.” Lin Huang is too lazy to continue to bargain, in fact, he knows that this wave of at least double. However, these things can’t be seen after all, and they can’t get into the market without an auction. The price is not high.

If you can go to the city, the price will at least double, and if you can enter the auction, you will at least double.

At the end of the transaction, Lin Huang got up immediately after receiving the transfer, too lazy to say anything more to the old man.

The old man smiled very politely, “Welcome to come back next time.”

Looking for an unsupervised place, Lin Huang faded away from camouflage and returned to Lin Xie’s appearance, which went straight to the vicinity of Wanbao Auction House and found a hotel called IWC.

He was originally planning to go directly to the S-Class VIP room at Wanbao Auction House, but Yi Yeyu said that she arrived on March 1st and has already decided on this hotel called Wan Guo.

Lin Huang also simply chose the same hotel to live.

After checking in and entering the hotel room, Lin Huang faded away from the disguise and dialed the number of Yi Yeyu. He wants to ask, which room Yi Yeyu lives in.

I didn’t expect that the prompt tone would not be finished yet, and it would be hung up directly.

After a while, a message came over. “When you are busy shopping, go back to the hotel and contact you.”

It is indeed the style of Yi Yeyu.

Lin Huang shook her head helplessly and gave her a message, “I am already at the International Hotel, room number 3303.”

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