At five o’clock in the afternoon, Lin Huang was practicing a knife in the room, and the hotel door was suddenly knocked.

Opening the door, Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng both stood at the door.

When I saw Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu, “Is it wrong?”

She looked up again and glanced at the house number, and some looked suspiciously at Lin Huang.

“Yes, go in.” Yi Zheng is too lazy to explain anything.

“It’s me, just pretending to be an identity.” Lin Huang remembered that he was now a disguised appearance and immediately changed back to his own appearance.

“I thought I was knocking the wrong door.” Yi Yeyu This stepped forward.

Yi Zheng also followed the house, but his eyes stayed on Lin Huang, and he was somewhat uncertain. “Are your strength increased to Four Steps Long Life realm?”

Yi Yeyu noticed the anomaly and looked at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang smiled and nodded. “Yeah, Four Steps Long Life realm.”

“You are too fast to increase the speed.” Yi Zheng didn’t know what to say. “The last time we met was at the end of August. It’s only half a year now, you will cross the One Step Long Life realm. Three realm went to Four Steps Long Life realm and upgraded a realm for an average of two months.”

“Are you not promoted to Two Steps Long Life realm yet?” Lin Huang also saw that Yi Zheng is now Two Steps Long Life realm.

“I spent a full six months, and I finally found the opportunity to enter the site one time. I just finished the promotion a few days ago.” Yi Zheng felt that his promotion speed was not comparable to Lin Huang.

“No wonder, you can’t contact you at the time of the year because you are in the ruins?” Lin Huang raised a brow.

“Yes, I just came out a few days ago.” Yi Zheng nodded. “Just hit Little Yu and said that he will come over to Wanbao City on the 1st and come over to pick her up.”

“Which site did you enter?” Lin Huang was curious.

“It’s a Three Stars ruin shared by War God Alliance and several other enchanting forces. The most powerful monster is Nine Steps Long Life realm. The low-order and Mid Step Long Life realm are all explored,” Yi Zheng explained.

“God of War?” Lin Huang searched carefully in his mind, never heard of such a enchanting strength.

“You have never heard of it is normal, the Wars League is the local power of the 3rd District.” Yi Zheng explained with a smile.

He entered the enchanting alliance to know what Lin Huang said about the Celestial Alliance, and also inquired about the admission criteria of the Celestial Alliance. In the end, he was not interested in using Lin Huang’s face to enter the Celestial Alliance. If the level is not much different, Yi Zheng may choose to go behind the back door and slowly try to catch up with other members. But the key is that the admission criteria of the Celestial Alliance is too high. He only looked at the assessment content and felt that he could pass an assessment and simply gave up. Instead, I chose a few 3rd District local forces, participated in the assessment, and was finally admitted to the War God League.

Lin Huang was invited by Chan Dou to know the content of the Celestial Alliance. It is not clear why Yi Zheng gave up the Celestial Alliance. But since he chose to belong to the power, Lin Huang did not ask much more.

“The local forces that joined the 3rd District are also good. The Celestial Alliance has few members in the 3rd District and there are not many resources.”

Although Lin Huang said that it is a fact, but the resources are not so much relative to the top forces of the Shenmeng, Hongmeng, and Tangmeng.

For Yi Zheng, the resources of the Celestial Alliance are enviable. Even if they don’t have a few people in the 3rd District, as long as there are any ruins in the 3rd District, there is almost no place for the Celestial Alliance.

“Right, you haven’t logged in to the enchanting league for a long time?” Yi Zheng didn’t want to continue the discussion on the previous unpleasant topic and shifted another topic.

“It seems that there are 4 or 5 months not logged in.” Lin Huang quietly counted, then nodded. “The years before were busy, and I have been practicing knife since then.”

“No wonder, this year has not seen your name on the ladder list.” Yi Zheng smiled.

“That list, will be updated on January 1st every year?” Lin Huang thinks that the ladder ranks are the annual total points.

“The ladder is the annual points. Every year at 12:00 on January 1st, everyone’s list points will be cleared in the first year.” Yi Zheng nodded and smiled.

Yi Zheng said that this clearing is only the list is cleared, and the remaining points of the individual are still in everyone’s account. As long as it is not used, points will be kept for one year, until the member is promoted to Emperor Palace realm, automatically removed from the enchanting alliance, will be truly cleared.

“You haven’t been in the list for a few months, and there are a lot of arguments in the enchanting league.” Yi Zheng continued. “There are many people who say that the fifty-sixth floor is already your limit. You want to continue to brush the list, only Can stay at this level. Some people have opened a gamble, betting on which level you can go to one time. At present, the most pressing layer is fifty-six layers, followed by fifty-eight layers, and no one is betting any more. It is.”

“Is there still such a play?” Lin Huang listened to her brow. “How about the odds?”

“The 56th floor odds are 1.05, the 58th floor odds are 1.25, the 61st floor odds are 10.00, and the 63rd floor odds are 100.00.”

“I think I have found a way to make a lot of money.” Lin Huang listened to a smirk.

“When are you going to brush the list?” Yi Zheng also had some expectations.

“After the auction is over.” Lin Huang, after expecting to get a new god, quickly lifted the new god War Soul through the brush on the ladder tree.

Although the enchanting alliance is a virtual world, the things that are obtained on the ladder tree are real. In addition to being killed, the monster will become fragmented and cannot get beast corpse. The rest is almost the same as the real world. Lin Huang can also get card fragments by hunting the monster on the ladder tree, or even the complete Monster Cards, which can supply White Energy with Life Energy, as well as the Spirit Soul energy supply to the god War Soul.

The conversation between the two, Yi Yeyu has been listening to the side, and is increasingly interested in the enchanting alliance that the two talk about. As a child of the aristocratic family, I naturally heard about the enchanting alliance, but I didn’t expect Lin Huang and my brother to be members of the enchanting alliance.

“That enchanting alliance, can I join?” Yi Yeyu asked with some expectation.

Yi Zheng glanced at her sister. On the qualifications and Talent, Yi Yeyu is completely qualified, but on the actual combat ability, Yi Yeyu is still a bit worse than the enchanting. Even if you join the enchanting alliance, I am afraid it is hard to be seen by which forces.

“Yes, your qualifications and Talent are fully qualified.” Lin Huang, who is on the side, nodded directly. “If you want to join the Celestial Alliance, I can let Chan Dou find someone to guide you in the 3rd District.”

“Chan Dou of the Five Emperors? Do you know him?” Yi Zheng asked with a big eyes.

“He is the ally of our Celestial Alliance, and I certainly know it.” Lin Huang took it for granted.

“But it is said that Chan Dou is a ghost, rarely appearing in the enchanting alliance. The Celestial Alliance, except for the top, many people can’t see him one time in a few years.”

“Where did you hear from me, I am not a Celestial Alliance executive. I have seen him several times a year. Of course, he has never seen him. I only saw it in the enchanting league and video projection.” Lin Huang thinks Yi Zheng heard the rumors.

“What is the Five Emperors?” Yi Yeyu couldn’t help but interrupt.

“The five strongest people below the Emperor Palace realm on the entire continent are also the strongest of the younger generation,” Yi Zheng explained.

“That Chan Dou, is it handsome?” Yi Yeyu immediately turned on the gossip attribute.

Yi Zheng didn’t talk anymore, after all, he had never seen Chan Dou.

“I feel a little more handsome than your brother.” Lin Huang thought about it and gave this answer. He felt that his evaluation was very objective.

Yi Zheng is speechless, why should I compare it?

Yi Yeyu turned to look at Yi Zheng, looked disgusted, and turned back to look at Lin Huang, looking forward with a look, “Is there a photo?”

“Yes, his head is his own.” Lin Huang said, opened the address book and found the communication number of Chan Dou.

The photo was projected, and Yi Yeyu saw his eyes bright. “It’s so handsome! It’s better than my brother.”

Yi Zheng feels that she is being dismissed. Why do I compare it with me?

Also, obviously no better than me! At most, I am so lost than I am handsome!

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