After a fierce bid, Lin Huang succeeded in winning the first precious object of this Wanbao auction with 360 million Life Crystal.

It turns out that this Half-God note is not low in the eyes of the blade cultivator. The bid has been soaring to a set of original Intent Energy weapons, and other buyers finally chose to give up.

“Take 360 ​​million to buy a note, you really have money.” Yi Yeyu thinks Lin Huang is completely wasting money.

“I think the auctioneer has a lot of water on the introduction of this thing. What Dao of the Blade is all-in-one, it is estimated that it means that Half-God kills False God, which is more like nonsense.” Yi Zheng This one time and sister stood on the united front. “Half-God, at best, is the Emperor Palace realm with a small amount of Divine Energy in the body. And False God, that’s the real Spiritual God, is another level of life. Like an ant, how to undying a big one. Elephant’s.”

“Brother Zheng, you can make a mistake this time.” Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. “As long as you have the right power, don’t say Half-God, even the ordinary Emperor Palace realm can kill Spiritual God. ”

“Teacher once told me that once the martial art Intent Realm breaks through the sixth position, it will reach the realm of martial arts. This is the power of contain rules, even most False God has no Control. It is said that this force can not only kill Dead False God can even hurt True God.” Lin Huang moved Mr. Fu’s words out. “The auctioneer said that the Song of Dao of the Blade is a god, and that you can kill False God with Half-God. It is very likely that it is not a lie.”

“If the predecessor of the Songs really mastered the true meaning of Dao of the Blade, then his notes are worth a look. Even if I can learn from One Star, I will not lose money.”

“Mr. Fu really said this to you?” Yi Zheng still doesn’t quite believe it.

“Do you think I need to make this kind of thing?” Lin Huang asked.

“Intent Realm breaks through the sixth position and can reach the realm of the martial arts…” Yi Zheng lowered his head and recorded the sentence on the notebook of the Emperor Heart Ring.

“Lin Huang, are you now in the Dao of the Blade?” Yi Yeyu on the side suddenly couldn’t help but ask. “I remember that you went to the fourth realm last year. Will there be another breakthrough this year?”

Upon hearing this question, Yi Zheng also looked up and looked at Lin Huang.

“Do you want to hear the truth or lie?” Lin Huang asked with a smile.

“What would you say in the lie? Fourth realm?” Yi Zheng vaguely guessed that Lin Huang should have another breakthrough.

“fifth realm.” Lin Huang gave the answer with a smile.

Upon hearing this answer, Yi Zheng felt that Lin Huang should have no breakthrough and still stayed at the fourth realm.

But Yi Yeyu didn’t realize this and insisted on asking, “What about the truth?”

“The truth is – the sixth state.” For Yi Yeyu brother and sister, Lin Huang feels nothing to hide.

Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu heard this answer and were stunned.

Yi Zheng only asked, “Is it really going to the sixth place?”

“Well, I just broke through the other day.” Lin Huang nodded.

“It’s no wonder that Mr. Fu told you about the martial arts…” Yi Zheng didn’t even suspect that the martial arts were made by Lin Huang himself.

“That is, your Dao of the Blade can kill False God as soon as you enter the One Step?!” Yi Yeyu asked with a big eyes.

“It’s just a means of killing False God, not necessarily killing it,” Lin Huang explained. “After all, False God Grade is stronger than others, and my dynamic vision may not be able to Capture their movements.”

“Besides, from the sixth point of the Dao of the Blade to the Dao of the Blade, this One Step is very difficult. I haven’t had a clue so far.”

“You have bought this note right. If you get a little experience from it, maybe you can really help you break through this One Step.” Yi Zheng heard this, and the original opposition immediately became support.

“It seems that no matter whether this note is useful or not, it must be bought. If it is useful, it will make a big profit!” Yi Yeyu also changed his previous position.

The auction downstairs is still going on.

Lin Huang didn’t have much interest. He paid the money in advance and asked the staff member to send the note that was just taken.

After the notes arrived, Lin Huang immediately read it.

Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu also took a look at the two brothers and sisters, but quickly gave up.

“It’s really just a note, it’s all about daily.” Yi Yeyu was disappointed.

“If the Half-God really hides secrets in it, I am afraid it is not so easy to find out, otherwise the auction house has long boasted that this thing is sold out.” Yi Zheng is more patient. “You have time to turn over a few times, maybe you can find the secret in this note.”

Lin Huang stared at the notes in her hand, from the first page to the last page, but there was a strange feeling.

This feeling has nothing to do with Dao of the Blade, but with Song Tiandao.

“This Song Tiandao seems to be a passerby…”

Lin Huang has this feeling mainly because some of the essays in this note give a sense of visibility to a network of water friends.

“Good blue, the air is really fresh. This world is so good!”

“There was a pancake on the side of the road. The pie was fried and made people look no appetite. If I didn’t look at the Proprietress legs, I wouldn’t buy it. The taste of the cake was unexpectedly quite good, so I bought a car. Um, really fragrant! Long legs Proprietress, don’t know, don’t delay me eating a cake!”

“I met a bar today, I have to say that Half-God can’t kill False God, then I… I found a monster that didn’t find False God Grade. I will kill him next time!”

“Today is the year off, so boring. I said that a few days ago I saw a Dragon-blooded Species, which was red and fat like a few million tons of big koi. Now think about it, I shouldn’t have eaten it at the time. If you raise it, you may be able to transfer it this year.”

“I slaughtered a sea king species today. It seems like a bit of food poisoning after eating. The whole person is so embarrassed! I feel that life has reached a climax. I feel that life has reached Peak! It’s so shocking! So dazzling! So colorful!”

But in addition to feeling that the other party may be a passerby, Lin Huang did not receive any information about the practice from this note. Not only Dao of the Blade, but in this note about the practice, the name of the Song is not mentioned.

The notes are all daily essays, including some broken thoughts, some blame, and occasionally some Wenqing’s temperament, a bit like QQ signature, and a bit like the WEIXIN circle of friends.

“It seems that this predecessor is really a foodie. In a note, the recorded things are all related to eating.” Lin Huang is also unable to vomit. From the notes, the Song predecessor is quite free to fly, no seniors at all. Supreme conscious.

“I am 306 million, it seems that it is really watering…”

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