In the next few days, the auction will continue.

Lin Huang didn’t come across the precious object that made him interested, and he never shouted. Instead, Yi Zheng took Yi Yeyu a long sword from the Original Treasure Tool.

These days, Lin Huang has been repeatedly reading the notes of Song, and more and more confirmed the identity of the Song predecessor.

And from the various details hidden in this note, this Song predecessor seems to have passed through the Spirit Soul form to the Half-God Song after the failure of the original Song.

“This explains why the Dao of the Blade was only first class before the Song predecessor, but after becoming Half-God, it suddenly became Dao of the Blade.” Lin Huang came to this conclusion. .

After all, according to what Little Black said before, regular traversers will be given Gold Finger.

A Half-God with Gold Finger, Blade Intent breaks through the realm of Dao of the Blade, which is really not a rare thing.

In addition to confirming the identity of the predecessor of the Song, Lin Huang repeatedly read this note several times, still did not find any information related to the practice.

The only clue is that there are several place names in the notes, but they are also the names of the ancient era. Where is the location, Lin Huang did not find it on the Emperor Heart Net. He is ready to take time to find someone to help check, if you really find the place name coordinates, then look for opportunities to see.

The auction took place and it took four days.

In the past four days, many precious objects have been photographed with high prices, and the bidders are enthusiastic.

Many people know that the main reason for this phenomenon is the auction of two pieces of the gods, attracting a lot of expensive bidders. Many of them have no gods and are not qualified to participate in the auction of the gods, but they want to see what the gods in the Legendary look like, and witness the moment when the gods are auctioned. You know, even the nearest auction of the 1st District is more than thirty years ago.

These people do not have the qualification to purchase, and they are not short of money. So when they see something they are interested in at the auction, they let go of their quotations and satisfy their purchases.

This situation is also somewhat unexpected to the expectations of the auctioneer Yun Meier. She has hosted many auctions, and more than 70% of the precious objects she has sold have been, and it is natural to know the average price of the auction. She also silently calculated that the price of most of the precious objects sold in these four days was more than 20% higher than the average price.

Naturally, she wouldn’t think that it was caused by her own charm. After a while, she quickly figured out that it should be the effect of two pieces of God. It is not to sigh that the charm of the god is greater than that of a woman.

On the fourth day of the auction, Lin Huang finally took the notebook of the Song predecessor when he went out for dinner with Yi Zheng.

“How did you get it, what did you find?” Yi Zheng asked with some curiosity.

“Nothing found, it’s just an ordinary essay.” Lin Huang smiled and shook his head.

“360 million, enough to buy a few pieces of Original Treasure Tool.” Yi Yeyu complemented Dao of the Blade.

“Hey, you supported me for the first two days.” Lin Huang turned to look at the capricious woman.

“That is in the case of usefulness, isn’t this useless now?” Yi Yeyu was not ashamed of his swinging position.

“Nothing, then research and study, maybe the secret of the Song predecessor is hidden inside.” Yi Zheng said comfortably.

“I’m afraid it’s not very likely. I have tried Life Energy and Intent Energy. Now I have to break the words and break the password.” Lin Huang didn’t expect much. Anyway, he has other paths to upgrade the Blade Intent. Moreover, the Blade Intent from the sixth world is still early, and it is not anxious.

On the fifth day, the Wanbao auction finally came to an end.

Early in the morning, Lin Huang, who had not had breakfast and had breakfast, returned to the stands, and the audience was already full of people. More than half an hour before the opening of the auction, almost all the seats in the venue are full.

“Everyone is very active today.” Yi Yeyu clearly felt that the atmosphere in the venue was different from the previous days.

“Today is the last day of the auction, and the final finale is still two pieces of gear, which is naturally worth looking forward to.” Yi Zheng nodded and smiled.

“Just a few days before going to work, it will take ten days to leave after the day.” Lin Huang’s explanation is more popular.

After waiting for more than half an hour.

The auctioneer Yun Meier finally stepped onto the auction floor.

“Today, it is the fifth day of the auction and the last day of the auction. Two pieces of magical equipment will also be used as the finale, and will be revealed at the last moment of today. Are you looking forward to it?”

“Looking forward!” Many bidders in the venue shouted in unison, and many people were originally looking at the gods.

Next to Lin Huang, Yi Zheng’s two brothers and sisters couldn’t help but reveal a look of expression.

“Of course, there are two surprises out of the finale of today.” Yun Meier said that she paused intentionally and saw the guests below showing a surprised expression. Eight items of Half-God Grade will also be auctioned today.”

Hearing this sentence, not only did the venue boil, but even Lin Huang couldn’t help but brow.

In the first four days, three of the ten Half-God items that he sent with two pieces of the magical instrument had appeared as the finale of the first three days of the auction, and they had a good price. On the fourth day, the finale was a Half-God that Lin Huang had never seen, and it was estimated that it was sent by others.

But now Yun Meier says there are eight Half-God Grade items. That means that in addition to the remaining seven Half-God items, Marlboro has another Half-God Grade item.

“She is talking about eight Half-God Grade items, not eight Half-God items, indicating that it is not a Half-God.” Lin Huang suddenly looked forward to it.

He is not interested in Half-God. Because he has more than 400 pieces of Half-God from the land of the gods, he has already smashed several sets of Half-God Grade war-blade, armor and Intent Energy weapons. But the items of Half-God Grade may be used by him.

“Okay, gossip is not much to say, now please ask our staff member to ask for the first precious object of today.” After suffocating everyone’s appetite, Yun Meier looked at the time, just nine o’clock. One minute without delay, directly started the introduction of the first precious object.

The curtain was uncovered and a fist-sized translucent white crystal was revealed.

Inside the crystal, you can see a little petal-sized beast floating in it.

It was like a small fish tank with some turbid water, and a small fish swimming inside.

Lin Huang, who was originally careless, saw this item, and his eyes brightened and his mood agitated.

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