“The first item in the auction today is one of the eight Half-God Grade items I just mentioned.” The auctioneer Yun Meier’s lips slightly raised, she knows that some people have recognized this one. thing.

But in the auction venue, most people don’t know what this thing is. Just hearing the opening of the first precious object is the Half-God Grade item, and the sight is involuntarily attracted to the past.

I heard that the original noisy venue was completely quiet. Everyone’s eyes fell on the precious object on their side, and Yun Meier smiled and introduced it.

“Must sure some guests have already recognized it, yes, this is a soul crystal. To be precise, it is a soul crystal of Half-God Grade.”

What is Soul Crystal, most practitioners know. There are just a few things in the world that can supplement the energy of Spirit Soul, and Soul Crystal is the most widely known.

However, most practitioners have only heard of such things as Soul Crystal, and have not seen the real thing. Because the chance of falling of Soul Crystal is too low, it is much lower than the probability of dropping the Original Treasure Tool after the death of the Emperor Palace realm monster.

Lin Huang Since the practice, in the past three years, the monsters of the slaughter have said that there are tens of millions of them, but none of the soul crystals have exploded. It can be imagined how low the probability of falling.

Because it is extremely rare, and it is good for Spirit Soul, this thing is generally not recommended for kill monsters. Even if it is sold, it is generally digested internally by its own forces, and it will not flow to the market.

What is said here is just the ordinary soul crystal. As for the higher quality original soul crystal and Half-God Grade soul crystal, it is even more rare.

On the auction platform, this Half-God Grade soul crystal, Lin Huang feels that the possibility of sending outsiders is not great, and it is more likely that Tang Xu made a special purpose from the Tang family for this auction.

It is not surprising that this ancient aristocratic family of the Tang family has such a Half-God Grade soul crystal.

After some introduction, Yun Meier finally said the auction conditions.

“This Half-God Grade soul crystal is not auctioned by Life Crystal. The starting conditions proposed by the consignor are: a set of mid quality Half-God bows.”

Yun Meier said this auction condition, and almost all the people who had the right to get this item directly died down.

The number of weapons in the bow and arrow category is extremely rare. The main reason is that the number of practitioners using bows and arrows is too rare.

The market demand is low, and the output of goods is naturally not high.

The number of bow and arrow weapons is very small, let alone Half-God.

The consignment of this Half-God Grade soul crystal is extremely demanding.

Upon hearing this condition, Lin Huang had a slightly raised lips.

In his storage space, there is really a set of bows that meet the requirements.

“This Half-God Grade soul crystal, if it’s about actual value, is equivalent to an inferior quality Half-God. But this kind of thing is too Rare, if you really put it at the auction to sell Life Crystal, less It’s said to sell more than 100 billion. A set of mid quality Half-God, it’s good to shoot seven or eight billion. With a set of mid quality Half-God bows, I don’t count deficit.”

“However, Tang Xu set such a harsh starting condition, isn’t he trying not to sell this soul crystal? Is it not right, he just wants to take a piece of Geely of this Half-God Grade?”

Lin Huang’s thought in his mind was just thrown away by him. “Take him, anyway, I have items that meet the auction conditions. I don’t know if I’m tired, I’m bidding directly, see if he’s selling. Sell.”

“This soul crystal is enough for me to promote a god, War Soul, to the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace. The opportunity is rare.”

After Yun Meier said the auction conditions, no one in the entire auction venue shouted. Just when Yun Meier thought that the precious object was going to be photographed, the screen of the No. 7 VIP room on the third floor suddenly lighted up.

A voice came from the S7 lounge. “Since no one is bidding, I want it. I have a set of mid quality Half-God bows.”

Many people in the venue looked at Lin Huang’s VIP room. Although they couldn’t see anything through the window, they still talked about it.

“The S-class lounges are really big, and the bows and arrows are like Rare’s Half-God.”

“It’s estimated that there is only Half-God with such an understatement to take out the Half-God.”

In the VIP room on the third floor, one of the white spots of the white spot must be slightly wrinkled. “The S7 VIP room does not know who is coming, but I hope the target is different from us.”

In the VIP room S2, a short-haired woman with a strong stature narrowed her eyes. “S7 VIP room…may be a strong competitor.”

In the backstage of the auction venue, Tang Xu, the owner of Wanbao Auction House, has a fascinating expression on his face.

As Lin Huang expected, this Half-God Grade soul crystal was indeed borrowed from the Tang family. In order to get enough of the Half-God Grade items, I would like to ask for a Geely.

He also deliberately set the starting price as a set of mid quality Half-God bows, so that no one can satisfy such harsh conditions. In this way, this soul crystal will naturally flow and fall back into your own hands.

Unexpectedly, there are people who have qualified Half-God bows in their hands.

What makes him even more depressed is that the other party is the apprentice of the predecessor who sent two pieces of magical equipment. If it is someone else, he can wait until the end of the auction to discuss with the other party and give some compensation to cancel the transaction. But the apprentice of the predecessor, he really did not want to offend.

In the unlikely event that the young man named Lin Xie retaliated with Teacher, the supply of his own genius could be completely gone, and it was impossible to even have the supply of Half-God.

He also wants to increase the ranking of the Manpower auction house by relying on the source of the predecessor. The apprentice of the predecessor is not to be offended.

Thinking about it, tangled for a long time, Tang Xu finally made the decision to give up this Half-God soul crystal.

On the auction floor, I saw the screen of the S7 room on the third floor lit up, and Yun Meier immediately responded.

“Guests in the S7 Lounge have already offered their bids, a set of mid quality bows and arrows.”

“Is there a higher price for the guests?” Yun Meier’s eyes glanced at someone in the circle, seeing no one coming out, and then, “As far as I know, Half-God’s level of soul crystal is in 3rd. The District is the first auction in history. Whoever photographed this soul crystal will become a part of the 3rd District auction history.”

Yun Meier’s words really made a lot of people’s heart, but they were very helpless. They were blocked by the high threshold of auction conditions and could not compete with Lin Huang.

Yun Meier said this afterwards. After waiting for a while, I saw that there was no second person bidding, and I knew that there would be no second person. After all, the number of bows and arrows in Half-God was too rare.

She is too lazy to waste time. “Since no guests can pay a higher price, this Half-God Grade soul crystal is owned by the guests of the S7 VIP room.”

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