In the VIP room S7, Yi Yeyu widened his eyes and looked at Lin Huang.

She didn’t expect the devil who couldn’t even get the Black-Iron realm three years ago, and now even the Half-God can come out and trade.

Yi Zheng on the side is a strange look. He has seen Lin Huang with Half-God auctioned half a year ago.

Think carefully, it seems that other people’s brothers are indeed better than themselves, and it is no wonder that the sister will be dissatisfied with himself.

When the auction was successful, Lin Huang didn’t want to delay, and immediately greeted the staff member to complete the transaction and took out a set of mid quality Half-God bows.

It was a golden bow and twelve black arrows.

Seeing this set of bows and arrows, Yi Yeyu finally couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you keep this Half-God with a Half-God that you can use? For example, changing a knife, armor or something.”

Yi Zheng on the side looked at her sister with some sympathy. He already knew the answer to this question.

Sure enough, Lin Huang quickly replied, “I have already used the Half-God I have.”


Yi Yeyu was speechless, and turned to look at Yi Zheng. Yi Zheng turned her face to the other side and pretended not to see it. She glanced at her brother. Obviously, Yi Zheng has known this for a long time.

Until now, she was faintly aware that she had always misunderstood the meaning of the word “mixed well” that Lin Huang said.

Although just a few days after coming to the 3rd District, Yi Yeyu has a basic understanding of the structure and consumption level of the 3rd District’s practitioners, Combat Rating. Even the top Emperor Palace realm, it’s a good idea to be able to get two Half-God pieces. I can get a set of my own, but also take the extra Half-God to trade, basically Half-God.

Only from the bright side, Lin Huang’s net worth should be comparable to the Half-God Grade.

“In just one year, he has grown to the same level as we do. Is it because of the Celestial Alliance?”

During these few days of leisure, Yi Yeyu also asked about some things about Yi Zheng’s enchanting alliance, knowing that the Celestial Alliance is the first force in the enchanting league. I mistakenly believe that Lin Huang’s growth is related to the Celestial Alliance, and I can’t help but look forward to joining the Celestial Alliance.

Lin Huang naturally doesn’t know what Yi Yeyu is thinking.

Not many meetings, the staff member responsible for the transaction knocked on the door.

Lin Huang opened the door and saw that it was the owner of the Wanbao auction, Tang Xu.

He had previously communicated with Tang Xu in the identity of the self-disciplined Half-God, and Lin Xie was not seen as Lin Xie.

“How come you alone? Don’t you come with an appraiser?” Lin Huang pretended not to know each other.

“I am the appraiser and the Owner of the Wanbao auction house.” Tang Xu directly stated his identity.

Lin Huang’s heart sinks and Tang Xu personally comes, and it is very likely that he wants to persuade himself to cancel the transaction of this soul crystal. His face is still pretending to be an unsuspecting expression. “It turned out to be Owner, disrespectful and disrespectful.”

“Lin Xiaoyou, you don’t know, but I know you.” Tang Xu laughed. “Your Teacher is our big customer. You should also know that the two pieces of this auction are your Teacher. Shoot the precious object.”

The reason why Tang Xu said this is because Lin Huang did not participate in the auction in the past few days. Then the purpose of his coming is most likely to help his own teacher to monitor the auction results of precious objects.

“I know.” Lin Huang did not deny it.

“In the precious object of this auction, in addition to two pieces, there are twelve Half-God Grade items, ten of which are sent by your Teacher. The other two are made by us.” I finally got the topic.

“Speaking out is not afraid of your jokes. In fact, the little Half-God that you took down by Lin Xiaoyou is a soul crystal that I borrowed from the family. I didn’t intend to sell it at the beginning, so I set a harsh start. Price. I didn’t expect Xiaoyou to have such a set of bow and arrow Half-God.” Tang Xu said, looking at the set of bows and arrows placed on the table by Lin Huang.

“Owner, you came in person, want to cancel the deal?” Lin Huang browed, the other said, exactly the same as he had guessed before.

“Is Lin Xiaoyou treating me as a person?” Tang Xu smiled and waved, then took out the Half-God Grade soul crystal just on the auction floor from the Emperor Heart Ring. “Our Wanbao auction house does not shop. Big, famous is not top notch, but the things that are taken out are definitely not the possibility of breaking the contract.”

“This Half-God Grade soul crystal, I think it is quite a fate with Lin Xiaoyou, Tang gave it to you as a gift, just be a friend.” Although Tang Xu was heartbroken, he still boldly made such a Decide.

Tang Xu made this decision because, under normal circumstances, this kind of Half-God Grade soul crystal, people under Half-God can’t use it at all. Even the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm can’t withstand this level of Spirit Soul energy impact, only Half-God can be used.

He felt that the soul of this Half-God Grade, Lin Huang bought back should be used for his own Teacher. Therefore, this person’s personal feelings were actually sent directly to the self-preferred Half-God.

As long as you have a stable supply of Half-God and supplies, the reputation of the Marlboro auction house will increase day by day, and the long-term benefits will even exceed the total income of one or two auctions, let alone a Half-God. The soul of Grade is gone.

But what he didn’t know was that Lin Huang’s god, War Soul, the most primitive body was the God Race. Not to mention a small Half-God soul crystal, even the true God Grade Spirit Soul energy can be swallowed.

“Are you sure to send me for free?” Lin Huang narrowed his eyes. He knew that the other party was trying to draw the “Half-God Grade Teacher” behind him, in the hope of having more gears and Half in the future. -God is available. “This Half-God Grade soul crystal, if you really come out to bid, you can sell at least 100 billion Life Crystal, enough for two mid quality Half-God.”

“Money, this thing will never be earned. In contrast, friends are more important.” Tang Xu smiled and stuffed the soul into Lin Huang.

“It’s really nice to say.” Lin Huang secretly whispered a few words. “The mouth of a businessman is terrible.”

“In this case, then I am not tempted, I will accept it.” Lin Huang took over the soul crystal, nodded with a smile, “thank you Don Owner this gift, I will remember.”

“Tall Lin Xiaoyou, I will not continue to harass, you continue to watch the auction.” Tang Xu smiled nodded, his purpose has been reached, shook hands with Lin Huang, and also waved with Yi Zheng two brothers and sisters not far away Then he turned and left.

“This Tang Owner is really generous, worth hundreds of billions of Life Crystal things, said to send it.” Yi Yeyu with a face full of envy.

“Lin Huang, the two pieces of the auction, was Mr. Fu sent?” Yi Zheng is more concerned another thing.

“He said that Teacher, there are others.” Lin Huang simply gave Yi Zheng such an answer, and put away the soul crystal in his hand.

Yi Zheng saw that Lin Huang didn’t want to say more, and didn’t ask again. She only thought that Lin Huang had another big jingle teacher.

Yi Yeyu is obviously the same idea. Seeing that she still wants to continue to ask, Lin Huang goes straight back to the stands and sits down. “Look at the auction.”

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