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Hanging up the conversation with the ribs man, Ge Nan’s brow lying on the bed was slightly wrinkled, his waist down the position covered with a blanket, the upper body was completely exposed.


“The little boy of the monkey, the thief is a thief. I didn’t have such courage before, and dared to violate my yin. This time I promised not to disclose the news of the trial to other people, and turned around and revealed the news.”


“He may have been really bad. After all, the last time the royal trial was started is fifty years ago. He is afraid that he has not eaten meat for 50 years. He wants to contact several more, and more points. Normal.” Next to Ge Nan, a woman was lying sideways on her side, and her fingers with red nails slid gently across Ge’s lower abdomen and looked down.


Ge Nan kept holding the soft boneless hand, “Little Fairy, really want to squeeze me out.”


“Little brother, don’t you want it?” The woman’s lips plunged into the ear of Ge Nan, and sighed like a blue voice.


Ge Nan felt the ear tickle, and the body involuntarily reacted again.


I noticed the physiological changes in Genan, and the woman smiled and turned to sit on Ge Nan. Feng Wei’s chest trembled a few times, bending over and putting his face in front of Ge Nan’s eyes, and he was fascinated. “I really don’t want it?”


Ge Nan swallowed and took a deep breath, only to calm himself down. “Hey, it really doesn’t work now. I will finish the business first, come back and say.”


“This is also a business.” The woman snorted.


“Hey, don’t make trouble.” Ge Nan patted the woman’s ass. “The news of the monkey has been revealed. Now who is the fastest, whoever is most likely to swallow the entire trial team. We must quickly convene the staff. Time can’t afford it.”


“Oh,” the woman turned over from Ge Nan with some dissatisfaction. She flashed a sigh of relief in her eyes. “Then I have to have more meat!”


“Yes! It depends on you.” Ge Nan shook his head.


Climbing up from the bed, Ge Nan’s “slap” was slap on the woman’s buttocks. “You also wear clothes and walk with me. You don’t go, I don’t know how to divide your meat, even if you want to do it. it is good.”


The woman reluctantly climbed up to wear clothes.


The two dressed up and immediately rushed to the agreed place.


When the two arrived at the agreed place, twelve people were waiting.


“Ge Boss, Li Jie…” A group of people quickly came up to say hello


Ge Nan glanced at the circle. “People are all there, then let’s go!”


He waved his hand and took a group of people to the coordinates of the “skin monkey”.


At a distance of almost forty kilometers from the coordinate position, Genan sensed the presence of the target in the Domain range.


“Find them!” He still had some concerns about the news provided by the skinny monkey. Now that he has sensed the target, his doubts have finally disappeared completely. “A total of twenty-six people, there is also a Scarlet-Gold Emperor Palace. Summoned beast. At the moment, we should be the first team to go, luck is not bad.”


Ge Nan said, couldn’t help but glance at Li Li beside him, and his heart sighed with relief. Fortunately, it was not delayed for too long.


“That’s only a summoned beast, I will solve it. The rest of the meat you will deal with two. Li Li, you deal with the rest of the people.” Determined the specific location of the target, Ge Nan quickly made arrangements, “Remember the speed Quickly, don’t delay the time, Zhao Kui and several other teams are likely to come at any time, we must solve the battle before they come!”


“If you can’t solve the battle in time? Do you want to fight with Zhao Kui?” Li Li’s face flashed a slap in the face, she was once stunned by Zhao Kui. Attached to the admiration of Ge Nan, I hope that one day I can kill Zhao Kui.


“No matter which team you are coming from, don’t fight.” Ge Nan glanced at Li Li. He naturally knew Li Li’s thoughts. “The main task of our action is to hunt down the trials and get more. Meat. If you are entangled with the later team, there may be a second team behind, the third team will arrive, and it will be more difficult to get meat.”


“So if they attack us for the meat, do they fight?” Li Li is not convinced.


“If this happens, I will let the region chief know.” Ge Nan still maintains reason.


Li Li glanced at him with dissatisfaction, but she chose silence.


She is a smart woman who never likes to use quarrels to tell men. She also knows the weaknesses of men and knows at what time to fight for their own interests, men will be willingly compromise. She knows that although Ge Nan loves himself, it is not a confused egg in a woman’s eyes. This is where she appreciates Genan.


“I know what you are thinking, I want to kill Zhao Kui like you, but the timing of this action is not right.” Ge Nan quietly passed. “As long as I find the right time, I promise to kill Zhao Kui for your revenge!”


After hearing the voice of Ge Nan, Li Li calmed down a bit.


It is indeed not a good time to revenge Zhao Kui.


After comforting Li Li, Ge Nan was relieved a little. In fact, he just really worried that Li Li would let him not come to Taiwan. Although the relationship between the two is no longer a secret, but in front of a group of younger brothers, it is still difficult to see the face. Fortunately, Li Li closed his mouth in time and did not embarrass himself.


“Everything is up. After that, don’t talk nonsense, direct shots!” Ge Nan’s voice fell, with a group of people marching toward the trial squad less than forty kilometers away.


Just a moment, Ge Nan and his group appeared in front of a group of trials.


There was no nonsense, the two sides just took a photo, and Ge Nan slammed “hands!”.


A group of people rushed toward Lin Huang.


But at this moment, Lin Huang suddenly jumped out of a small white cat on his shoulder. In the next moment, the little white cat disappeared from Lin Huang’s shoulder, but it was less than 0.1 second. It appeared on the other side of Lin Huang’s shoulder, kneeling there, licking one of his front paws.


And the 14 people of Genan, all turned into headless bodies. Even the body is cut into several segments.


When a group of parasitic cockroaches cleaned up the spoils, Bloody also completed reading information on fourteen heads.


Looking at Li Li’s head that was not eye-catching, he shook his head helplessly. “It’s also a poor person, but you don’t have to die. You have already reported it to you. You have taken your virginity, even many times. **Your guy, who was dead fifteen minutes ago.”


Helping Li Li close her eyes, Bloody handed the head to a parasitic cockroach. “The trophies are all buried and buried.”




[Today is the New Year’s Day, the warhead is here for everyone to celebrate the New Year. I wish you all a slim, handsome, beautiful and rich in the new year! 】


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