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Bloody disguised as a rib man, spreading the bait message for less than half an hour, and the six-wave prisoner went on and on, and then even one-time effective attack did not have time to send it and immediately rushed to the street.


“There are not many trophies on these 87 people, only armor and weapons, no storage equipment. Their residence, I have already let the Emperor Palace realm’s parasites go to search, and should be able to search within half an hour.”


“Then we wait a little bit, wait until the spoils are finished, and then proceed to the One Step plan.” Lin Huang nodded.


You know, the number of trials who die here can be quite a lot for every trial. The enchanting empire of the emperor is the one who comes in to participate in the trial. Even if the combat power is not high, it is only Long Life realm, but the resources in the storage equipment must be quite a lot, and may even contain special treasures.


After some statistics, Bloody was satisfied with this wave of loot. “A total of 137 storage rings were obtained, 26 other storage equipments, and some sundries.”


After the symbol was lit, Bloody disguised as the voice of Genan.


“Strong brother, I am out of the situation, Li Li is dead!”


“What happened?” The sound opposite the message sounded a little strange.


“I just met a group of testers and came to the door. I managed to escape. But Li Li was killed by them. I want to take revenge!”


“You should calm down and make things clear. A group of Nine Steps Long Life realm testers can kill you and Li Li? Many people?” Shi Qiang continued to ask.


“At least a hundred people, I don’t know how they got together. It stands to reason that the trials are now officially open for more than an hour. The chances of two certified trials are not big, let alone More than a hundred people. This group of people may use what means to cheat,” Bloody continued. “And the key is not the number of people. There is an Imperial Envoy among them. There are several Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace-class beasts. Every strength is not under me.”


“More than one hundred people gathered together from the beginning. They should be members of a big power. For this trial, they used special props.” Shi Qiang’s voice quickly came. “What you said The Imperial Envoy, who can control the Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace, is very likely to be the seed of this big force competing for the God Race. In order to get the God Race, this group of people really has a hard time.”


“Strong brother, I even have some doubts. The nearby Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace realm has been killed by them. I just tried to contact Tao Shu and Ji Dong, and I can’t contact them.”


“No…” Shi Qian heard this sentence, and some did not believe it. “Let’s wait a moment, I will let people contact and try.”


“It seems that this team of testers is really strong and the speed of action is extremely fast! You can escape alive and you are lucky.”


“If it wasn’t their first target that was Li Li, maybe I was already dead.” Bloody’s tone was decadent and his performance exploded.


“You don’t have to blame yourself. Let’s find a safe place to hide. I will arrange people and kill these trials.” Shi Qian obviously has completely believed in the lies made by Bloody.


“Strong brother, I want to join, I want to avenge Li Li!” Bloody continued to show the acting skills of the film.


Shi Qiang was silent for a while and then nodded. “Okay. But you have to promise me, don’t be impulsive, listen to me in all actions!”


“I promise!”


“I will send you the meeting place later.” Shi Qiang’s words fell, and the communication symbol quickly faded.


“In fact, it is not difficult to play. I have the memory of Ge Nan and know his speaking habits and tone. Coupled with the experience of playing other characters in the previous six times, this time it is easy to enter this role.” Bloody smiled. “However, Shi Qiang Ken believes that what I said is mainly because his relationship with Ge Nan is very good. It is better to believe that I believe that Ge Nan. I just use his trust.”


“When you say more than a hundred people, I still wonder if this number is a little too much, and will not let him question.” Lin Huang also smiled and nodded. “The result was not expected. Because of his trust in Genan, he himself found a reasonable explanation for how to gather more than 100 people together.”


“I didn’t really think about how to explain this problem, so I didn’t know why there were so many people coming together at the beginning.” Bloody also nodded.


“The next step is to wait for the news of the strong. With the time and coordinates of the collection, we can take the initiative to attack, no longer waiting for them to come to the door.”


It can be said that Shi Qiang is under the Bloody’s calculation from beginning to end, and even the last revenge is to obtain the coordinate position of the collection and master the initiative of this battle.


About half an hour later, Shi Qiang sent the time and place of the collection, apparently recruiting people.


“Collection time, 11:30 in the morning. Meeting place, Shadow Valley Valley…”


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