Shadow Valley, about 150 kilometers from the residence of Gyeongnam.

The reason why this place is called the valley is because the cloud over the valley has accumulated over the years, and there is no sunlight, like hiding in a shadow.

And because of the special magnetic field, the area where the valley is located will weaken the exploration capabilities such as Domain. Even the strongest of the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace, in the area of ​​tens of kilometers to explore this area, the Domain will be seriously interfered or even shielded.

Shi Qian deliberately chose the gathering point here to prevent the hunting action from exposing the whereabouts, leading the pilot to escape.

At about 11:20 in the morning, Shi Qiang rushed to Shadow Valley Valley mouth ten minutes earlier.

At Taniguchi, there are more than forty people gathered, from the Black-Gold Emperor Palace to the Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace, most of whom are chatting with people who know. Seeing Shi Qiang, I laughed and came up to say hello. After some chills, some people directly raised their doubts.

“Strong brother, can you talk about the specific situation of this action?”

“Strong brother, this time so many people are called, is it related to the trial?”

Shi Qiang glanced over the crowd, and he had more than 50 people who had greeted him. Most of them had arrived, and eleven people did not come. Looked at the time, there are still ten minutes to arrive at the agreed time, he is not in a hurry.

“Everyone should not worry, wait for others, I will talk about the specific situation.”

After Shi Qiang arrived, there were not many conferences, and ten people continued to arrive.

Among them, the two White-Gold Emperor Palace came at the latest, almost at the appointed time of 11:30.

But after the two arrived, Shi Qiang was brows, because his good buddy Ge Nan did not come.

“Old Shi, should people be together?” A bald man looked at the time and asked an eyebrow. He was one of two White-Gold Emperor Palaces on the stage.

“There is still one person who hasn’t arrived…” Shi Qiang shook his head. “But he is the provider of this news. We can talk about the specifics of this action first.”

“The information about this operation was provided by Ge Nan. Some people may know him at the scene. He suddenly contacted me this morning, saying that a group of trials attacked him and said that he might be attacked by him. After me. In the investigation, there are already five Yellow-Gold Emperor Palaces around him who have lost contact, and it is very likely that the entertainer has been attacked.”

“According to the information he provided, there are more than 100 people in this group of trials. The first is an Imperial Envoy with several summoned beasts of the Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace realm…”

“More than a hundred trial-makers have gathered together so soon? Now that the royal trials have only been opened for less than half a day?” The bald man raised doubts. “Do you believe this kind of ghost?”

“This is not impossible. After all, there are no more than a thousand and hundreds of worlds in the trial of the royal family. I am not sure that this will connect to a big force in the big world. I am willing to spend a lot of money to cultivate the royal family. member.”

“For some big forces, it’s not difficult to get a God Grade or True God Grade group to send a prop to target the target. In addition, you can use Long Life realm, Exceed Step Control Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace. This Imperial Envoy is definitely the top Talent in Imperial Envoy. If I am a senior at this level, I am willing to pay a big price to train.”

A triangle-eyed man next to him gave a different opinion. Like the bald man, he was also the force of the White-Gold Emperor Palace.

After telling his own opinion, the triangle eye looked up at Shi Qiang. “It’s just Lao Shi. This is Ge Nan’s information provider. Are you sure he is trustworthy?”

“Reassured, he will not lie to me.” Shi Qiang was very determined, he even dismissed the reason for trusting Genan.

“Since you have said this, I have no other doubts.” The triangular eyes spread their hands.

“According to what you just said, this team of trial-makers is constantly attacking us. Should it keep moving? How do we find them?” The bald man did not entangle in the previous question, but proposed A new problem.

“This is also the hunting plan I want to say.” Shi Qian nodded. “I have already informed some Yellow-Gold Emperor Palaces in the vicinity of the attackers. Once they are attacked, they will notify us immediately. Besides, we three people, One person takes a team and conducts a search for the nearby area. Once a team finds the target, it must send a message to the other two teams at the first time. It is imperative to kill the entire trial team, don’t think about it. Because we don’t know which Imperial Envoy has any other means.”

After some discussion, the time was almost 11:50.

Shi Qiang brows slightly wrinkled, the agreed time has passed nearly 20 minutes, he still did not wait for Ge Nan.

“The guy named Ge Nan hasn’t come yet, shouldn’t it really be a problem?” The bald man looked at the time and couldn’t help it.

“There may be something wrong, I reminded.” Shi Qian took out the communication symbol and dialed the number of Ge Nan, and was quickly connected.

“Gernan, can you come?! The agreed time has passed twenty minutes!”

“I am sorry, Geenan can’t come.” The voice of a young man came from the opposite side of the communication, obviously not Ge Nan.

“Who are you?!” Shi Qiang heard this strange voice, and immediately asked, but this question has just been exported, he actually knows the answer.

“Who am I, you should have guessed it.” The young voice laughed.

“Gernan? What happened to you?” Although he has already guessed the answer to this question, Shi Qian still wants to confirm whether the result is as bad as he thought.

“His communication symbol was reactivated by me, what do you think?” asked the opposite voice.

Hearing this sentence, Shi Qiang’s face was ugly to the extreme.

The communication symbol is reactivated and there are only two possibilities. One is that the owner of Fuxi erases his own mark. The other is that the symbolic possession has died, and the imprint left is automatically destroyed.

It is obviously impossible for Genan to erase the mark on the symbol, and there is only a second possibility.

“Where are you? Do you dare to report the coordinates?” Shi Qiang tightened his fist and asked with a grin.

“I am in the valley behind you. The question now is, do you dare to come in?” the young voice asked. “If you don’t dare, I will go out and look for you.”

Shi Qiang stunned, but he was not motivated to be fooled. “Then come out and look for us. You can rest assured that I will not kill you so easily. I will crush every bone in your body and make you slow in pain. Slow to die.”

“The intimidation of the kindergarten level doesn’t have to be scared out.” The young voice doesn’t sound like fear. “But since you let me out to find you, then as you wish…”

The voice has not completely fallen, and a figure came out from the valley mouth of the Shadow Valley.

Seeing this person’s appearance, everyone in the room is a glimpse.

There was only one person on the other side, and it looked less than twenty years old. Beside him, there was a monster with a nose-like saber-toothed tiger.

“Leave three White-Gold Emperor Palace interrogation information, and the rest can be killed.” The young man reached out and patted the elephant’s head monster’s head.

The elephant-like monster raised his nose high and made a groan, and a circle of ripples swayed at dozens of speeds of Extreme Speed.

In the past, all the prisoners fell to the ground. Only Shi Qiang, their three White-Gold Emperor Palace, stood in the same place, and their eyes had completely lost their focal length…

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