Monster Paradise Chapter 961

Shi Qiang is a White-Gold Emperor Palace realm, and Combat Rating is beyond the scope of Bloody’s parasitic.

But this did not cause any trouble for Lin Huang.

His god War Soul has a hypnotic ability. The nightmare is only the White-Gold Emperor Palace realm, but its ability is enough to control the strong of the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm.

While Bloody was busy with parasitic reading memories of the fallen Emperor Palace realm, on the other side, Lin Huang also began a hypnosis interrogation of Shi Qiang.

“What’s your name?”

“Shi Qiang.”

“Why come to the valley?”

“In order to kill the trials.”

“Who is the source of the pilot information?”

“It’s Ge Nan.”

“Who is Genan? Why do you believe him?”

“He and I were imprisoned in the royal prison on the same day. Maybe because of the same situation, we were very happy to talk to each other and later became a buddy. He is the one in this prison who can make me feel good. A few people I don’t need to guard against.”

After asking these known information, I confirmed that there was no problem with hypnosis, and Lin Huang began to get to the point.

“I heard that you are familiar with Pang Bing, the region of this area?”

“Not too familiar, I have only seen three times.”

“Pang Bing is very optimistic about you?”

“Yes, he feels that I have the possibility to break through the One Step and hope to train me into a confidant. After being promoted to the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm, I will serve as the deputy head of the district and do things for him.”

“Then you should know Pang Bing’s residence?”

“Know, I have been to one time.”

Upon hearing this answer, Lin Huang had a happy face.

“Where is the location of Pang Bing’s residence?”

“At the top of the Cap Mountain.” Shi Qiang said and then said, “He is not alone. There are also six ladies, two of whom are White-Gold Emperor Palace realm and four of whom are Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace realm. “”

“In the prison, the days are so cool?! Six wives?!” Lin Huang listened and widened his eyes.

“The status of the region is second only to the leader. The resources that can be allocated are far less than those of the ordinary Purple-Gold Emperor Palace realm. These women should be attached to him with resources. After all, the various prisons in the royal prison. The resources are extremely scarce, not attached to the strong, and may not even eat enough.” Bloody listened and explained. “In this prison, the woman who wants to climb his bed is far more than the six in his harem.”

“About Pang Bing, what do you know?” Only a moment of surprise, Lin Huang returned to the topic again and continued to interrogate.

“Pang Bing’s strength is only ordinary in the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace, but he has two Half-God gears, one is a defense armor and the other is a war-blade. He can sit in a long position. It is mainly based on these two things. In addition, it is said that he has a close relationship with the Liangtou collar, and was brought together. But the truth of this matter is unknown…”

After some interrogation, Lin Huang and Bloody had a general understanding of the regional chief Pang Bing, and Lin Huang went on to interrogate the other two.

The two did not know much about Pang Bing, but instead knew a deputy head of the district, and Lin Huang accidentally obtained some information about the two deputy heads.

Lin Huang’s interrogation was completed, and Bloody had already integrated the memory he had read.

“The area we are in now is the territory of Liang Jin, the regional chief is Pang Bing, and there are three deputy regional leaders, all of which are the forces of the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace. In addition to these four people, there are two idlers. The Purple-Gold Emperor Palace did not accept Liang Jin’s solicitation. There were more than 3,000 prisoners in the entire area, including six in the Purple-Gold Emperor Palace, 43 in the White-Gold Emperor Palace, and three in the Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace. Sixty-eight people…”

“What about the next plan? Now that you know the coordinates of Pang Bing, go directly to the door?” Lin Huang asked. “Or according to the old plan, continue to lure them with bait?”

“The old plan is no longer working.” Bloody shook his head. “In fact, when you used to swindle Shi Qiang, there was a great chance that it would fail. Fortunately, Shi Qiang was too trustful of Ge Nan, and there was no doubt about fraud. Otherwise The bait plan they really don’t necessarily get hooked. For Pang Bing they continue to use this old method, the chance of failure is too high.”

“Then what you mean is, this time you went straight to kill Pang Bing?”

“Get information from Pang Bing first, kill Pang Bing, and kill three deputy heads one by one,” Bloody said.

“Do other prisoners give up?” Lin Huang listened to a brow.

“Of course not.” Bloody smiled and shook his head. “It’s just the first step to kill the regional chief and the sub-regional chief. Only kill them before they can execute the plan…”

Bloody slowly announced the follow-up plan, and Lin Huang nodded after listening.

“This is a good way! Without an accident, we can sweep the entire No. 17 area one day today.”

Looking at the three people who were still standing in the same place with no focal length, Lin Huang patted the nightmare’s head. “You can kill them now.”

The nightmare scorpion quickly turns into a dark, as if it were dyed with ink.

After a while, Shi Qiang’s body was soft and fell to the ground, and the vitality quickly dissipated.

More than 50 people who had been fainted before, the vitality was quickly dissipated.

But there are more than 50 bodies, and there is no wound on the body. It doesn’t look like it is dead, but it is more like falling into deep sleep.

“Buried, after all, is a human compatriot, the corpse wilderness is not very similar.” Lin Huang has no sympathy for these prisoners, but it is a respect for the deceased, and it will not delay much time.

Bloody summoned hundreds of parasitic cockroaches and dug up the potholes in less than ten minutes, burying the bodies all underground.

“Go, go to Cap Mountain.” Seeing Bloody here, he recovered all the parasitic cockroaches, and Lin Huang summoned Thunderclap.

Riding on the back of Thunderclap, the pedestrians galloped toward Mount Mao.

Mount Mao is almost 2,000 kilometers from the Shadow Valley. With the speed of Thunderclap today, it took less than fifteen minutes to reach the destination.

In the middle of the road, the two prisoners were attacked, and they were all directly accelerated by Thunderclap, and they easily got rid of the pursuers.

When she saw Maoshan in midair, Lin Huang knew why the mountain had such a popular name. The whole mountain is like a top hat, almost identical to the hat that witches like to wear in fairy tales, but the color is green. The whole mountain is completely covered by trees, and the steep peaks stand tall and straight into the sky. Distinct from the surrounding mountains, it gives a feeling of standing out, which makes Lin Huang recognize the mountain at a glance.

“Cap Mountain, it is really worthy of the name!”

Seeing the lush greenness of the Maoshan Mountain, Lin Huang felt the courage to choose this mountain as the residence of Pang Bing’s vision is quite unique.

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